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  1. That is so fucking hot. Wish I could read more about that somewhere
  2. Every time I go pee, I’m almost always triggered. Yes, it’s a curse in a way!
  3. What was the video about? Maybe I can find somewhere else.
  4. I’ve done a few air bnb’s before and here’s some naughty pees I remember: - There was a slight distance between where the stove sat and the countertop. I hopped up and sat on the countertop and peed down into the crack as best I could. Most of the pee puddled under and behind the stove. The little bit that did run out onto the kitchen floor I wiped up. - In the laundry room, I squatted and sprayed my pee in between the washing machine and wall letting my pee puddle on the concrete floor there, but out of sight as it was a dark area. - In one the closets, they ha
  5. Simple squat pee on a hotel carpet. Hold it for a long time so that you have a huge pee.
  6. Oh gosh. I have many to choose from, unfortunately. One time I was going through an open house, when I was looking for a place to live. This is when a realtor opens up a house they're trying to sell, and let the general public walk through to see if interested in buying the house. This was a lived in house, and the homeowners were gone during this event. You can pretty much walk anywhere through the house and the realtor generally stays near the front of the house to greet people as they come in. As I was walking through, I did have a rather full bladder and was very tempted
  7. wow that is fucking hot. I bet your hotel room was drenched when you left !
  8. I have a fantasy about taking a vacation involving a long cross country road trip, and a challenge to never pee in a toilet. During the trip, rather than stopping at gas station restrooms, we would stop at a hotel and I would simply go in and use a hallway as my toilet. And of course, when we stayed in our destination hotel, I would pee behind the couch or bed on the carpet the entirety of the time. The other day, I got to act out part of this fantasy. Wearing a short black dress with no undies, I went to a hotel in a nearby town. It was about 9:30am and people were busy downstairs ea
  9. I always say never say never. So maybe one day. But there's some tiny part of me that is terrified of posting documentation of destruction of someone else's property. (I know it's not really destroying to pee on carpet, but it kind of does in a way). I know there's no real chance of getting charges or fined by hotel later, but it's almost a phobia of mine to post myself in any way.
  10. Oh yes I have wet my hotel room before. Last time I emptied my full bladder on the carpet and then scooted the armchair back over the wet spot just to make sure it wasn’t obvious. I’ve never videod myself as I’m very shy and I feel a little ashamed afterwards anyway. But I have done it plenty of times.
  11. I agree very much!! I'm bi, and do greatly enjoy watching men or women relieve themselves in places they shouldn't. Hotels are perfect of course. I've seen hundreds of vids of women peeing in their hotel room. Some now are no longer available / around the internet. One specifically I recall from Tumblr before the great porn purge. It was a hotel couch that was pulled slightly away from the wall, and a woman standing right beside it and filming herself (from her POV) as she relieved her full bladder into the crack behind the couch. The back of the couch and carpet was soaking when
  12. I was chatting with an online friend the other day and eventually asked him if he had ever tried golden showers. He said not really, but one time on spring break he watched a girl pee beside the bed in his hotel room. Of course I asked him to elaborate, why did she do that? And he said he was making out with her, and because their friends were busy fucking in the bathroom behind closed door and she really needed to go. And she was drunk and said fuck it I need to go, so just popped a squat between the bed and the wall and let it go right on the carpet. When she was done they got to th
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