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  1. Peeinng is "dirty". We are taught to not look up girls dresses, not to watch them in the bathroom. Girls are taugh not to anyone see under their dress and not to pee in front of anyone because it's "dirty". Of course, the more "dirty" it is, the more taboo it is, the more we want to see it. So, I think it's a matter of seeing what we're not supposed to see and doing what we're not supposed to do. I personally love to see girls pee, in person in pics or on videos. It is intensely sexual to me and I love to talk (chat) with any girls willing to talk about peeing with me. "Willing" is the
  2. Once, in a foreign country, my friend and I had to pee really bad after an afternoon drinking beer. We nade it the th hotel and rushed into the bathroom, he peed in the toilet and I peed in the bidet. We didn't notice the maid until too late She was cleaning the bathtub and just stared at us as we kept whizzing, After we just said sorry and went out again.
  3. It was an accident. Honest! Usually after work I take the train then the bus and walk to my house without any problem. Every day. This time there was a promotion party at work (not for me of course) and I stayed to have a cake and coffee. I didn’t have to go when I left work and I was fine on the train, but the bus seemed to hit every single bump jarring my almost full bladder. I walked the several blocks home as fast as I dared because now, I really had to go. I stopped a couple times to cross my legs and force myself to hold it, but it was an awfully close thing. I stood at the door, ho
  4. Welcome! I hope you find this community as friendly and helpful as I did. Have fun!
  5. Good for you MyPee! It is best with a partner who accepts and participates.
  6. Thus is in Bell Inn in Sussex, England.
  7. Women standing to pee anywhere, toilet, sink, bath, outside is highly erotic and arousing for me. I do appreciate your bravery to take pics of you peeing like that. Thank you.
  8. When I was working, I was standing in the hall where the bathrooms were waiting for the meeting to start. The (pretty) young lady who was giving a presentation walked into the ladies and I could hear her nervous pee splashing in the bowl. Nothing was said, but after that I could never look at her without thinking about hearing her pee.
  9. Thank you, Sophie, for the hot story! I love when you tell us about your desperation and release. Thanks again and can't wait to hear more.
  10. Extremely hot pic! I very much like your squat and your description of it. Thank you very much!
  11. I would like to see instruction on how to post pictures. Detailed instructions. What size how to avoid duplicates, etc.
  12. I used to try and peek at my older sister on the toilet all the time. I never really saw anything, but I started associating bathroom and sex at an early age. I lived close to my girl cousins and we used to play doctor and provide urine "samples" for each other and watch and that turned into a full blown pee fetish for me.
  13. Marie Osmond, Zoey Deschanel., Ann-Margaret (when she was younger)
  14. I didn't choose one. My imagination runs wild with all kinds of kinky sex, but I have only done some pee stuff. I think about BDSM a lot and I love to see girls peeing in all manner of situations. I also think about girls being forced to pee and cum and love reading about it. I really haven't done very much kinky stuff . I don't like anything to do with men peeing. I know how men's parts work and it does not excite me at all. Just the opposite. Women are so mysterious (to me) and anything their pussies do is highly arousing, even though I know the biology of them.
  15. Yesterday I was plowing the driveway again and I had to pee. I got out of the Honda and peed in the snow on the front lawn. Nobody was driving by so I had nice luxurious piss.

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