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    I'm a massive pee lover! absolutely love anything to do with pee! :P

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    golden showers
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    crouching outdoors as my ex dom got his cock out and started to pee in my mouth as I tried to swallow all of his golden stream :P

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  1. I cant wait to see and hear some long pee video from you. I have some new pee videos for you to see.

  2. I miss her here. I want to see and hear her pee videos. I took some long pees and have videos of them. She would like to see them and I like to hers.

  3. Hope you are OK these days

    1. loveangel12


      I'm in need of a wee :p

    2. Rich7


      Oh nice loveangel !! You are kind and very sexy X 

  4. How long did you pee for yesterday ? How long were you holding it for ? I love to see pee videos from you. I have some new ones.

  5. Just started my own tumblr pee blog which il add stuff everytime I need to go etc if any of u have tumblr feel free to follow me ;) 


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    2. pee01


      Your welcome. I wish I can see some videos. 

    3. loveangel12


      I'm due to update the page soon ;p 

    4. pee01


      I can't wait to pee videos long pee 


  6. I love watchin men pee wherever they want drives me so horny and makes me want to join in with them :P
  7. loveangel12

    Guys pissing in naughty places

    wow!! and this is how I got into peeing seeing guys streams has always turned me on so much! this pics have really got me going!!!
  8. loveangel12

    a man has to do what a man has to do!

    this is just so hot!! love a guy with his cock in hand ;)
  9. desperate for a pee but holding on abit longer :P 

    1. pee01


      I was desperation today at work. i took a long pee yesterday 2 mins long.  You get me so horny talking about taking a long pee.

    2. pee01


      I am drinking water and filling up now going to hold it in,.

  10. Finally went to see alien covenant yesterday I loved it! Oh dam I want Michael fassbender and wud love to see him pee mmmm!

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    2. pee01


      Watch a movie and long pee. I wish I was there to hear and it. 

    3. loveangel12


      Yes it scared the shit out of actually haha I almost peed my pants lol it was a good film I'd go again 

    4. pee01


      I would love to see and hear you in line ladies room. Cross legs at the movies. I would get you the large soda have you sit at the movie and hold it. Then hear you go. 






  11. Happy Birthday

    1. loveangel12


      Thanks i had a great bday!

    2. bpb


      I guess that is what Birthdays are for.

  12. really wanna go see the alien covenant movie!!

    1. fannywatcher


      me too..shall we go,then back to mine for wee related fun?:10_wink:

    2. loveangel12


      that wud be great!


  13. needing a pee but starting a film and not wanting to move out of bed lol

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    2. loveangel12


      why u say it wud be that haha


    3. fannywatcher


      Cuz i is watching that...What are you watching?

    4. pee01


      You are going to start leaking and its going to start coming out of you. I wish was there watching you cross your legs and hold it in. 

      Then he the release letting it go. 

  14. It drives my bits crazy!