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    straight male
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    i go working
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    Hello, my Name is Ralf and i love pee. I love it to pee on myself. i liked when Girls peeing in my mouth. pee is my love.

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    when a girl pee in jeans and she goes wet, this is very sexy
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    my ex wife sit on my face and pissing in my mouth, i drunk all! it was so fucking hot.

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  1. My ass is wet 😌😌😌
  2. Ohhhhyeahhh i am wet 😂😂😂😂 Ops i loved
  3. Pee looks like warm water. When you love warm showers, you love pee 😂
  4. i think when the Man dont shave why the Girl must do this? is your life do what you want! But never shave your pussy 😄 😄 😄 really i like this when i lick a hairy pussy ist for me more erotic. without hair i think is not the same. But everyone has his own taste.
  5. a Little bit, later more 😄 i loved…. 😄
  6. yeahh pussy is pussy.
  7. I am very open for sex. I am open to almost everything, but all with Pain is not my. Pee is one of my biggest fetish, but i love very hairy Girls too. i think hairy legs very erotic. Hairy Pits, i love to lick hairy pits. but in Gernaby all Girls shave Overall. 😞 But Internet give me the Energy back 😄 at the end: i love the most. here my Picture Gallery for you guys 😄 <<<<< My Dream Girl *.*
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