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    Beautiful lovely respectful educated old school classy and have a big personality once you get to know me

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    Its wet, and its always alot of it unlike cum. It makes me feel like im at a water park or taking a shower.
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    Ive had so many its hard to choose but i will say the time when my ex peed on my hair face up my nose and in my mouth and the time where he peed in my butt

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  1. Yeah your right Europe is piss heaven pisstopia I have to go there one day I remember watching a documentary about how Russians use to drink pee back in the old times n I can't get myself off unless I think about pee
  2. Oh yes I have returned the favor I should write another story it's just as hot as this story
  3. Lol I love America til death do us part but I think I want dual citizenship in Europe I get tired of having regular sex with men who are boring in the bed
  4. Lol I sure was breathless sightless all type of less them punctuations didn't stop you from knowing about my lack of punctuation! May I give you a hot experience with a punctuation sign hahaha
  5. Oh no problem sweetie 😘 I'm sure one of your friends want to pee on you let us know when they do
  6. Another old throw back pee experience of mines with my ex boyfriend. One day we must've talked about having pee sex like we usually do. Because I remember walking around the house naked. I walked to the bathroom to go pee and bf came in smiling at me with excitement in his voice and he said this. I can't want wait to pee on you! I'm gone pee on yo hair on yo forehead in yo eyes in yo nose and yo mouth! All I remember was being butt ass naked on my knees on the floor he pulled his peen out aimed it at me and when it came out. It came out really hard he went for my eyes first his piss stre
  7. Mmm I would love to have some fun with you I love to piss very hard I pee very often I drink alot
  8. I like to walk around the house naked and sometimes just only wearing my silk robe this particular day was like 5 years ago. It was morning time I was naked and walking to the bathroom before I could get to the bathroom my then bf came behind me damn near breathing on my neck asking me can he pee on me I said Not Right, before I could say Now i felt a watery sensation pouting real hard on my butt I dont know if he had his dick already out or if he pulled it out while asking me but I felt him peeing on me I was shocked but I'd felt that a million times so I bent over and let his hard piss strea
  9. 2 years ago I was with my ex boyfriend and his child's mother called him (he hates her guts) I cant remember the conversation but he was deep into the conversation with her and I got on my knees and while he was sitting in his chair and started sucking him up in the middle of me giving him head he starts pissing in my mouth he was peeing really hard and fast I didnt want to take my mouth off of him because I didnt want her to notice he was pissing while talking to her he was in mid convo with her but pissing n my mouth like a race horse I took my right hand and was tapping him on his thigh I k
  10. yes now i want to have my own naked community lol i will invite everyone here
  11. i was watching a video where it was a naked community because they were all on this beach and there was a girl laying down on a beach towel and she told people she wanted them to pee on her and they all ran up to pee on her one girl got their first and her stream was fast and hard and i had the fetish ever since
  12. I love the article i just love it when a man is desperate and the first thing he does is do the pee dance and hold his dick i love it when a man bladder is full and he bout to burst and he look at me sad with puppy dog eyes with his dick in his pants while asking can he pee on me then whips his dick out real fast and pee real hard on my Dcups and my opened mouth and then spurts up my nose and forehead and i loved when she spoke about a man cumming and peeing at the same time i use to make sure my ex was on a full bladder when i sucked him i would let his dick soak in my mouth till he got hard
  13. Your welcome ! Do you know what age you developed the pee fetish i was 9 when i discovered it
  14. I have a powerful stream i hate looking at a goldenshower video or just a piss video and the stream is weak and i dont time my piss idk but i know it be very long especially when i drink beer lol and i love to drink hella water and im an overly active masterbater so my piss stream be hella strong even if i do stop and pee some more in between
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