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    i have a huge piss fetish and would like to meet people who have pee fetishes ;)

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    Naughty Peeing
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    So far ive just pissed on stuff around my house but really want to get into more

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  1. You should have just let the good feeling take over and soaked his carpet 😈
  2. I feel the same way! Would love to find out one of my friends has been pissmarking in my house 😍
  3. Welcome to the site! I literally just posted something about women having piss fetishes! Thanks for the post and hope to see more of you on here!
  4. I wonder how many girls out there have piss fetishes but are too shy to ever act on them?
  5. Such a good story thanks! Keep us informed whether or not you get to piss with your mom
  6. This is such a great story! Love things like this! Very hot scenario!
  7. Love hearing that man! Makes me wanna do the same!
  8. Welcome to the site! Always nice to meet like minded people on here 😃 always up for a chat too!
  9. Yall need to plan some adventures together 😉
  10. I love how naughty it makes me feel too.
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