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  1. Absolutely! I'm always wondering what their pussy looks like and whether they have hair down there and how much. Whether they have a big bladder and so can go all day even if they drink a lot or whether they are having to pee often. I think about whether they pee a trickle, hissing stream or a gush and whether she sits or hovers on public toilets, and that's if she uses them at all. I also wonder whether they pee outside. Are they comfortable with peeing outside or would they only do it if caught short on a long road trip or after a night out when the pubs and clubs have closed.
  2. A woman having a long desperate pee that is hissing loudly is very hot indeed! I wouldn't dare put that sound on in my car though. Firstly in case someone heard but more importantly I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my driving!
  3. Isn't it sad that some parents act like that yet bodily functions are the same for girls and boys. A girl needs to burp, fart, pee and poop just the same as a boy and it's not always possible to hold a pee until a toilet is available. I feel exactly the same about this. I don't have kids either but if I did I would let them, boy or girl, pee outside if they had to. I'd teach them to find somewhere private to go such as behind a tree or bush as I wouldn't want them to think they could drop their underwear and pee anywhere as that would cause issues as they got older. I guess daug
  4. I always find it very hot how different girls pee streams are. Is it just me that tries to imagine what a girls stream would sound like by looking at her build and what she looks like? It seems to vary so much that I don't think this would ever be close to accurate though! I guess gushers are where the girl pushes it out very quickly because she's in a rush or is maybe peeing in public and doesn't want to be seen. A desperate hissing pee is normally longer and can happen on the toilet or when squatting if she's got a full bladder. The hissing will be less if she's less desperate as h
  5. This winds me up as well. "I need to go soooo badly" followed by the shortest dribble of pee. If you're that desperate I expect a long loud hissy pee! I disagree. If it's a really loud desperate piss it's a huge turn on for me. But a short slow tinkle less so.
  6. Yeah peeing behind a bush is often the only option when fishing lol! It looks like peeing outside was very convenient for you so it's sad that some girls are made to feel they should never pee outside. I guess the only difficulty for a girl is getting the squat right and not peeing on your clothes!
  7. I suppose you didn't have much choice if you spent a lot of time outdoors away from toilets. 😂 Clearly spending a lot of time in the country as a child has given you the right attitude about peeing outside, and presumably your wife had a similar experience growing up? Would your daughter still be comfortable with peeing outside now if the need ever arose or would she be hesitant and try and wait for a toilet? I suppose the issue with not needing to do it as she grew up is she might be more self concious now so might not like the idea?
  8. I suppose if your Mum had got you to pee outside in the country while out walking or something then you knew it'd be OK to do while playing with friends. I guess that was your permission.
  9. Did you spend much time hiking in the countryside away from toilets or did you spend your time nearer to toilets because of her attitude? It's sad that you never got a chance to pee outside if you needed to go. I get a parent being against peeing down an alley or something in the middle of town but behind a bush in the countryside is fine. You must have spent your time feeling so uncomfortable and hoping you'd find a toilet soon 😔 It could just be that they have a large bladder capacity or don't spend much time outdoors so are shy about peeing outside. But yes it could also be tha
  10. Following on from the "Are Moms More Open-minded Than Their Sons Today?" thread by @beachmom, I wondered whether there's any truth in the statement in the title of the thread? After all, a boy can stand up and pee facing a tree in the same way he would pee in a toilet or urinal and he is a lot more discrete. A girl, on the other hand, needs a lot more privacy because girls peeing outside expose more of their private areas. It is also trickier for a girl to pee outside, especially if she hasn't done so before, as it's easy to end up with pee on the shoes, legs and clothes if the squat isn'
  11. So did your Mum ever say to you and your sister that you can pee outside if you need to when out playing so you don't have to walk all the way back home, or was it something you, your sister and friends just decided to do whether you Mum would mind or not for convenience? I guess if she was happy for you to do it when walking in the countryside then you knew she'd be fine with it anyway?
  12. Women certainly pee loudly, whether it's splashing into the bowl or the hissing sound they make as it comes out the urethra. Do women tend to push the pee out faster instead of letting it out naturally, or does it come out loud and fast naturally if they're desperate? You do see women produce quite little trickles sometimes but that seems more common if their bladder isn't very full so there's not much pee to come out.
  13. How did it become necessary and natural? Was it being told to pee outside by a parent when out in the country or something that was picked up from friends or siblings?
  14. It's definitely different for kids now @Alfresco, most of whom prefer to be on games consoles and computers than outside with their mates. This plus a more risk-averse society these days means kids spend more time indoors. Some kids do spend time outside I'm sure so boys peeing outside will still happen. And then you've got families who are into hiking or camping etc who will think nothing of it. But for a boy who lives in a city and who's parents never take him to the countryside, I can see why he would be reluctant to do so. I know when I was a child I was told to wait initially but was
  15. Why don't you think younger girls would usually have hissy pees? There's a lot of videos where younger girls pee with loud hissy streams. There are also videos where they only produce a trickle though, but whether that's normal or just because they wanted to record a pee without waiting ages for the girl's bladder to fill I don't know?
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