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  1. At my aunt’s house in Jamaica. She has a two-story with roof access from the balcony. I woke up early because of the time difference and decided I wanted to pee off the roof. Aimed for the hedge and let loose. it was fun.
  2. I stand in public— bathrooms or otherwise— but in the comfort of my own home I sit when I’m feeling lazy.
  3. I was really young, somewhere between 4 and 5, so I don’t remember all the details. At that time attended a public elementary school, and the students ranged from Pre-K to maybe 5th grade (4-10 years old). There was a field trip to the museum. Don’t quite remember if we were headed to or from the museum, but I believe it was from, since pretty much every kid on the bus had to use the bathroom, and we were stuck in traffic. Well, I’m not sure which kid started peeing on the bus, or even if they wet themselves, but a bunch of kids thought it was the best idea. I remember trying to pee in a
  4. Oh, it’s a fine if you’re caught, but enough people have a “Not my circus, not my monkey” mentality toward… most things. I work at a hospital close to one of the most used train stations in the Bronx, and I’ve seen dudes in broad daylight decide that they were gonna pee on the sidewalk, next to some structure that offers no cover. And people literally just. Ignore it. “Oh, that guy’s pissing in the street. Keep walking before he starts begging us for money.”
  5. The, for some reason, eternal debate: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8WYh64F/
  6. A few days ago I woke up a bit early for work and it was raining. Purposely held in my morning pee and left early to catch the bus— it’s at max a 4-minute walk to the stop and I had 10 for the bus to arrive— so I could pee behind a car or something while I waited. Lo and behold, big 18-wheeler parked close to the stop. Stopped to rest my foot on the back tire to tie my shoe (which I actually needed to do) then walked to the middle wheels to hide behind and pee all over them. It was a hard stream and a good 35 or so seconds.
  7. It’s more generally accepted in rural areas, sure. But there are more people full-stop in Urban areas, so even if there’s less likelihood overall, there’s still more people doing it. That’s why certain things are worth comparing per-capita instead of numbers. If 50% of people in a population of 10,000 people pee in public, that’s 5,000 people. If .5% of people in a population of 1,000,000, pee in public… that’s still 5,000 people. That being said, NYC has more people, and not a lot of available public bathrooms means a lot of those people are choosing the street or an alley in an e
  8. These have been around for a while— it’s hospital technology.
  9. On the subject of flies: who designs the flies in underwear? Because since my body started changing and certain parts started to grow to adult proportion, I’ve found that no underwear has a properly accessible fly. I stopped wearing boxers entirely because the hole tends to just… be open so that my junk can venture out out into the wilds of my pants whenever it pleases, which seems to be “whatever time would be the least opportune.” but I can’t even make use of the fly in briefs or boxer briefs because the elastic is constricting on the sides. I’m basically forced to flop out over the
  10. My folks are from one of the more rural areas in Jamaica, where indoor plumbing wasn’t a thing many people had access to. It was pit toilets and bushes and bathing outside with a washtub for them as kids, so they kind of grew up with public urination as a necessity. I, on the other hand, grew up in the US despite being born in Jamaica (the second story happened in the US by the way), and honestly I think I already started connecting peeing with a “weird feeling” really young, so I didn’t feel comfortable doing it around other people. I did pee with one of my cousins one time down in Jamai
  11. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8AeBjdj/ As a tangent, I just want to acknowledge the mutually assured destruction of sharing TikTok links on a fetish site. Because y’all will get my username from clicking the link, and then I get notified when someone with an account watches the video I shared.
  12. I remember when I was in the single digits one of my parents would bring me to the bathroom a few times, or standing near me when they led me to pee outside (usually in the rural areas of Jamaica). Once at my great grandmother’s house the plumbing wasn’t working, and I’d been holding for hours, too shy to say anything, until my mother realized what was going on and basically carried me to the backyard and told me to pee on a fence post. I was desperate past shyness at this point, and I swear I peed several yards through the fence into the neighbor’s property (it was a wire fence). Later,
  13. This is funny, but it is also very informative. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8kQrmaM/
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