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  1. So, I was chatting with a guy I met online and managed to bring up my favorite topic of peeing and asked if he ever had been into golden showers or such. He flatly said no, but he did go on to say he did have an ex destroy his place with her piss when she found out he had been cheating. Of course I asked him to elaborate. This girl house-sat his home for a whole weekend while he was gone and got up to some pretty crazy revenge peeing as she must have found out about him cheating. When he came home he found a hand written note from her announcing their breakup, along with a dozen places sh
  2. a girl after my own heart!! do you have the morning pee on the carpet pics to share as well?
  3. Happy when it rains 😆. Now I have that stuck in my head too !!
  4. Sometimes when I hear certain songs, I immediately think of my pee fetish and privately laugh to myself. For example: "I wanna be with you everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac - - I always sing it "I wanna pee with you everywhere" 🙂 "I get knocked down" by Chumbawamb (I think?) - - I have my own thoughts when the background girls start singing "pissing the night away.... pissing the night away..." "Born to be wild" by Steppenwolf - - of course I sing "Born to pee wiiiild" I could go on if I thought about it some more. Does anyone else have this same thought when heari
  5. Wow! that is such a wonderfully naughty feeling. Wish you had snapped a photo. Or two!!
  6. Hi Riley, have you ever peed in an inappropriate place in a hotel room? Have you ever peed through your swimsuit somewhere outside of the pool? love your stories.
  7. I pee in the pool almost every time. Of course I have a pee fetish so no surprise. I do have a close friend and she has two young kids. And to my knowledge she doesn’t have a pee fetish or at least gives not even a hint. She comes across as pretty conservative. She never likes to talk about sex or anything like that even if I’ve hinted at talking about such things. I’ve been too scared to let her in on my pee fetish because I really value our friendship and don’t want to screw that up. I’ve known her for a long time and seen her get out of the pool many times to go to the restroom
  8. Well Dario, I think you know my vote ;) What a great way for foreplay !
  9. Hi Jack, As others have said, there are a lot of other posts about said subject, and I have contributed as well. I haven’t posted lately, so I’ll add here. I’m 48 yrs old now (alas, not a spring chicken anymore), and I can’t remember staying in a hotel room without urinating in the room somewhere, usually multiple times. Only exception was times when I was with a guy that wasn’t aware of my fetish. Fortunately my hubby is well aware now and thinks it’s funny. I’ve added air bnb ‘s to my list now too. To reduce risks, I usually try to pee in places easily hidden like on th
  10. I get it, truly. I would not want someone staying in my home doing this kind of thing. Yes, I know that makes me a hypocrite, and I have to accept that. All naughty peeing is vandalistic, by its very nature. Any one of us that have ever peed in a hotel room has vandalized somebody else's property, regardless of carpet type. The next guests stay in that room too. Hell, peeing in a pool is wrong... other people take water and unknowingly pee into their mouth while swimming. And here's the thing, it's BECAUSE it feels so wrong while doing it is the very reason it makes us (me) so fucking h
  11. I discovered a new level of inappropriate peeing. Instead of staying in a hotel on my last business trip, I used Airbnb to stay in someone’s house. I had a private room that was furnished with upscale furniture and plush cream carpet. There was a heavy chest of drawers that I was able to scoot away from the wall, and after a long car trip, I relieved my full bladder on the carpet there. This was by far the nicest carpet I have ever peed on, as hotel carpets are always thin and designed for spills and such. I don’t think I was hydrated as usual, and there was an obvious yellowish stain w
  12. “Talking to a witch” LOL !! Oh, I’ve done some very very wrong things with pee. I’ll DM you when I get a chance as some may not be good to post. I guess I’m a witch too.
  13. Good question Spywareonya. I suppose it might. But at least if it does, its long after I have checked out (and hopefully not traceable to me!!). Actually, the vandalistic part of this act kind of turns me on as I'm doing it. I know, very cheeky of me, but cant help it. I have gone right on the open carpet, if its not too late at night so it has a chance to dry. But I got nervous a few times when I felt the carpet still somewhat damp in the morning. One time, it was so damp, I layed an empty coffee cup to look like a spill.
  14. Mainly, I like to pee where it won't be noticed. My go-to is to pull the armchair or table away from the wall and let it go there, then scoot it back in place to cover the wet patch. Must say I have done large amounts in such way. Usually try to hold it if I'm out at a restaurant or bar, so I can release in a spot like that.
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