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    I'm a massive pee lover! absolutely love anything to do with pee! :P

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    golden showers
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    crouching outdoors as my ex dom got his cock out and started to pee in my mouth as I tried to swallow all of his golden stream :P

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  1. I love watchin men pee wherever they want drives me so horny and makes me want to join in with them :P
  2. wow!! and this is how I got into peeing seeing guys streams has always turned me on so much! this pics have really got me going!!!
  3. I love peeing in my back garden wen alone I just love squatting or standing and let it especially my morning pee my favourite pee of the day!
  4. Omg that is so hot mmm!! I love it love seeing a guys stream mmm
  5. I'm just so happy the forum is back! I've missed it I love how others on here enjoy wat i do ;) I don't mind about the video gallery I just missed everyone's stories they shared of their peeing experiences!
  6. I only need it for wen I'm stuck in bad situations like car journeys etc it's ok for u guys to just pee were u like it isn't easy for us lol plus yes I want a little fun with it
  7. I can't wait to get one to show u all I bet Il keep using it haha
  8. ok guys I apologise if there's already this topic but I'm so eager to get a she wee / go girl I think they'd b so much fun to use I'd love it! Plus I hate using Portaloos so it would be handy for that Wat do u guys think? Shud I get one :D
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