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    Young female with a piss fetish, haven’t done anything involving pee but have had a fetish for it for about 2-3 years, love watching piss porn and fantasising about it, can’t wait for my first piss experience.

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    Getting pissed on, pissing on someone else, pissing together, pissing on random objects, pee desperation
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    Haven’t had a pee experience yet :(

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  1. Thank you! Feel free to msg me x
  2. that pee must’ve been so nice, having the confirmation that you could now do pee related things with her
  3. Hey there, feel free to message me! I’m new here just like you and would love to be friends
  4. Being with a girl and pissing into each other’s pussys, scissoring while peeing, having a peeing contest, peeing on them (pee desperation), getting eaten out and accidentally pee in their mouth, peeing on random objects together. Having a guy pee on me, peeing on a guy while grinding on his dick, having a guy eat me out and pee in his mouth accidentally, then gets punished with his piss. My BIGGEST fantasy, would be accidentally peeing and having the other person, reveal their love for pee by showering me in their piss and we just continue pissing on each other. Maybe sneaking a cheeky f
  5. hi there, i recently found this site after searching for only fans creators who do piss videos. i’m hoping to make some friends interested in the piss fetish and hopefully one day have my first pee experience/fantasy come true. feel free to message me! x
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