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  1. Letting go on your hotel room carpet had to feel so exciting!
  2. sorry I missed this post!! hope yall saturated the back of the mercedes and covertly wetted all over the airbnb..... hee hee heee!!
  3. I of course always empty out when in the pool. In fact, I hold it if I know I'm about to go to the pool. My favorite thing to do is to be chatting with another mom while in the pool, all the while just letting it go while she has no idea. I've done this on multiple occasions.
  4. A loud hissing pee as it’s splattering on carpet or anywhere naughty. Does it every time for me.
  5. Request: have your lovely wife squat and pee on the carpet. 😈
  6. Jealous!!!!! Please do share pics!!!
  7. Can you share more details? Like how “messy” was it that it got the attention of the hotel? I’m always worried every time I naughty pee of this happening.
  8. Oh, another thing I just of. Be careful with the pull out bed. After you fold it up your pee won’t dry very much. And when the maid opens the couch up to change the sheets it will still be very wet. Maybe could dribble a little bit. But if you want to fully empty your bladder, I’d recommend peeing on the carpet in an obscure spot.
  9. Be careful peeing on the pullout bed that it doesn’t leak through onto the floor and is obvious after folding up the couch. But that’s an awesome idea I haven’t thought of! Fuck, I’m getting horny just thinking about it. Happy wetting!!
  10. If carpeted room, just pull the couch or armchair away from the wall, can squat down there and when you are done just push the couch or chair back over the damp patch. No maid is going to pull furniture away from walls when they clean. And the patch will be mostly dry by morning anyway. I’ve been known to leave a couch pulled away from the wall my entire stay to use (many pees) before putting back in place before check out. If no carpet, can take one of the couch cushions, unzip it and carefully pee into the cushion, then zip back up and set back in place. If you are
  11. That is so fucking hot. Wish I could read more about that somewhere
  12. Every time I go pee, I’m almost always triggered. Yes, it’s a curse in a way!
  13. What was the video about? Maybe I can find somewhere else.
  14. I’ve done a few air bnb’s before and here’s some naughty pees I remember: - There was a slight distance between where the stove sat and the countertop. I hopped up and sat on the countertop and peed down into the crack as best I could. Most of the pee puddled under and behind the stove. The little bit that did run out onto the kitchen floor I wiped up. - In the laundry room, I squatted and sprayed my pee in between the washing machine and wall letting my pee puddle on the concrete floor there, but out of sight as it was a dark area. - In one the closets, they ha
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