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  1. Hmm, I wouldn't call it strict, just wanted to raise proper children, I guess... But they were unfair in certain situations. I remember one time I was around 5, my younger brother had his "girlfriend" (let's call her Natalie) over and her older sister was my best friend. Ok so well, our mom was watching over us we were in the kiddie pool in our yard. It was about lunch time so it was time to get out of the pool. We all exited the pool at the same time and my mom was drying us off with a towel. Natalie said she needed to pee so my mom said let me dry you up so you can go pee (presumably me
  2. Damn, reading these made me extremely wet. So, I intensively fingered myself and rubbed my wet and soft pussy until I felt the extreme urge to pee. I ran to the loo with my white cotton panties on and leaned over the edge of the tub to pee. At first I was hesitant, but then a trickle came down dampening the cloth. I adored that feeling but as the stream grew stronger I had to move my soaked undies to the side and let my pee freely spray the tub. A couple of droplets did splash back. What a relief!
  3. When I was a kid, my brother and I were rarely encouraged to pee outside as it was inappropriate. But I always saw so many others peeing in parks freely, I guess I got kind of jealous lol I always found it intriguing and now I can make up to those times of not being able to pee outside. But still I need to be careful as getting caught would be traumatic for me lol
  4. Thank you all for support ❤️ means a lot to me. Update: my boyfriend came home later than expected, so the patch was mostly dry, he didn't notice a thing 😏
  5. Perhaps we come off as mysterious, therefore surprising everyone with our mischief
  6. P.S. grey carpets are the best places for indoor pee 😩
  7. Hi guys, I hope this is the right place to post this 😅 So, I've been drinking water whole morning and I got pretty desperate. I decided to test myself and pee a little on the carpet. It felt so naughty and nice at the same time. I enjoyed the hissing sound and the sound of pee tapping in the carpet. At first, the carpet didn't soak my pee at all, so I panicked, but I guess it started get nicely wet and puddly... :3 I hope it will dry up before my bf comes home. 👉👈 Enjoy this blurry pic of my pee puddle, my cam's broken 😞
  8. No partying inside the dorms, so people party outside
  9. I found the last part of your comment rather appalling. I have my reasons why I said I'd rather take my friend. I'd rather keep my relationship than risk it over a fetish many people consider weird.
  10. No not really. And I'm not willing to try. I wouldn't want anyone to violate my privacy by taking a picture of me while I'm peeing so I wouldn't want that for others.
  11. Who says you can't do both though? 😏
  12. There's not many places like those where I'm at. Actually there are two houses in my neighborhood, one abounded that's sealed shut and the other one right next to mine that's been recently bought. However the new owner doesn't plan on remodeling it soon so it's pretty much filled with old things. But I'm afraid if I get caught, I'll be charged with breaking and entering lol. The second house is locked I'd have to jump over the fence to get in.
  13. You're never too old for that! I don't go out much as I'm extremely uncomfortable in crowded places, but I'd love to try naughty peeing in the club
  14. Did you have a favourite piss place when you were at college/ highschool? This is a place behind our dorms most people use as a toilet during the night. 😏 I've peed there a couple of times myself but I prefer to go in a bush bit further as it's more secluded and doesn't stink to those who open up the windows to let some fresh air in. I've seen a lot of guys and girls pissing there at the same time. One tree is for the dudes while girls "use" the other. There's always a river of piss and a huge lake there.
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