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    French/Italian guy. Love see girl peeing and be peed. i'd love to talk with someone there to exchange life story and contents about pee..so feel free to add me!

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    Wetting and Behind Piss
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    My ex girlfriend's pee on me during 69

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  1. I'm new here to nominate someone for all the categories..but..I think my Best Video Contributor is @lillefisse
  2. Adrianr


    Thanks! It's an awesome big family
  3. Adrianr


    Hi everyone, I'm Adrian. I am 28 years old and I am Italian-French (currently in Italy). I admit to having found this site several days ago and to have looked at it without writing anything. I do not know why. At first I didn't think it was true and I'm a little shy lol ... it's nice to see so many friends in a context that at the beginning embarrassed me 🙂 I have developed a passion for this art for about 3 years, when, for the first time , my ex-girlfriend asked me to try it while we were at the beach. I have always loved how open-minded she was and followed her in any sexual improvisation.
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