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  1. I wouldn't want anyway to pee on the seats or floor as I'd be worried about the smell. If a passenger was very desperate and I couldn't stop I'd let them pee in a bottle. Not sure if i'd be able to release it though.
  2. My parents encouraged me to wait until we got to a toilet if I could but would encourage me to pee outside if I said I was desperate. I've always been a bit pee shy though so unusually for a male I've always avoided it if I can. My Mum has even encouraged me to pee outside when I needed to go while walking as an adult so I know she has no issues with it, and my Dad has peed outside while we've been in woods so he wouldn't bat an eyelid either!
  3. I think children should be allowed to pee outside as long as it's approprate for that situation. If they're hiking in the countryside or on a road trip with facilities far away then I think they should be taught that it is OK to pee outside as long as they find somewhere private where other people are unlikely to see them. It's important to learn that it's acceptable in these circumstances or they might struggle with it if they need to pee outside when they are older. While it's no different for boys, it's a bit of a skill for a girl to squat down and pee while keeping their clothes out o
  4. Can anyone watch any videos on Pissrip? All I am getting is "Video is being processed, please come back later".
  5. I've not been in a hot tub many times and when I have it's been with my family and we have all peed in the toilet before we got in. Wouldn't it get smelly if multiple people peed in it? It's chlorinated but there's a lot less water than in a swimming pool so it'll be more concentrated I'd have thought?
  6. It's interesting that there is a pattern of downward and forward pee'ers with age. I'm interested to know how much this continues in adulthood. Is a 20 something year old more likely to be a forward pee'er than a 40 something year old? Does having kids make a difference too? Perhaps the mothers teach the girls to lean forwards during toilet training to prevent the pee from coming up over the toilet seat. As the girls get older, they grow and so sit further back on the toilet which makes this less of an issue so they figure out they don't need to do it. Larger bladder capacity me
  7. I presume the streams you heard were of girls the same age as you at the time? If so, it suggests that a girls stream is more fowards as they get older, perhaps as their body develops or maybe as their bladders are able to hold more pee and so the pressure is a bit greater by the time they reach high school and college. I can't explain the trend back towards the downward type after this though.
  8. This is the right attitude to have in my opinion. I don't think it's right when parents let their kids pee in public for convenience if there's a toilet nearby they can use. But they shouldn't be made to hold it if there isn't one available just because they are a girl and it's a bit more difficult and not quite as discrete as for a boy. Being comfortable with going outside is important as it allows them to go for long walks in the country etc without worrying about the lack of toilets. I wonder how many girls avoid long outdoor walks, wild camps etc once they are adults because their par
  9. Never? Even if you are stood next to the toilet block or are in a building? Or do you mean if you are somewhere outdoors with a toilet a walk away and there's a tree they can go on so they use that instead? What about girls? Would you feel the same or would you be more inclined to find them a toilet?
  10. Absolutely! I'm always wondering what their pussy looks like and whether they have hair down there and how much. Whether they have a big bladder and so can go all day even if they drink a lot or whether they are having to pee often. I think about whether they pee a trickle, hissing stream or a gush and whether she sits or hovers on public toilets, and that's if she uses them at all. I also wonder whether they pee outside. Are they comfortable with peeing outside or would they only do it if caught short on a long road trip or after a night out when the pubs and clubs have closed.
  11. A woman having a long desperate pee that is hissing loudly is very hot indeed! I wouldn't dare put that sound on in my car though. Firstly in case someone heard but more importantly I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my driving!
  12. Isn't it sad that some parents act like that yet bodily functions are the same for girls and boys. A girl needs to burp, fart, pee and poop just the same as a boy and it's not always possible to hold a pee until a toilet is available. I feel exactly the same about this. I don't have kids either but if I did I would let them, boy or girl, pee outside if they had to. I'd teach them to find somewhere private to go such as behind a tree or bush as I wouldn't want them to think they could drop their underwear and pee anywhere as that would cause issues as they got older. I guess daug
  13. I always find it very hot how different girls pee streams are. Is it just me that tries to imagine what a girls stream would sound like by looking at her build and what she looks like? It seems to vary so much that I don't think this would ever be close to accurate though! I guess gushers are where the girl pushes it out very quickly because she's in a rush or is maybe peeing in public and doesn't want to be seen. A desperate hissing pee is normally longer and can happen on the toilet or when squatting if she's got a full bladder. The hissing will be less if she's less desperate as h
  14. This winds me up as well. "I need to go soooo badly" followed by the shortest dribble of pee. If you're that desperate I expect a long loud hissy pee! I disagree. If it's a really loud desperate piss it's a huge turn on for me. But a short slow tinkle less so.
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