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    I love naughty pissing in places you’re not supposed to piss.

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    Naughty peeing where you’re not supposed to piss
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    Pissing the busseat on the way home.

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  1. I love this! I have a cheeky little voice in my head that just says the words in the right rhythm. Absolutely perfect.
  2. Living in Belgium has one advantage. We learn a lot of different languages at school. My native language is Dutch, but I’m very good at English and French too. German I can understand, but I definitely can’t write or speak it.
  3. Maybe a stairwell of some kind (garage, hotel, apartment, … anything that’s within reach. 😜
  4. 1. I mostly have multiple streams going on. It’s rare for there to be only one stream. 2. I can only control it by moving my whole body in a certain direction. 3. most of the time it’s going in the left direction. 4. mostly forward and down. 5. I can make it spray when I’m really full and then going full force when releasing. 6. I have a very powerful stream. 1 liter in less then 20 seconds. 7. Most of the time I pee fast, but when I try and focus I can make it last longer. 8. Before I had my daughter I could stop mid pee. But my pelvic muscles have been cut
  5. The w the a and the s are all capital
  6. Correct, a skirt without panties 😇 just letting it mostly run down my legs.
  7. I have mostly tried it at home. Trying to pee while walking to the letterbox. You can see it as practice before trying it in public.
  8. I really like it if someone can pee while walking around. I have also tried it before but it was not always a succes.
  9. Just what is your definition of a pee challenge?
  10. The person above me loves the smell of grass in the morning.
  11. My personal record, just over 1 liter.
  12. Love the story. Just found out about this thread. I like going to these structures too. Found a few of them around my home. Pissed in all the ones that weren’t locked.
  13. Welcome to the site. It’s nice that you have a friend who’s so open about peeing with other people around. never thought about telling him you enjoy seeing him pee?
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