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  1. I don't know how to ask this. I sniff my wife's panties. She changes them every day. She wipes whenever she pees. Yet every morning her undies have a STRONG odor of urine. What else cn cause this? Is she secretly peeing her panties?
  2. Dear Wet Carpet, I had a very mortifying incident yesterday and I had to tell someone about it so I'm writing you.. I had a job interview, but I had to pee so badly! I was almost wetting myself and I felt a squirt or two flood my underwear when I popped into a unisex toilet in the building. The door was unlocked so I went right in to find a man standing at the sink, washing his hands! I apologized, but lifted my skirt, pulled down my already wet knickers and started peeing. I emptied the rest of my bladder into the bowl with a loud splashing noise while the man just stood there., watching
  3. I really enjoyed this. An everyday bathroom experience that we guys are usually not privy to. Thank you your very vivid description of an every day pee.
  4. I am not a violent person, mostly. I have never hit or forced a woman to do anything. In a mutual love relationship anything that feels good and both agree to is ok. I, personally, like it when a woman cums. If a woman gets off on hitting,etc I have to bow out. I feel that any man who hits a woman is a coward. Even in fun. A little spanking, however, is ok!
  5. At our county fair, the bathrooms have attendents in mens and ladies. The bathrooms are primitive but the attendents keep them clean
  6. Lovely. lovely tits an nippes. Positively love the nipple clamps! Thanks so much fo sharing.
  7. I can agree with your assessment of this video! Made me extremely excited. I would like to find a woman I could do this to,cause I pee a lot!
  8. I like thinner women. I have had plus size women and no I wouldn't throw any woman out of bed for eating crackers. I like women's pussies, I like to look, touch, lick and fuck regardless of size. Like I said I prefer thinner women but larger ones do not turn me off.. And if they will let me watch them pee I don't care what size they are!
  9. My porn views are eclectic but mostly girls peeing. I like regular sex videos (so does my wife) but peeing girls ALWAYS gets me off! And if you're with the right person your tastes won't matter.
  10. I'm glad you finally got to pee! Now maybe you'll be able to pee in front of people again. Also happy for you to not being pregnant, if that's what you want.
  11. Love your glass of pee! I bet it was fun peeing in it.
  12. I aim for E5, but usually hit B3, coming back to H5 at the end. In other words here, there, everywhere!
  13. More like a cigar! I hold my "fountain" differently depending on what I'm wearing and how afraid i am of wetting my clothes. If I unzip and pull it out of mu\y boxers I hold it like a cigar. If I'm not wearing pants and I don't know if the stream will hit the bowl. I direct it with 2 fingers If I'm naked and in the shower I don't hold it at all.
  14. The King was despondent since the love of his life, Queen Aleta, passed away two years ago. He wasn’t interested in anything and could not get an erection. He let his daughter, Princess P, run the kingdom. Her name was Penelope, but her mother called her P, not because she peed with no concern about those around her, but because of her name. Penelope kept the kingdom running so smoothly that it was said that a virgin on a white horse carrying a sack of gold could ride naked at midnight from border to border without being molested. After two years King Julian’s advisors decided that he sho
  15. There's more exciting than seeing Hermoine pee! I would be looking ALL the time if I had that power!
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