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  1. Such an amazing picture ill be sure to put it to good use 🥵🥵 i love the matching bra and panties!
  2. I just had the most fun in a long time! Ive been wrenchin on my truck all day and it was a very very frustrating day and finally had to throw in the towel. I was hot sweaty and dirty so i went to take a shower and get ready for bed (where i am now nakedin case you were wondering). I grabbed my shorts and i went to the bathroom. I turned on the water and set it to very warm as it was in the 40s this evening. I started getting undressed and looked at my dick. I noticed how much i had to pee and thought what a perfect opportunity to pee on myself!! As soon as the water was warm i sat down and sta
  3. That is so hot, it sounds like a dream, and you are living it!!! only thing is id want is some reciprocation 😜
  4. ALL SITE RULES APPLY i.e no talking about rape, minors, etc. Hey you sexy people. I just wanted to add this comment thread so people could post whatever they wanted withough having to feel the need to hold back when they discribe how their pussy or cock feels or if a picture is posted they could describe in detail and vulgarity what they want. There are so many scenarios that run through my head. Im very much so straight but i do love the occasional prostate play i would eventually like to find me a nice gf that wants to peg me while i pee on the both of us. I just love the fu
  5. So i think she would have to sit naked and laying forward on a sex chair like this and i would lay on top and place my hard cock on her cheeks so i can pee up into my stomach and her lower back. I would release all my piss as i burried my face in her hair soaked in the piss from a bit earlier. After im done i would have her sit at the top and i would lick her pussy until she couldnt hold her piss anymore let it splash against my face and soak my hair and run down my back. And just filling my mouth with her piss and spitting it back up at her stomach.
  6. 100% agree this is purely for arousal purposes for people that want to join a group sext /sexual convos. I know its a turn on for me just listening to people talk dirty.
  7. Right now! 🙂 im so close to cumming!
  8. A while back in the military I was on post by myself and no shade. 10 gallon cooler. 3 hrs left. I did not hold back the pee. It was warm but a cup of ice water after felt great but just knowing i was pissing my pants in plain sight was a so amazing. I can explain a bit more if youd like!
  9. Is there a way we can start a thread where we can be as sexually vulgar as we want to? that dirty talk gets me going and im sure others would like to have somewhere they can type whatever without having to be worried about offending anyone by being to graphic. OBVIOUSLY ALL SITE RULES APPLY. Ex. Sometimes i just wanna talk about how i want to soak a girls hair in my piss and rub my face on it as i finish peeing on her lower back and she feels it run down and trickle past her asshole and then on to her pussy. Makes my cock so hard ! I can continue if wanted...
  10. Make me want to pee on myself very sexy!
  11. You could also install water fountains in everyroom to always keep you bladder full
  12. That is awesome im suprised he didnt let you shower him ! Shoulda jumped at the opportunity!
  13. Im sorry if this is the wrong thread but im trying to upgrade to gold member @Admin
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