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  1. princessmermaid


    Cherry woke up in the morning feeling giddy like a kid on Christmas. She and her best friend Lisa were going on a road trip to Texas. It’s hot, there’s sexy men and women, plus there’s some pretty great food. Cherry hadn’t visited since she was a little girl. She yanked herself out of the bed and drug herself to the shower. As she started to wash her porcelain skin, She considered having a little play session. She glanced over at the clock and made a pout of disappointment. She had to be ready in 10 minutes. She sped through the shower process and pulled her blonde hair into a sleek ponytail. She purposely made sure all her bags were packed and ready to go before she went to bed. As she ran down the stairs, she heard a familiar car horn outside the door. “Let’s go Cherry! Texas waits for no one!” Lisa shouted in a dramatic tone. Cherry originally got her nickname in kindergarten. Everyday, her mom would pack her 2 turkey sandwiches, green grapes, and a cherry coke. To this day, it’s still her soda of choice. She grabbed her heavy suitcase, purse, and house keys before heading out the door towards the red truck sitting down in her driveway. Once Cherry entered the car, she leaned over and gave Lisa a sloppy kiss on the the cheek. “Sorry I took so long. I was up all night packing.” Cherry states with an apologetic smile. “It’s alright. Everyone knows you like to procrastinate.” Lisa responded before sticking her tongue out at her best friend. Cherry rolled my eyes and reclined back in the car seat. “Oh hell no! You are not falling asleep on me Cherry! Wake your ass up!” Lisa yelled in an excited tone. “Ok ok I’m up. Let’s stop at the gas station. I forgot to pick up some snacks.” Lisa nodded towards the blonde and put the car into drive and slowly pulled out of the driveway. Halfway down the road, Cherry turned on the radio. You know how every group of friends has a song that they absolutely have to sing anytime they hear it? Fantasy by Superfruit instantly brightened their mood. Both girls belted out the lyrics as the rode down the vacant street. Once they pulled into the gas station, Cherry pulled of her seatbelt and turned down the radio. “What would you like?” Cherry ask her friend. Lisa took a few seconds to contemplate her options. “The usual.” She answered back nonchalantly. Cherry grabbed her wallet and made her way towards the gas station. It was very early in the day so she wasn’t surprised to be the only customer. She picked up a small, red basket by the entryway and began to scavenge the isles for snacks. She grabbed 3 bags of chips, 4 granola bars, and 3 2 liter bottles of soda. Cherry smiled at the elderly man working the register and removed a crisp 20$ bill from her wallet. “That’ll be 12.65$ darling.” He said in a cheerful voice. She slid him the 20 while bagging items in plastic. “You can keep the change Sir.” The old man put his hand over his chest and gave Cherry a genuine smile. “Bless you, sweetheart!” She gave him one last smile and headed back to the truck. “Okay I got some chips, granola bars, and of course, cherry coke.” Cherry said while nudging Lisa with her elbow. “That should hold us for a good while. I don’t plan on stopping until about 1:00pm. We’ll fill up on gas and have some lunch.” Lisa said while pulling out of the gas station. The blonde girl reached down and pulled up one of the 2 liters and took 3 huge gulps before screwing the cap back on. “Cherry you better be careful. I’m not gonna pull over just because you need to take a piss.” Lisa said with her eyebrows raised. Cherry rolled her blue eyes in response and took another huge gulp of the cherry coke. “Oh please! I’m not a child. I can hold my piss just fine.” She replied. Lisa rolled her eyes at the retort and turned her focus to the road. After about an hour of driving, Cherry had finished 1 2 liter and was halfway through the next. “Damn girl! How much can you drink?” Lisa asked with a loud cackle. “As much as I want!” Cherry replied before finishing the second half of the 2 liter. After 30 more minutes, Cherry started to feel the pressure. She stared out the window and took in her surroundings. They were driving on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Cherry perked up when she saw a sign stating where the nearest restaurants and rest stops were. “Hey Lis, we gotta stop at a gas station or something.” Cherry said while shifting uncomfortably in her seat. “I thought you said you could hold it!” Lisa sneered teasingly. Cherry shot her a scowl on continued to squirm in the car. “Either you take me somewhere to piss or I can piss in your car. The upholstery looks a bit thirsty.” Cherry challenged with a smirk. Lisa quickly slammed on the break and a small spurt of piss leapt out onto the seat of Cherry’s pink panties. “If you piss in my car, You’ll be walking to Texas!” Lisa shouted out dramatically. “Damn it! You made me pee a little when you slammed on the breaks!” Cherry whined out. Lisa quickly sped off on the dirt road in search for a restaurant or rest stop. Cherry continued to writhe in misery as the pressure in her bladder grew stronger and stronger. Finally, they pulled up to a busy gas station. Cherry hopped out of the truck and sprinted urgently into the gas station. “May I have the bathroom key please?” She asked the young-looking cashier. “Sorry Babe someone already has it.” The female cashier responded with sympathy. Cherry could tell she was quickly running out of time. She ran to the back of the gas station where the bathroom was and softly knocked on the door. “Hey do you think you’ll be coming out soon?” She asked in a polite tone but was met with a harsh, deep voice. “If the door is closed that means I’m busy!” The man screamed from the other side of the door. “Go fuck yourself!” Cherry responded as kicked the door. She looked around the isle and noticed no one was coming. Cherry quickly pulled her shorts and damp panties down her long legs. She squatted all they way down to the floor and let her dam burst. Her piss jetted out hard against the dirty tile and she sighed with relief. A puddle formed under her quickly but she wasn’t even close to being done. She heard loud footsteps coming toward her but was too in the moment to care. “Eww you’re disgusting!” Cherry looked up once she heard the familiar deep voice and saw a tall bearded man with a beer belly standing in front of her. Instead of responding, Cherry quickly flipped him the bird and continued to piss all over the floor. “Hey bitch I’m talking to you!” The man shouted once more and quickly walked towards Cherry. She swiftly directed her aim to the sneakers the bearded guy was wearing. He quickly scurried away in disgust and Cherry stood up and redressed herself like nothing happened. She made it back to the car without being caught for her dirty deed. She sighed in relief as she buckled her seatbelt. “All better?” Lisa asked in a concerned tone. Cherry giggled and nodded. “Yes. I feel much better.” (I attached a picture of Cherry)
  2. princessmermaid

    Three’s Company

    This is a continuation of Emmy and Jade so I would suggest reading those first. Enjoy. The lovely trio of Emmy, Jade, and Leena had been living together for 3 years now. Jade and Emmy finally graduated college and work together as co-directors of the choral program at a High School. Leena had also snagged a position as the coach for cheerleading and girls soccer. "Great job ladies! Hit the showers. Tomorrow we need to work on our routine for regionals." Leena said with a smile as she wrapped up practice. She had also been sweating so she decided to hop in the shower as well. She undid her blue sports bra and slowly pulled down her black leggings. As she did this, she thought about the which songs to use for the competition. A sharp pain in her butt snapped her out of her thoughts. With a squeal, she quickly turned around a spotted her tiny, dark-haired girlfriend. “Jade! For fuck’s sake don’t sneak up on me!” Leena shouted while clutching her chest. Jade pulled her lips into a pout and looked at the floor. “I thought you’d be happy to see me. I forgot to text you that I couldn’t make it to lunch today. I was giving a voice lesson.” She replied as she took a seat on the bench. Leena’s face softened and she took a seat next to Jade. “Aw Pooh don’t be so sad. I love you.” the blonde said as she pulled Jade in for a kiss. Jade pulled back with a blush and pushed her glasses back into place. “I’m going to be late for rehearsal. See you at home.” Jade said as she stood up with a rush and walked towards the door. “Woah not so fast. You’ve got 10 minutes until rehearsal starts.” Leena states while pushing the smaller girl into the corner. Jade blushes and peeks over the black rims of her glasses. “C-can we do this some other time? I really should get going.” Before Jade could ramble on any longer, Leena’s lips once again met hers. Leena slipped her hand under Jade’s skirt and started to rub her pussy through her white panties. Jade whimpered quietly and allowed Leena’s hands to wonder. “Wait I need to have a piss.” Jade said shyly while trying to push Leena off. The blonde simply lays down on the floor and spreads her legs. “Do it here babe. I was just about to shower anyways.” A mischievous smirk appeared on Jade’s face as she moved closer to Leena. She squatted slightly and spread herself. Her pale yellow piss stream leapt forward and rained down onto the gorgeous blonde’s body. Leena moaned out and rubbed Jade’s delicious piss into her skin. Jade shifted slightly and aimed her piss right at Leena’s face. She parted her lips and allowed the lemon colored nectar to enter her mouth. Jade groaned and bit her lip at the sight of her lover drinking her piss. She finished and looked back down to Leena. “Lick me clean?” She asked in a low, sultry voice. Before the blonde could answer, the bell rang out. Jade hurriedly pulled up her panties and adjust her clothes. “Sorry love looks like you have to wait.” She replied with a giggle. Jade reached her hand out to help Leena off the floor and gave her a quick kiss. “Bye! Love ya!” Jade yelled as she hurried out the door. “Love you too!” Leena called back as she watched Jade walk of the locker room. She grabbed the mop and cleaned up the small puddle of piss and then proceeded to enter the shower. Leena turned on the hot water and began to hum a tune quietly while she rubbed the sweet-smelling soap into her skin. After washing every bit of her curvy body, the blonde turned of the water and dried her hair. Once Leena was fully dressed, She decided to head to the auditorium. Jade and Emmy were quietly watching the talented group of kids run through the final scene of the play when they heard the door open. Both women turned their attention to the back of the auditorium and saw Leena walk through the doors. “Hi. How’s the rehearsal going?” She asked the girls as she took a seat in the row behind them. “Awesome! Everyone has their lines down and the props are all finished and stage-ready.” Emmy said with a bright smile. Both her and Jade enjoyed their jobs and loved to see the kids blossom into professional artists. “That’s lovely!” Leena replied with the same amount of enthusiasm. Rehearsal had been dismissed but the trio sat in the auditorium and continued to discuss the details of the production. “The only thing left is costumes. I’ll pick everything up this week. That’ll leave us with a solid 2 weeks for alterations.” Jade stated. The other two girls nodded their heads in agreement. “That sounds like a good plan. I found a bin with some old costumes and accessories. We could look through it. It might have something we need.” Emmy said as she stood up from her chair. Jade and Leena followed Emmy to the dressing room area behind the stage. Jade took a look through the box and pulled out a few pieces they would need for costumes. “Everything else looks pretty old. We should just throw it all away.” Jade said while putting some of the old items back into the box. “Wait they could still have some use to us!” Emmy said slyly. Both the other girls gave her a curiously look as she emptied the box onto the floor. “I don’t know about you ladies but that was a long rehearsal and I’m in need of a toilet.” Emmy states with a laugh as she hikes up her red dress. Immediately, a stream of hot piss starts to pour out of Emmy and onto the pile of costumes. She focused her stream onto a silk skirt until it had been completely saturated. “Your turn ladies!” She said, barely containing her laughter. Leena looked around the room until she spotted her own place to relieve herself. She walked over a pile of shoes a squatted down. Both girls watched a Leena pissed all over the pile of shoes. She filled each pair to the top with her warm, yellow liquid. “The Janitor will assume so rotten kids did this.” Leena stated with a giggle as she pulled her pants back up. Jade then stood up from one of the seats in front of the mirror and looked down to pile of old costumes. “Emmy it looks like you left this dress a little dry.” Jade said with smirk. She lifted her skirt and started to take her second piss of the afternoon. The long blue princess dress quickly absorbed Jade’s thick piss stream as she swayed her hips back and forth over the garment. Almost out of piss, she directed the last few spurts onto a sweater right beside the dress. The girls collected their belongings and exited the dressing room and returned to the auditorium. They all sat around drinking soda and coffee until Jade spoke up. “You guys want to know what I’ve always fantasized about?” She asked. Both Leena and Emmy nodded their heads and Jade proceeded to tell her story. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to piss in one of the empty classrooms. Ms.Rassim is always a bitch so naturally I’ve always thought about the look on her face when she saw everything.” Jade giggled at the mental picture of the short, stubby woman’s expression. “Well my bladder’s full so let’s do it.” Emmy said with glee. All the girls hopped up and marched down to Ms.Rassim’s classroom. She had already left for the day so the girls knew the coast was clear. Without hesitation, Jade hopped onto the desk. After a few moments, she began pissing on the various assignments below. Each paper became completely soaked by Jade’s piss but she wasn’t completely satisfied. She looked around the room until a black leather hand bag caught her eye. She reached down beside the desk and grabbed the bag. Jade searched through the bag and found most of Ms. Rassim’s belongings. She emptied the contents on the desk carelessly and resumed pissing. She soaked the car keys, wallet, make up bag, and several crumpled up coupons. “Maybe next time she’ll think twice before stealing my lunch!” Jade laughed and re-adjusted her skirt. She threw the handbag itself onto the floor. “You ladies should piss in that!” Jade squealed in excitement. Both girls nodded and disrobed themselves before squatting over the handbag. “No one fucks with our Jade!” Emmy shouted as her and Leena pissed furiously into the handbag. All three girls stared down in amazement as the handbag began to fill with piss. Jade reached her hand down and started to play with her pussy slowly as her two lover’s destroyed expensive handbag. By the time they were finished, the bag was filled to the brim with piss. The girls continued laughing as they exited the classroom. “When will anyone learn not to fuck with us?” Jade asked herself quietly. She secretly hoped people would continue to give them reasons to piss all over their belongings.
  3. princessmermaid

    Video links

    https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56384f689e0ad https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57a4b83530516 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph55ebed6736120 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57c57c823c3d6
  4. princessmermaid

    Working girl

    I had been working at Lusty's for 2 years now. This is me...... Mommy and Daddy are long gone. I'm the only person responsible for food and rent. Tuition isn't cheap either. I plan on being a nurse. I'm halfway through school and there's no way I'm quitting now. Everyone at school pretty much knows what I do for a living. It doesn't bother me. I'm a grown ass woman. I came here to learn, not to make friends. It amuses me how many of these chicks stick their noses up at me, but beg for a private dance down at the club. I had one broad offer me 300 just to grab my tits. I may be a bunch of things but I'm not a hooker. Terri had called me in early today. She said she had some kind of job offer for me. I knocked gently on her office door before entering. "Hey Kitty! How's my favorite girl doing today?" She asked with a bright smile. "Aww I can't complain sugar. What's this deal you have for me?" I asked in a more serious tone. "Well uh....one of the girls from the backroom quit. I think you'd be perfect for the job." She replied in a nonchalant tone. "I love you sugar but you know I don't turn tricks." I said with a soft smile. She bit her lip nervously and looked down at the floor. "Please Kit? You'd be paid double plus tips! You don't even have to touch them. Most of the girls that go back there are just looking for someone to hit and humiliate them. You've got the bitchy attitude. They'd go wild, trust me." I pondered my options for a second. I always had a thing for humiliating little sluts. I might as well get paid for it. "Alright fine I'll do it. You're lucky I love you so much." Terri giggled and I left the office and headed towards my dressing room. Since I brought in so many customers, Terri agreed to let me have my own room. I walked to the rack of outfits and thought on what I should wear tonight. I picked out a sexy leather one piece and a pair of fishnets with my favorite black heels. I stripped myself bare and sat down on the red couch in the middle of the room. I spread my legs slightly and let my hand trail down to my pussy. I began rubbing my clit in slow circles while using my other hand to play with my tits. Touching myself before a show was kind of like a football player warming up for the big game. It helped me perform better. Before I could bring myself to orgasm, I heard a soft knock at the door. "Lolli you're first client is ready?" Tess spoke from the other side of the door. I got dressed quickly and touched up my makeup before opening the door. "Thanks honey. How's Tina? Does she still have the flu?" I asked sympathetically. Tess and I were like sisters. We did everything together and I even planned her baby shower and bachelorette party. I guess I kind of connected with her because we were in similar situations. She was just trying to pay of her college debt and I was working on paying my tuition so I would be scott free by graduation. "She's doing better. That chicken soup you made kicked the flu in the balls!" She squealed and I cracked up in laughter. "Good glad to hear it." I said before kissing her on the cheek and heading for the backroom. Before I could make it there, one of my regulars stopped me. "Damn Lolli! Leather is a good look on you." I smiled and thanked her for the compliment. "Will you be dancing for us tonight?" She asked hopefully. "No babe I'm afraid not. Terri switched me to the backroom. I'd gladly give you a dance back there after my client." I replied with a soft smile. "I don't have that kind of cash now but trust me I'll be back." She said with a wink before walking away. I finally made it to the backroom. Once I entered, I locked the door behind me. My first client was a pretty little thing. This is her..... On this occasion she had her black hair pulled into a tight ponytail with a little bow at the top. Her crop top showed off her toned stomach and her shorts complemented her as perfectly. To top it all off, she wore thick, black glasses. "And what might your name be?" I questioned sassily. She blushed and looked down to the floor. "It's Bambi, Miss." she responded in a quiet, high-pitched voice. I flashed her a smile and circled around her. "Mmm that's cute just like you." Her blush deepened and she continued to look at the floor. "Thank you Miss." she replied shakily. I laced my fingers under her chin and forced her to meet my gaze. "It's Mistress Lolli and Please look at me when you are speaking." I commanded softly. "Yes Mistress Lolli," she said, this time making direct contact. I stepped back with a satisfied smirk. "Good girl. Strip for me now." I commanded again and the small girl quickly removed her all clothing. I looked her up and as if I were a wolf eyeing its prey. "Very nice Kitten. Now let's go over the rules. You do not touch me without permission or speak unless I'm talking to you. If this all becomes too much, just say "spider" and I will stop. I will be calling you things such as slut, whore, or cunt. I can promise you it won't get any worse than that. Understood?" Bambi simply nodded while breaking her gaze from me. "Speak up little girl. This is the second time I've had to remind you about eye contact." I spoke at a medium volume. She immediately looked back up to me. "Yes Mistress Lolli, I understand." She stated and I walked over and kissed her lips softly. "Very Good. Bend over that couch for me." Bambi scrambled over to the couch and bent over just like I requested. "You have a lovely ass slut. Although, it does look a little pale." With that, a brung my palm down hard against her butt. She whimpered and thanked me politely. "Mmm very good kitten. It's nice to see a whore with manners." I whispered into her ear as I spanked her again. After a few more slaps, I could see that she was a bit squirmy. "Too much sweetie?" I cooed in a soft voice. She nodded her head and I focused my attention on the other cheek. I rubbed the area lightly before smacking her ass a few times. Once her squirming continued, I decided to lay off. "You're doing a great job slut but let's switch gears for now. Kneel for me." Bambi slowly rose from the arm of the couch and kneeled where I was pointing to. "It's time for you to pleasure me now." I said while removing my outfit. I sat down on the couch and spread my legs. "Lick." I ordered loudly. Soon I felt a warm, wet tongue brush up against my pussy. I moaned out and continued to enjoy her tongue. Bambi lapped at my clit hungrily as I laced my fingers through her dark hair. She was driving me closer and closer orgasm. Before I could reach my high, she pulled back. "I'm sorry Mistress Lolly. I just really need to pee." She spoke out with a slight twinge of fear in her voice. Angrily, I yanked her hair back. "Fine then whore. I was about to reward you for being so good. So you have to piss so bad, do it right here!" I seethed out in a venomous tone. "B-but Mistress I can't." She stuttered out nervously. "You have two choices. Either you piss here or you leave this club and never come back. Which one is it?" I prompted. Bambi closed her eyes tightly. After 3 seconds of silence, Bambi started to piss on the carpet. A small puddle was quickly forming under her. "Look at me!" I commanded loudly and she quickly lifted her eyes to me. I continued to watch her eyes until she ran out of piss. "Good, now that that's taken care of, come finish pleasuring me slut." I ordered and she crawled back in between my legs. Once again, I rocked my hips gently against her face. I grabbed her hair once more and ordered her not to stop licking. Finally, my climax ripped through my body and screamed out in pleasure. "Good girl Bambi. However due to your little stunt earlier, you don't get to cum." I said sternly. She nodded but didn't move to put her clothes back on. "I understand Mistress Lolly but can I request one more thing?" She asked shyly. I nodded my head and waited to hear her request. "Piss on me please? I'd love to have a taste of it Mistress Lolly!" She begged. I smirked and stood up from the couch. "My sweet Bambi. I knew you were a dirty slut all along." I replied and stood over her. My piss started to rain down on her naked body and she reached her hand down to rub herself. I directed my stream onto her beautiful as she continues to moan at the pleasure. "Open your mouth kitten." I commanded in a soft tone. Immediately, her lips parted and she swallowed the remainder of my piss. I held my hand out and helped her off the floor. She grabbed a few napkins and dried herself before dressing herself. "Thank you so much Mistress Lolly." I smiled and kissed her once more. I took my cell phone out and handed it to her. "Give me your number woman. Maybe we can meet outside of here, free of charge." I said with a wink and she nodded and smiled. She took out her wallet and gave me the money for her session. I started to count it and realized there was an extra $200. "Babe you only owe me 400." I said. It must've been a mistake. "Yea I know. You deserve a tip. No one has ever said yes to the pee thing before." She replied sheepishly. I smiled and gave her a hug before ushering her out of the room. I think I've found a new source of income.
  5. princessmermaid

    Emmy and Jade (ending)

    Wow thank you for the kind words! I know it says the end but I do plan to reboot it after I do some brainstorming.
  6. princessmermaid

    Emmy and Jade (ending)

    Jade was woken up by the sound of Leena and Emmy cackling loudly. She yawned while stretching her arms and shifted her gaze around the room. The girls must've carried her back to their suite. "Hey did you sleep well sweetie?" Leena chirped as she walked to the bed and kissed Jade on the forehead. Jade blushed and nodded. "What time is it?" She asked while pulling herself up into a seated position on the bed. "7:30 Pooh. We should go out tonight. We still need to find a way to get back at that cunt from the bar. Leena and I have already showered. Go get ready!" Emmy said with an excited smile. Jade pulled herself out of bed and wrapped her hair into a messy ponytail before entering the bathroom. She sat down on the side of the tub and turned the water on. Once the water was hot enough, she stepped inside the shower and closed the curtain. She poured some soap into her hand and started humming a tune as she washed herself. While doing so, a thought popped into her head. Jade wondered if Leena had a place to stay. They had just met but she knew both her and Emmy developed a little crush. Jade and Emmy already had a thing going on but Leena could be a great addition. She finally rinsed the soap off and grabbed a towel off the rack. After drying off, she took out some lotion and applied it to her smooth, tan skin. She took out her makeup bag and went to work on her face. She decided to go with a shimmery-gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and dark burgundy lipstick. She opened her suitcase and pulled out her favorite party outfit. She slipped on the black lace crop top that exposed her belly button piercing and paired it with a tight black skirt that came down to her mid thigh. She slipped on her black 6 inch boots and walked out of the bathroom. Emmy turned her head when she heard the bathroom door open and immediately went wide-eyed. Jade had always been a beautiful girl but Emmy just loved when she showed off piercings. "You look hot!" Emmy and Leena said in unison. The trio broke out in laughter and Jade sat down between the 2 girls. "I um...I want to ask you ladies something. Emmy I've loved you since our first night in the dorm together. Leena, we just met but I feel like there's a special place in my heart for you too." Jade paused and grabbed both Emmy and Leena's hands. "Would you both be my girlfriends?" Jade said while focusing her gaze in her lap. Both girls nodded and opened their arms for a group hug. Jade leaned over and kissed both girls before standing up from the bed. "Let's go celebrate bitches!" Jade screamed and the trio excitedly rushed out of the suite. Once they got down to the parking lot, Emmy spotted the human trash that called himself a bartender standing by his car "Ladies look what we have here. I think I figured out where we're pissing next. Let's go back inside and get something to drink." Emmy said before turning around swiftly and heading back to the hotel. "Hey wait! I thought we were going out." Leena responded with a pout. Jade leaned over and kissed her cheek. "It's alright maybe we can just go to the diner after. The bar has some good music." Jade said and grabbed Leena's hand. The trio entered the loud bar. Each girl sat their purse on a table and took to the dance floor. The young ladies swayed their hips together to the familiar song blasting through the speakers. "I bet I could drink both you bitches under a the table." Leena yelled out over noise. "Oh bullshit you're going down." Jade challenged with a fake scowl. Her and Emmy exchanged glances before racing to the bar. Each girl grabbed a shot glass and quickly swallowed the liquid inside. After a few rounds, the three young girls were feeling buzzed. "Girls I need to piss now." Jade said as she slipped of her heels and grabbed her purse. Emmy winked at Leena and followed after Jade. They reached the parking lot and found the shiny red sports car. Jade smiled evilly and pulled out a key. She dug the tip of it through the seamless paint job on the hood. After a few minutes of carving, she stepped back from her masterpiece. "Hmm I think this car could use a little washing." Jade said with a wink and the other girls stepped forward. Leena stumbled and grabbed the door handle for leverage. When she pulled down, she realized the car was left unlocked. "Holy shit it opened!" She squealed with joy. Emmy opened the door on the driver's side and sat down. "I hope he enjoys the smell of piss!" Emmy giggled and spread her legs. A strong stream erupted from Emmy's pussy and landed on the steering wheel and upholstery below. The other two girls watched on and giggled at Emmy's eagerness. Emmy adjusted her stream a little and was now spraying hot piss all over the dash bored until she was empty. "Damn that felt good. You're up next Leena." Emmy said while pulling her dress back down. Leena moved to the back of the car and opened up the trunk. Leena scowled at the sight below her. It was a wedding dress. "Guys come look at this. The fucker is engaged!" Leena exclaimed and the other girls rushed to the back of the car. "Ew that fucking pig!" Jade shouted with a grimace. "I don't know if I should piss on this. I mean its not her fault her guy is a lying man whore." Leena said with a frown. Emmy rolled her eyes and went on to speak. "Babe once she finds out what kind of guy he is, she's not gonna want to wear that dress." Leena thought about Emmy's words for a brief moment. "Alright then. Stand back ladies. You're kind of in the splash zone." Leena said joking while removing her panties. She lowered herself into a squat and began pissing all over the beautiful gown. Slowly each part of the dress turned a bright yellow color as Leena spread her stream around. Leena finished her stream on the long tulle skirt of the dress and hopped out of the trunk. "Top that Jade." Emmy said while jokingly pushing the smaller girl. Jade rolled her eyes and returned to the front of the car. "Ya know he should thank us for the free carwash." Jade said sassily and climbed on to the hood of the car. Jade spread her legs and her golden piss stream started to rain down on the hood and windshield of the car. Her stream seemed to go on forever and she even managed to spray some piss on the car directly beside her. She wiped her pussy with her hand and stepped down. "Let's go I'm starving." Jade said after a quiet hiccup. The girls all headed to Emmy's car and got inside. Emmy only had a few drinks so she was in the best condition to drive. Jade and Leena sat in the back while Emmy started the engine and drove out of the parking lot. Leena placed her hand on Jade's thigh but the girl payed no attention and continued to text on her phone. Suddenly, Leena moved her hand a bit higher under Jade's short skirt. Jade turned to Leena and gave her a sultry look before pulling her into an intense kiss. Both girls pulled away, breathing heavily. Jade pushed her hand down Leena shorts which resulted in her letting out a quiet whimper. Emmy peaked through the rear view mirror and smiled when she saw the two girls fooling around. "Knock it off. I'm trying to focus on the road." Emmy said with a giggle and the two girls pulled apart. After a few more moments of silence, the girls pulled into the parking lot of the diner. When they walked in, the place was completely empty. "Hello?" Jade called out and a small, elderly woman walked out from the kitchen. "Hi girls! Go on and take a seat. Can I get y'all something to drink?" She asked with a kind smile. "Um 3 cokes please." Jade spoke up as the girls took their seats. "Okay right away dear!" The old woman said before returning to the kitchen. The girls talked quietly and the waitress returned with their drinks. "Hmm the burgers look good. Can I get that and a milkshake?" Jade asked politely. Leena and Emmy both ordered the steak and eggs special. The waitress once again entered the hot kitchen. "Do you think she still does the dirty?" She asked, referring to the waitress. Jade face-palmed and Leena burst out into laughter. "I sure as hell hope not. She's gonna break her pelvis!" Jade replied and booped Emmy on the nose. After a few more minutes of talking, the trio received their meals and began chowing down. Once the ladies were full, Emmy handed her money to the kind waitress. They all pitched in on the huge tip. Emmy turned and started walking towards the restroom. "Where you going?" Leena asked and Emmy turned back around. "I'm bursting!" Emmy responded with a giggle. "I hope you don't plan on pissing in the toilet. Don't get all boring on me." Jade piped up with her arms crossed over her chest. Emmy dropped her purse and walked back to the table. "You just love watching me piss don't you?" She questioned Jade with a smirk on her face. Jade blushed as she nodded. Emmy laughed and hoisted herself up onto the table. She lifted her dress for the second time that day and spread her pussy lips. A pale, yellow stream sprang forward and landed on the table and left over dishes. Jade couldn't resist her urges and slid under Emmy's fountain. Emmy bit her lip as she pissed into Jade's waiting mouth. In took everything to hold in her moans. She was unbelievably turned on by Jade's piss drinking. She squirted the last few bits on her face. Both girls got off the table and headed out of the diner with Leena. This trip opened a whole new world of experiences for they girls. They pissed where they wanted, when they wanted. Three months later, Leena had finally moved in with Jade and Emmy. Everything was perfect and the three young ladies were as happy as ever. The end
  7. princessmermaid

    Emmy and Jade (part 2)

    Emmy and Jade made their way into the crowded bar a found two seats near the back. Again, this is Emmy.... And this is Jade.... Jade got up from her seat to purchase a drink for both her and her friend. "Hey 2 beers please." She said to the handsome bartender. He gave her a wink and grabbed her hand before speaking. "Sure babe it's on the house." He replied as Jade snatched her hand back from his grasp. He turned around and handed her two glasses filled to the top with beer. "You're not gonna tell me your name sexy?" He asked with a smug look on his face. Jade rolled her eyes and started making her way back to the table. "Hey by the way you have a nice ass!" The bartender shouted across the room. Jade slowly turned around and stormed back up to the counter. She threw both drinks is his face. "I'm not your babe asshole!" She screamed before grabbing Emmy's hand and rushing out of the bar. "Damn! Your confidence back there was kinda sexy." Emmy said as she gently patted her friend on the butt. Jade blushed and kept quiet as they entered the elevator. "We can always get him back." Jade said with a smirk as they reached their hotel room. Emmy giggled and nodded her head. "Looks like we now have 2 people at the top of our piss hit-list." She replied while shrugging her shoulders. "I think we should get back at that dick wad that called us carpet munchers first." Jade said while pulling a bottle of Vodka from her suitcase. She passed the Vodka to Emmy and watched her take a huge swig before setting it on the table. "Yeah but how are we gonna get in babe?" Jade thought for a few moments before a light bulb went off in her head. "We'll pretend to be house keeping." Emmy smirked and agreed to go along with Jade's plan. They took the elevator down to the bottom floor and snuck into the supply room. They grabbed a vacuum, two feather dusters, two surgical masks and a bottle of disinfectant spray. Before they could enter the elevator a staff member stopped them. "Hey are you ladies new? I haven't seen you before." Emmy nodded before rushing into the elevator and pushing the button to close the doors. As soon as the elevator doors closed, Emmy pushed Jade against the wall and slammed their lips together. Jade was shocked but melted into the kiss. Emmy pulled back only by an inch before smiling. "Sorry for the sudden kiss. I'm just so turned on by the thought of watching you piss again. I'm turning you into such a naughty slut." She whispered before lifting up Jade's skirt and pressing her palm gently against her pussy. Jade blushed but continued to let Emmy fondle her until the elevator doors once again opened. She gathered her composure before following her friend into the hallway. They finally reached room 313. Jade instructed Emmy to put on the surgical mask before knocking. There's no way he would recognize them with these on. They knocked on the door 3 times before the tall, blond businessman opened the door. "Oh good morning ladies. Sorry there's a bit of a mess...oh wait actually I'm not. Its your fucking job to clean up after upperclass citizens like me. But hey if you show me your tits, I'll leave you a little tip." He stated in an abrupt tone. Both girls simply pushed passed him with no fuss. He definitely deserved what was coming to him. After standing there awkwardly, he exited the suite with a loud slam of the door. "For Fucks Sake!" Emmy shouted in anger. She was now ready to empty her bladder on his precious belongings. Maybe after this he'll learn a bit of respect Emmy completely stripped off her dress and removed her bra before pacing the room. She looked through the suitcase and realized they're were a bunch of women's clothing as well as heels, make up, a curling iron, and nail polish. "Holy fuck! This ass wipe is a crossdresser!" Emmy shouted between loud cackling. Jade simply rolled her eyes before stripping herself nude. "'Maybe he came with a wife. Rich pricks like him always have some weak willed woman running behind him." Jade replied logically. Emmy realized she was probably right and continued searching the room. All together they found a laptop, IPhone, 3 suits, and a file of important documents. Both girls climbed onto the bed and readied themselves to unleash their piss streams onto the expensive material below. All of a sudden sudden, they heard the door swing open and in stepped a young woman with long, blonde hair with a bag in one hand, and a card key in the other. This is her..... She was wearing that white bikini which showed off her lovely shape and sun-kissed skin. All 3 girls stared at each other blankly before the new woman spoke up. "Um what's going on here?" she asked with a frightened look on her face. Emmy and Jade both stepped down from the bed and walked towards the girl. "Basically your husband is a cunt. He deeply offended my friend and me." She said while nodding towards Jade. A look of relief flashed across the half-naked blonde's face. "Trust me I know. I was planning on leaving him this weekend. I brought the divorce papers and everything. My name is Leena by the way." Emmy and Jade looked at each other for a short moment before sounding off in laughter. Soon, Leena also joined in on the giggle session. "So what were you ladies planning to do? Break his laptop and rip up his suits?" Leena asked curiously. Emmy shook her head at her innocence. "No sweetie. We planned on pissing all over his belongings." Emmy explained. Leena smirked and started removing her bikini. "I want in. I've been with this bastard since high school. I'm done with his shit." Leena stated while stomping towards the bed. Emmy winked at Jade and soon all 3 girls were standing side by side on the bed. Emmy giggled and removed the file of papers from the pile. "I think we should avoid pissing on these." Leena said with a giggle. "Okay ladies on the count of 3. Ready? 1..2..3!" Leena shouted in excitement and each girl started releasing their piss onto the pile below. Emmy made sure she completely drowned the laptop in her golden stream while Leena focused her stream on a light grey suit. Jade aimed over the other two suits, coating them both evenly in her warm, yellow piss. "Quick ladies! Focus your stream on the phone!" Emmy shouted out. Both Jade and Leena adjusted their aim to soak the small device under them. Jade first ran out of piss but Emmy and Leena were still going strong. Jade climbed off the bed and sat down on the couch, directly in front of the bed. "Jadey pooh I still have some piss left. Do you want a taste?" Emmy purred seductively. Jade quickly nodded her head and Emmy immediately jumped down and walked over to her friend. "Hey Leena? Could you piss on me too?" Jade asked shyly. Leena gave her a warm smile and hopped of the bed. "Of course I can babe! No need to ask." Leena responded cheerily. Both her and Emmy pulled Jade onto the floor and stood above her. "Jadey pooh I want you to rub yourself while we piss on you. You're gonna be our little human toilet." Emmy said as she positioned her pussy over Jade's face. Leena stood over Jade's and watched her play with her wet cunt. Emmy was the first to start pissing and directed her stream right down Jade's throat. Immediately Jade started to swallow Emmy's salty piss. Leena watched the sight before her and also started pissing on the beautiful dark haired girl below her. She directed her golden piss onto Jade's pussy. She felt some of it splash back onto herself and smiled with glee. "Mmm I bet you like swallowing my piss Jadey pooh. Don't you dare cum yet." Emmy commanded while Jade held back her orgasm. Emmy now aimed her stream into Jade's long, black hair. Jade was so turned on by the sight of two beautiful women pissing on her, she started to orgasm even without Emmy's permission. "Naughty girl! Since you got to cum, you should pleasure me and Leena until we cum." Emmy suggested as she finished pissing. Jade nodded and lowered her face to Leena's pussy and started to lick. While doing this, she shoved 2 fingers into Emmy. Both girls bit their lips in pleasure. Leena grabbed one of Emmy's perky tits and started to lick her nipple. Emmy moaned out as she rode Jade's hand. "God damn you ladies make a great team." Emmy moaned as she laced her fingers through Leena's blonde hair. "Jade's tongue is fucking magical. I'm cumming!" Leena screamed out as she threw her head back in pleasure. Jade smiled a pulled away and focused her attention on Emmy. Leena petted Jade's wet locks as she started to eat Emmy's pussy. Emmy leaned in for a kiss and Leena filled the gap between them and connected their lips. After a few moments of making out with Leena, Emmy finally reached her peak. All three ladies laid on the floor together in silence for a few moments. "Hey Leena. We've got another pissing spree planned tonight. You coming with us?" Leena smiled and nodded. All three ladies fell asleep together on the floor in each others arms.
  8. princessmermaid

    Emmy and Jade (part 1)

    Emmy and Jade had their whole weekend planned out. This is Emmy.... And this is Jade....... Every year during spring break, they would go to a hotel for the entire week. They'd been doing it since their freshman year of college and now they were juniors. They couldn't think of a better way to spend their vacation than with each other. "Jadey pooh! Don't forget your inhaler. You almost died on me last time." Jade rolled her eyes at her friends silly remark and zipped up her suitcase. "Hey I wasn't the one smoking cigarettes all day dummy!" She shot back as she stuck out her tongue. "Whatever just get your ass in the car." Emmy said as she brushed past Jade to collect the rest of her hair products from the bathroom. Jade ran down to the car and threw her pink suitcase into the trunk along with a few other bags and supplies. A few moments later, Emmy also arrived to the car with her things and proceed to the driver's seat. "Buckle up Bitch!" Emmy screamed in an excited tone. "Oh trust me I will. I know you can't drive for shit." Jade replied as she rolled her eyes once again and connected her phone to the car radio. After 3 hours of driving, both girls began to feel hungry and stopped at a drive through. After the two young ladies grabbed their meals, they drove away and continued their road trip to Wisconsin. "Maybe we'll meet some nice guys this weekend Em." Jade spoke quietly while she listened to her friend hum along to the radio. "Sure babe but I'd much rather fool around with you like always." Jade blushed and turned her head to the window and soon fell asleep while Emmy occasionally peeped down at her phone to read the map. By the time they had arrived to the hotel, both girls were in serious need of a bathroom. Jade shook back and fourth while Emmy was talking to the receptionist and collecting their room key. They soon headed over to the elevators and stepped inside. "Hmm Jadey pooh I don't think I can hold it much longer. Buying 3 large sodas probably wasn't smart." Emmy and Jade both looked at each other and giggled. All of the sudden, a naughty thought popped into Emmy's head. She put down her bags and started to lift up her dress. "What are you doing?" Jade asked in a hushed tone. Surely Emmy couldn't pee in the elevator. Right? "Just kicking off the weekend fun." She replied with a smirk. Just then, Emmy started to piss all over the elevator floor. Jade covered her mouth in shock but couldn't take her eyes of Emmy's stream. "If you get my bag wet, you will be buying me knew luggage!" Jade screamed with a nervous laugh. Emmy rolled her eyes and aimed her stream higher and bit her lip as she soaked the buttons on the wall. Just in time, Emmy pulled her dress back down before the elevator doors opened. Both girls rushed off from the scene of the crime before any one saw them. As they entered their hotel room, each girl was in a fit of laughter. "Damn Em! You always do the craziest shit." Jade shouted with glee as she flopped back on the soft mattress. "I am quite wild. Its your turn now Jadey pooh." Emmy said with a devious look on her face. Jade began to blush again for the billionth time that day. "Em I can't. I'm too nervous!" Emmy let out a frustrated sigh and grabbed Jade's hand. "Please? Do it for me. I'll give you something in return." Emmy whispered and pulled Jade in for a short kiss. Jade rolled her eyes and let the taller blonde lead her out the door. Both girls searched the hotel floor until they found a suite with the door left wide open. Jade looked around the hallway to make sure no one was watching before she entered the room and quietly shut the door. "Hmm where are you thinkin' about pissing Jadey pooh?" Emmy asked in a seductive tone. The thought of getting a chance to watch Jade pee was already getting her wet. "Umm I-I'm not sure. Can you pick for me?" The innocent girl stuttered out. Emmy gave her a long, lustful stare and finally spoke. "How about on the bed? Those sheets look freshly washed which means they're ready to be dirty again." Emmy said as she lifted her dress up again and started to rub herself. Jade gave her an amused smile before lifting her skirt as well. During the second semester of sophomore year, Emmy talked Jade into never wearing panties again. She insisted they always got in the way. "Does stuff like this turn you on?" She asked while she continued to watch Emmy rub her pussy. Emmy simply nodded back and watched Jade closely, waiting for her stream to start. After a few moments of silence, Jade's piss began to trickle out but stopped shortly after. Emmy took this as her cue to give her friend some encouragement. "Mmm piss for me Jade. I want to see you squirt your warm piss all over that bed." Emmy moaned out while rubbing her pussy even faster now. Jade smirked as her hot streamed jumped from between her pussy lips onto the bed. She adjusted her stream and swished her hips in attempt to douse the whole blanket. Emmy continued to watch the sight in front of her as she felt herself getting closer to orgasm. "Jadey pooh come piss in my mouth. I'm about about to come." Emmy practically screamed. Jade quickly hoped of the bed and positioned herself over her best friend's open mouth and started pissing right down Emmy's throat. A loud gulping noise could be heard throughout the room as Emmy took down every Jade had in her. Emmy started to convulse with orgasm as she swallowed the last of Jade's piss. Before Jade could get up, she felt Emmy's warm tongue against her clit and her soft hands grasping her hips to hold her in place. Jade whimpered in pleasure while Emmy's tongue continued to explore her wetness. Jade then began rocking her hips gently while gasping for air. "Fuck Emmy make me come please." She shouted out as her friend continued to flick her tongue furiously against her clit. A few seconds later, Jade's loud moans ripped from her throat as she came on Emmy's face and mouth. Both girls once again broke out into a fit of giggles. "That was fun. Too bad I didn't get a taste of yours." Jade said while standing up from the floor. Emmy gave her another mischievous smile. "Oh you will Pooh but first I need a drink." Jade rolled her eyes but jumped back in shock when she heard a loud knock at the door. Emmy also stood up and proceeded to answer the door. "Can we help you?" Emmy said in a bitchy tone while staring up at the tall guy in a suit on the other side of the door. "As a matter of fact you can help me by shutting the fuck up. No one wants to hear your carpet munching session. Pipe down you fucking dykes!" He yelled right in Emmy's face right before storming back to room 313. "Well Jadey Pooh looks like our bladders have found another victim." Emmy said with a wink before dragging Jade down to the bar for some cocktails. Part 2 coming sooooon!!!!
  9. princessmermaid

    Queen B's Revenge

    Ah the last day of senior year. Finally my time in this 4-year hell hole is finished. I try to act tough but the truth is, I'll actually miss this place. I made amazing friends, got into the college of my dreams, and was even voted prom queen. Still...there was this one bitch that wouldn't give me a break. If this school was hell, then Katie Deadrick was definitely satan. Ever since third grade she's been jealous of me. I mean I don't blame her. I had the curves and sexual appeal of a rock goddess! However, this jealous cunt decided to ruin my prom. Instead of congratulating me, she "accidentally" pushed me into the cake. I still looked sexy in my crown but what kind of Queen B would I be if I didn't punish her? Today was the day Katie was getting what's coming to her. "Good morning Layla. I see you decided to wear another horrendous outfit on the last day as usual." Katie hissed with her devil smirk. I step a few inches closer and whispered "Old habits die hard Deadrick." I purposely bumped her shoulder and made my way to homeroom. Mrs.Towner was clearly as excited as the rest of us and gave a heartfelt speech and then led us on to sign the yearbooks. By 12:15, my backpack was flooded with tiny scraps of paper from boys promising me they'd keep in touch over the summer. I wasn't interested in any of them though. I'm not fully lesbian but the guys here are definitely not my type. I like to be in control and all these shit heads are too prideful to let a woman take the wheel. I check my watch once more. It read 12:25. It was finally time to hatch my evil plan. See I know for a fact Katie takes an extra 20 minutes getting dolled up after gym glass. All the girls should be out of the locker room by now. I snuck in quietly and hid behind a stack of folded towels. By now, Katie was making her way towards the exit until I popped out from my hiding spot. "Holy fucking shit Layla!" She screamed with her hand clenched over her chest. I giggled darkly and shoved her down on the bench. "Let's have a little chat shall we? I know we're going to the same college and I wanna put all this negativity behind us." She smiled back at me softly and nodded in agreement. "Great so maybe you can let me play with you for a bit and we'll call it even." Her eyes went wide and her cheeks turned a bright crimson color. "P-play with me how?" I pushed my hand up her skirt and put my lips up to her ear. "I think you know how Katie." She swallowed hard and continued to let me rub her pussy through her lace panties. After a few soft strokes, I pushed her flat on her back and pulled down her underwear. I started to kiss the outer lips of her pussy and then spread her open and continued licking her clit. "Layla I'm so sorry I was mean to you." She whimpered out while I continued to pleasure her. "Oh not yet you aren't." I said with a smirk as I slipped 2 fingers into her wet hole. She began to rock herself onto my hand, getting closer to orgasm. "Can I cum Layla?" She asked in between pants. "Yes you may slut." And with that Katie was sent over the edge and her moans began to fill the entire room. As she came down from her high, she put back on her lace pink undies. I pushed her back down and let her know I wasn't finished with her yet. "One more thing to seal the truce." I spread my own pussy lips and directed a hot stream of piss all over the front of her blouse. I swayed my hips from side to side to make sure her skirt caught my flow as well. My last shots of piss sprayed over her face and straight blonde hair. "What the hell Layla? How is this a truce?!" I giggled and kissed her lips. "Simple sweetie! You pissed me off so I just pissed on you." I replied with a smile. "Fine. I'll get you back in college Slut!" She winked. "Back at cha Cunt!" I said as I returned the wink. College was definitely gonna be a good time!
  10. princessmermaid


    Ummm someone said I should post this but I'm gonna warn you its very poorly written and I might delete it. There's only a tiny portion of pee play in this story but I thought I'd post it anyways.TRIGGER WARNING: There are mentions of bdsm and knives. Clarification from steve25805. I know this author very well so want to make clear that for her this "daddy" thing is role play based upon her pretending to be little. It is not intended as anything incestuous and should not be seen in that light. It's 6:00pm. Daddy got off work at 5:30. There must be traffic. I knew I was in for a punishment because I had been teasing Daddy all day with pictures. Suddenly, I heard his car door slam. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of fear. What does he have planned today? "You know you're in trouble, right?" He asked me in a stern voice. "What Am I supposed to be afraid?" I replied sassily. I had always been a smart mouthed little girl. Why stop now? "That sass is gonna get you fucked up." I smiled and decided to push his patience a little farther. "Well you're gonna have to catch me then." He raised his eyebrow at me, clearly losing his patience. "If you run, it'll be wor..." before he could finish, I sprinted off to the bedroom and hid in the closet. I could hear Daddy's footsteps through the hallway. "Come out, come out!" He shouted and cover myself with a spare blanket in the closet. I squealed when the blanket had been yanked off me. Daddy grabbed my wrist and snatched me up. "You're in for it little girl." He grabs my neck and forcefully pushes me on the bed. "Daddy I'm sorry I promise." Daddy straddles my hips and pins my arms above my head. "Well it's too fucking late for sorry." I squirm under his grasp but he refuses to let me go. Daddy moves his hand down to my baby pink panties and slips a finger inside me. I gasp quickly and continue to struggle under him. "Daddy please let go....I have to pee." he looked down at me with a smirk. "Pee then." I blush and look away from him. "D-Daddy I can't go with you on top of me." He snatched his hand from my panties and put it around my neck. "You can and you will. I continue to blush while trying to hold it in. Suddenly, Daddy starts ticking me. I couldn't hold my giggles or pee. I moved my hands down to cover my face. Warm pee filled my panties and soaked into the bed sheets. "Aww look the little baby can't control herself." I blushed even harder and tried to push him off. "Daddy let go!" I screamed. Daddy pulled out a small pocket knife "Shut the fuck up and you won't get hurt." He flipped me over and pulled down my wet panties. "This is what happens to little bitches like you." He suddenly shoved himself inside me. I gasped and bit my lip as he started fucking me "Daddy please let go." He responded by grabbing my throat once again. I feel Daddy pull out of me and he goes to grab his belt. I screamed after I felt a hard smack on my ass. After a few more smacks, Daddy pulled me up and led me to the bathroom. He forced me into the tub and pushed his cock down my throat. I gagged and pulled back as tears started to form in my eyes. He pulled me back onto his cock and started to brutally fuck my throat. I looked up at him with innocent and he reached his hand up to slap my face. Suddenly I tasted his warm salty cum on my tongue. "This is how dirty little girls like you get treated." Before I could respond, I felt a stream of warm liquid hit my face. He lifted his stream slightly and directed over my hair, drenching my pig tails and bows. He sprayed the last few drops on my pussy. He went to turn on the shower water and grabbed a small towel. He washed my face and the rest of my body with vanilla scented soap. He then took down my pig tails and applied sweet smelling shampoo. He dried me off and dressed me in fuzzy pink pajamas. "You did well today princess. Get some rest. I love you." He kissed my forehead and pulled the blankets over me. "I love you too Daddy." I said as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
  11. http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/opps-i-forgot-to-lift-the-seat-28586451 http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Laundry-pee-28410501 http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/pee-hotel-bed-29604681
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  13. http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/POWER-PISS-Sprayed-over-12-Public-Office-Stairs-Carpet-26334591 http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/POWER-PISS-PART-2-Returned-to-piss-all-over-the-wall-again-25132341 http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Don-t-piss-in-a-toilet-pissing-all-around-the-restroom-28462301 http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Pissing-out-of-a-posh-hotel-window-and-over-the-floor-25606431 http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Chair-Piss-13901881 http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/piss-on-sofa-24133861
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    Naughty girl

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!:kiss::kiss::laugh::laugh: