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    I have enjoyed peeing for as long as I can remember. My very favourite place to pee is outdoors, but I’ll pee almost anywhere that is convenient. I think peeing is natural and everyone should feel empowered to go whenever they need to.

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    The feeling of a long and much-needed pee!
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    Anytime I unexpectedly come across someone else peeing in public.

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  1. Assuming I’m at my destination (and not needing to catch a connecting flight), I prefer to pee in the parking lot. I find that airport parking lots tend to be somewhat deserted and have never had any problem with just squatting down between two empty cars. I did once see a man peeing in the parking lot already when I got there and I’ve also seen a man relieve himself in the pet area. I’m yet to spot another woman at an airport though.
  2. Not sure if I’m getting a cold or just allergies but I’ve been quite congested today and not feeling 100%. As such, I’ve just been laying on the couch listening to an audiobook and putzing around on my phone all afternoon. I put a diaper on just in case and glad I did because I’ve needed it twice already. I just finished going the second time and enjoying how good it feels to just relax and go without thinking about it. Nice and warm too! Don’t worry, I’m drinking lots of orange juice and electrolytes in case this is a cold coming. It’s important to stay hydrated.
  3. I like wearing a diaper to the theatre when I go to a particularly long movie so I can pee when I need to. I often wore diapers to my exams when I was in uni, for the same reason. They’re also useful for car trips. I prefer pulling over for a squat, but when travelling with others a discreet option is often needed. I change it at the next ‘real’ bathroom break. Not only is it much more convenient than waiting, but I’d pick peeing in my diaper over peeing in a gas station bathroom anyway!
  4. Very nice! About 2010/2011 at a bus stop, I was visibly desperate and fidgety but didn’t want to leave and find a spot and risk missing the bus. There was also an older woman waiting. I asked her if she knew when the next bus would be (this was before Google maps was reliable for transit). She told me it would only be, “a minute or two, if you need to do your business just duck behind the bench, I don’t mind and I won’t look. At my age, I understand a weak bladder!” She was true to her word and didn’t look but she must’ve heard everything because I let out an absolute torrent only a foot behin
  5. Was it warm when you approached him? I find it so arousing to feel that warmth from a swimmer (or know they may have felt mine). I especially enjoy when the warmth is the only giveaway.
  6. I peed behind a (closed) pharmacy this morning. On my way home from a fitness class and had drank my full waterbottle. I could have held it until I was home but I prefer not to and would rather just go when I need, so I pulled into a parking lot behind a pharmacy that is closed weekends and I squatted beside my car. It was a nice long pee and I left a sizeable puddle
  7. I have used a few. My favourites are the ones that are more of a slide than a funnel. I use mine at outdoor events where blatant peeing isn’t accepted/feasible, but I do prefer peeing without it.
  8. I don’t usually pee in the bath, but if the need arises I don’t hold it in. I do not shower afterwards.
  9. I was lucky enough to see a man peeing in public yesterday evening. This was in the back alley across from my place. I was taking out the garbage and a man was peeing against a light post on the other side of the alley. I’m not sure if he noticed me, as it was getting to be dark out and I was somewhat hidden in the shadows. I had a nice view of him though, as he was lit up by the light post and I stayed to watch him finish. He got into a car a drove away after.
  10. I was expecting an important phone call today. I also am a bit tired from the holidays and fell asleep on my couch reading. I awoke to my phone ringing. I answered it and almost immediately realized I needed to pee. BADLY. I knew this call would take about a half hour but I couldn’t wait even a few minutes. I took off my pants and underwear and put on a diaper so I could pee easily and quietly. As soon as I had it on, I relaxed and let out a warm stream right where I was standing. I walked back to my couch as I peed and sat down to finish going. It was a long piss and it felt really lovely aga
  11. I also peed in the parking lot once during the day, which I usually do not do. I think I’ve mentioned that experience in a previous post.
  12. Usually alone, but I have peed in the parking lot in front of friends a couple of times when I’ve needed to. Once a friend peed there also. It wasn’t ‘fun’ though, just out of necessity (though I still enjoyed it!) And yes, I have seen other people peeing discreetly in the parking lot after a movie at night. Not often, but several times over the past 10-15 years. Mostly I have seen men doing this but I’ve seen a couple women as well.
  13. If the movie I’m going to is quite long, I make sure to wear a diaper so I can just pee when I need to. For normal movies though, I prefer to hold it and then pee in the parking lot after the movie. It’s dark anyway so no need to wait in line for the bathroom.
  14. 9/10 times I do not care if anyone hears me peeing. The other 1/10 is when I’m intentionally being discreet while peeing out and about.
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