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    i have a huge piss fetish and would like to meet people who have pee fetishes ;)

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    Naughty Peeing
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    So far ive just pissed on stuff around my house but really want to get into more

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  1. I love seeing the pictures and the stories along with them! I am such a fan of yours and look forward to seeing your posts and pictures every time I'm on here! And you have such a beautiful body btw 💛
  2. I have the same problem I find it so arousing to just piss wherever I want not caring where it is or what its on 😍
  3. Love seeing your pissing pictures @pop-a-squat!
  4. Welcome to the site @Wetleggings! We sure would love to hear about some of those stories you have!
  5. Such an honor seeing your piss beam shoot out of that pussy onto the pavement 😍
  6. That would be an incredible plane ride if something like that really happened! Its always been one of my fantasies to watch a pretty flight stewardess take a piss in her sexy uniform 🤤
  7. Nice story man! It was such a thrill to read!
  8. is anybody allowed to get in on this?
  9. this is one of the hottest things ever 💛 fuck yea dude i wish my girl would do this shit when my ex called me 😍
  10. i like to think of it that way and hope more people will join us on the dark side 😆
  11. thanks for sharing! who knows, maybe the little girl was watching you and you just created a new fetish in her life now 😉
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