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    Heyyy, I'm just a lonley and horny bi dude looking to talk about pee, and share my experiences with others.

    My dms are open for anyone who wants to chat.

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    I love pissing in random places and places I'm not supposed to. I also really enjoy making messes with my piss.

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  1. Nobody knows I do, I don't honestly know what I'd do if they found out lol. I have peed in multiple spots all over the house, mainly in my room or the bathroom. But I usually wait until people are gone to do pee related things. Sometimes ill be risky and do it when family is home! 👀
  2. I think pissing in your laundry bin, or in a corner where the carpet and wall meet could be interesting! You could pile up all your dirty laundry and soak them before you throw them in the washer. 👀 Or, you could squat in the corner of your room, and try to aim for both the wall and the floor.
  3. How do you have so many good stories? Your life sounds hella interesting considering what ive read hehehe
  4. You're lucky too have a roomie whos comfortable with that kinda stuff lol. Sound like you two have fun together! 👀
  5. What a lovely video! You sure do know how to soak that hotel! You cumming in your puddle at the end really adds to the video! ❤️ I wish I could've been there to help you hehe.
  6. That's a dream right there tbh. I'd love to just go wherever and whenever I want lol. Of course not caring about the mess I'd make.
  7. I like your thinking, although I don't think they would've enjoyed me pissing in the shower with them still in it lol.
  8. Glad someone agrees~ I'd love to piss on something with you!
  9. I almost always pee on my clothes before putting them in the washer~
  10. Love this story~ I've done something similar. I was at my friend's house a few months ago and they were busy showering, I had to go bad of course. Thankfully nobody else was home. I ran into their mom's room and thought to pissed under her bed. There was a bunch of junk under there including some random shirts and an old blanket. I pulled the blanket out and started pissing under her bed, making sure to get the shirts too. I ended up covering it up with the blanket, and I'm not sure they ever found out. I felt so naughty though, I would've came too but I heard the shower stop halfway throug
  11. I love pissing on clean clothes~ Especially before I have to wash them. Why not make something filthy right before throwing it in the wash?
  12. I love your story! I've done something similar. About a year ago I was in this public bathroom at some restaurant. For whatever reason they had this really nice soft chair in the bathroom. I could've easily used one of the toilets, but I got horny and decided to soak it, I did so for about 40 seconds. I doubt the stain I made will ever come out.
  13. I A piss box is such a wonderful idea! It looks so soaked too! If I lived alone I'd 100% have my own! I'll have to keep this idea in mind. Thank you for giving me this sudden inspiration~!
  14. Well that's one way to water a plant! I bet the cactus didn't mind too much, its not probably picky when it comes to water.
  15. You too?! When I first discovered I was into it, I too pissed all over my bedroom carpet, it was a bitch to clean, but it felt sooooo good!
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