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  1. Excellent recollections of your sightings! Certainly inspires me to write some more of my own. Although your level of detail i superb! surprised you don’t witness more peeing in the ocean seeing as your at the beach a fair bit
  2. It’s annoying when you are with family or you have a passenger that you can’t stop and see what you can see!
  3. I love the idea of this. Would love to be in a new area and check out the pee spots
  4. When we were kids this used to be out ‘pee spot’ when we were playing out. The perfect height to pull your cock out and piss through the hole, into the container. The hole was also big enough so that girls could sit on the edge of the wall with their bum over into the container. I remember one time a few of us decided we needed to go so we went one at a time. 2 boys and a girl. One of us had a bad aim and I can remember Gemma complaining when she went in that ‘there’s all wee on the wall I have to sit on’ 🤣
  5. Bin sheds. What a perfect place for a piss. Today I was working on an estate and remembered there is an open sided bin store. I walked in an unzipped and pissed against one of the containers. As I was mid piss a girl came past chatting on her phone and turned and saw what I was doing and gave me a big grin! Was a massive turn on!
  6. A few years ago, I was working on a big refurbishment project in east London. I had got to know the client, Tiffany, very well. She’s very easy on the eye and was pleased with her choice of dress for the meeting on site this particular day, casual kaki dress, cut very short and by what I was treated to, braless as well, topped with black cowboy type boots. She’s very well proportioned, copper coloured hair with a nice big bum. The property had been gutted back to a shell. On this particular day, we had also gutted the last bathroom. Tiffany made a comment Oh Steve, where’s the toilet gon
  7. One of my jobs today was to meet the new tenants as they had reported some problems. I pulled up outside the block, our vans are branded so people who are expecting us usually come to greet us. I pulled up near the bin store and sat and waited as I was early. after a while, a lady got out of her car opposite me and came alongside my drivers door and asked if was coming to number 30. I confirmed I was and she replied that she hadn’t got the keys from her housing association. I made some calls and waited for a call back. The lady was in her early 20s, ebony, with a cute smile, tight white top
  8. Bin sheds. An excellent example of a good pee spot
  9. To be given place or something like that where you would like to see someone pee
  10. Realised I haven’t done an intro so thought I’d better! I’m Steve from London. Love outdoor peeing and peeing with others especially females. Love naughty peeing where you’re not supposed to and I love to be ‘accidentally’ caught. feel free to come and say hello. 👋
  11. So, who fancy’s doing some pee challenges? Who wants to see what? I don’t mean doing anything that’s going to get us arrested and keep it as nondescript as possible.
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