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  1. Just had a nice piss near a farm gate I was super desperate as I nearly wet myself I'm now on the way home super horny
  2. I have just had a quick piss in the woods I was bursting to go on my way home and just pulled my pants and panties down and pissed then had a orgasam
  3. Just like had a nice wee down a ally way on the way home was busting as well im going to need to rub my self when i get home im so horny
  4. i just walked in to the showers and pulld my pants down and pissed in the drain and a women came in and saw me and stood the drain and pissed as well
  5. just had a piss in a public shower and i was desperate for one as well i had a wet spot from holding it all day as well.
  6. I just had another great piss in the toilet tho this time
  7. I have just had the best piss of my life i was so desperate that i almost pissed my self but just pulled my pants down and pissed in the shower and rubbed myself to the best orgasam of my life
  8. My first pee experience is when I was walking to school one morning and I took a short cut that day and went down a ally way and saw a young women pulling up her skirt and her panties down and just standing there spreading her pussy lips apart and pissing at that time I felt super horny and I needed a piss as well so I pull my skirt up and panties aside and pissed standing up and we both just watched each other till I had to rush to school.
  9. My pee fetish began when I was around 13 years old and I was on a group camp and as we was at a fire pit I went to my tent and saw a girl changing the leggings in my rent so I ask what was wrong she said that she was trying to squat and pee next to the tent but she didn't make it and peed herself but the best thing was while she had her pants down she needed another wee so asked me to help her so I did and she just sat on the grass and peed
  10. Last time I peed was next to a porta loo because I couldn't hold it and I nearly peed myself
  11. Some times I hold my pee in so much that I'm leaking all the way to a toilet
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