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    Wow, what a great site. I am Jon in the UK and for many, many years have adored all aspects of pee play with females. I was introduced to the pleasure in my late teens by an American g/f who first liked to pee infront of me and then I played with her. Another liked to hold my cock as I pissed and as that progressed and she got so aroused she would then immediately start to lick and suck my cock. Have lots of other experiences which I will write about in the forums. So excited to be here !!

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    Everything, being peed on, peeing on a ladies tits and pussy, having my cock sucked as I pee, licking a peeing pussy, literally everything
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    There have been quite a few but having a date suck my cock as I filled her mouth was the hottest by far.

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  1. Hi Colette You are very experienced in the joy and pleasure of pee play, do you have any unfulfilled pee desires, what are still on your 'bucket' list? Jxxx
  2. Agreed, hydration is important. I used to have a 'friend' on another site who I introduced to pee drinking. we would video ourselves peeing into a glass and then downing it, incredibly horny/erotic/filthy. We had done this a few times and on one occasion she wasn't hydrated and the look on her face was hilarious, strong dark pee tastes very different to sweet light pee!
  3. Does anyone know if there has been a 'wet' festival along the lines of swingfields with a different theme? Does the idea interest anyone else? The idea of like minded people pissing where ever they like and how they like is sooo appealing.
  4. Has anyone had a meet from sites like this/tinder etc just purely for pee fun? Really excited at the idea and very keen to try!
  5. Sex shop all the way 🙂 Let us know what you decide and enjoy ....
  6. We were both feeling quite horny, my g/f was going to try a butt plug for the first time later that evening and we had been watching porn together. I suggested we both go into the bathroom. She was just wearing a t-shirt and knickers, She stood on the bath mat facing away from me and I lifted up her t-shirt, pulled her knickers open a little and placed my cock inside. I told her I was going to piss in her knickers, I could see her reaction in the mirror, she smiled closed her eyes and waited. The flow pooled in her knickers by her pussy before it cascaded down her legs. The
  7. Kelly, what is your most erotic pee fantasy?
  8. Not exactly similar but at Studland nudist beach watching the women walking into the sea just to pussy height standing there for a minute or two and then walking out back up the beach knowing exactly what they are doing is fun!
  9. Has anyone else experience their cock being sucked as they pee? I have experienced it once and it was fantastic and she never spilt a drop! So horny to see her mouth filled and swallowing. Oddly enough she adored that but disliked her tits being pee'd on, can't have everything!
  10. I have been with my g/f for a great number of years. I have been introducing her to the pleasures of pee play slowly. She likes to be watched while peeing, peeing outdoors and also having her pussy played with as she pees. Occasionally if she needs to pee before we fuck she leaves her pussy wet, still covered. Then this week her interest in peeplay got far more interesting. We were watching some porn, another new interest for her, she wanted to go to bed. On our way to bed she said she needed to pee, I suggested she pee on my hard cock - she agreed. I sat on the toilet and she straddled
  11. I was introduced by a Canadian girlfriend who like me to watch her pee. I then introduced another g/f by peeing in front of her, then she wanted to hold my cock as I pissed and she was soo turned on. Been addicted ever since!
  12. Afternoon PeeFans Just wondering which women prefer watching, men with hard or semi-erect cocks pissing or small/flacid cocks? Have shared videos of myself peeing for fems and the ones I did preferred a hard or semi. Any preferences ladies?
  13. Yes, in a plush London hotel went, in with my then g/f. There were lots of ladies in there but we went straight to a cubicle for some fun. When we had finished and left the cubicle I got smiles and a round of applause. It was a great wedding!
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