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    Just a kinky guy very interested in pee stuff :)

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    I love naughty peeing and girls wetting
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    My favorite was when I was still in school and going into a friends house and sniffing her panties she had on that day. Sneaking around in her bathroom looking for her dirty panties was a big turn on.

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  1. Ill be greedy and ask two as well. What's the most embarrassing pee experience you have had to date? What is your favorite thing about wetting when you do this.
  2. You never will know. Could have or maybe just some water Mark's from working out. I like your idea alot and wish that was true. I'm sure it was a fun situation and sight for you.
  3. Mmm I always love these posts when they pop up😍
  4. Nope, but if you use a cathater for awhile you get alot more pressure.
  5. They look delicious. Lol your hamper is a perverts treasure chest im very sure😋
  6. I bet these have some sexy heavy pee stains in them over the year of having fun in them😍
  7. Love when they sneak themselves out for the world to see😁
  8. This sounds absolutely cute for a reaction.
  9. Not sure, have not heard a word after she logged off that day. Definitely starting to worry for sure.
  10. Kylenut2


    Either way I think this is a super cute shot.
  11. More than you would think lol. That being said most enjoy seeing guys try it over trying it themself from my experience.
  12. Started out probably 4 years ago I think. Not something I do often but some girls seem to enjoy it and it's a very different feeling.
  13. Definitely a love I think most will agree
  14. Are you planning to do something naughty then 😉
  15. Lol that's funny. Just made my day
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