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  1. I pee outside a lot. We're very rural and have a large property and no neighbors so I can pee wherever I want!
  2. I've been thinking about this subject. I don't like to see a girl pooping. I have an asshole and I know how they work and what comes out of it. I don't have a pussy though and I don't know how they work. There's folds and lips and holes that make a girls privates so mysterious. Even at my age and experience it's still so exciting and arousing to see a girl peeing. But not scat. I personally find it's like sticking a pin in your dick. A hard-on killer for sure.
  3. I, too was raised to believe that anything sexual was a sin and very dirty and peeing was a very personal and very private thing. As I got older and more exposed to worldly things I began to realize that everyone has some kind of fetish, and peeing is a very mild and safe one in comparison to others which are far more dangerous. So I began to tell partners about my fetish about watching girls pee, some were willing some were not. I am happy to say that I am in a relationship where we can be open and honest with each other and she lets me see her pee often. So, you're not a pervert. Everyo
  4. I love peeing in cups etc. but I prefer to see you actually pissing! Interesting post, thank you
  5. Male. I have always peed in the shower. I like the smell of fresh urine n an enclosed space. I have started peeing in the deep sink downstairs where there is no toilet thanks to this site. I'm on water pills so I pee a lot and it's much easier to use the sink instead of running upstairs or outside.
  6. I like to watch girlls pee. Girls are so fascinating to me, especially their plumbing. I really do enjoy it. What keeps me coming back are the people. I feel that I know at least some people on here and love to chat about everyday mundane things, like pee! I wish I knew more so I could message and get even deeper involved.
  7. Love all your pics Barbie! Keep them (and me!) coming.
  8. What an interesting topic! My universe would have instant travel where one could go to any place in the world instantly. Women would be equal to men, go topless at the pool or beach like men do. Women would be bolder, able to piss standing or however and let others see if they wanted. It would be nice to see a woman peeing on the side of the road for instance. Rest rooms would be unise
  9. Barbie I love ALL your content. You are a beautiful and very sexy lady.
  10. That's kinda what I thought. Big pussy lips can get in the way of the pee stream.
  11. Question: I see pics of women in the same position, squatting, peeing. Some pee straight down, some pee out in front. some in an arc, and some have split streams. Some pee all over their thigh or ass some are neater and don't spill any. why do different women pee differently?
  12. When I ws in the hospital they were giving me lasix pills which make you pee. I was peeing in a bottle One night I missed the bottle completely and wet the whole bed.The 2 nastiest nurses came in, changed and wiped the bed, changed and wiped me and put me in a diaper. They seemed really annoyed but did everything they had to. No need to be embarassed in the hospital Tell them in advance you might wet the bed
  13. I thought about this subject long and very hard....I like women peeing standing or hovering so you can see the stream coming out of her pussy. My favorite fantasy is a girl standing peeing off a rowboat like my cousin used to.
  14. A pee pee girl looks like any girl who pees....I have brought up pee at work without being overt but never got a response other than laughter. I guess I had the wrong girls!
  15. I am not at all surprised that your SO likes your tinkle, and that is not too extreme for me (and many others!) I would love it if my SO spent that much time on the toilet for me. I'm so happy that you have found someone to share with.
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