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    Into pissing in my boxers, playing with it licking it, yumm

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    The wet feeling of soaking my boxers
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    Filling my girlfriend up and her sliding off my cock letting it gush out over my stomach

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  1. Pjayz


    That would make for some amazingly naughty public fun hehe
  2. Not terribly many here in New Zealand lol but maybe on day they will all come to their senses ? coz wat is life without piss
  3. This was ohh so naughty hehe
  4. I compressed this aswell let me know if it works
  5. Managed to slip a lil own time in this evening.
  6. Damm you... that's the sorta wetting I like x all day hehe
  7. That's my ultimate fascination. Kissing passionately as we both fully let go while clothed. Lol
  8. I'dbe keen to interact with someone who doesn't mind leaking aswell ?
  9. Most of the time I like to leak slowly into my underwear feeling it soak up... other times I will find somewhere quiet to piss and let it out slowly sometimes pissing overmy hand as I play
  10. Anyone at work leak/play with their piss secretly?
  11. If be instantly barred up if I seen your soaking skirt. Wow that's hot. I love pissing in my own boxers and playing with my piss soaked cock
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