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  1. I’ve been through something similar a few times, where I’ve been around visibly desperate people and felt little to no arousal. It actually isn’t that hard to explain: the lack of consent makes you uncomfortable. Which is good, in the “this is how a decent human being should think” sort of way.
  2. I know, I know, b careful what you see advertised on the Internet, it I did happen to see this while scrolling TikTok a few hours ago https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR5nB6Rv/
  3. I’m from the Bronx, and at least three times in the past year I’ve witnessed a man peeing on the sidewalk/street in broad daylight with only minimal attempt at hiding. Also on at least two occasions I’ve been walking in Manhattan and someone– again, a man or at least someone with a penis if we want to be inclusive– literally step between two cars to pee into the street. New Yorkers are unfazed by a lot, but I never had the courage to do something like that. I can also tell you that public urination is more of a norm in Jamaica, especially in more rural areas. Aside from some building
  4. I always find it weird when scenes in otherwise non-fetish stories seem to be catering to them. It takes me out of the moment and makes me wonder if I am, in fact, reading about the author’s fetish. Which, after all the feet stuff in Schneider’s Nickelodeon Sitcoms, rubs me all the wrong way. So if I ever end up including anything related to peeing in my stories, I definitely wouldn’t make the scenes too descriptive. But that’s me, personally. Do what you want but understand that if I clock you, I’m silently judging you to myself and nobody else.
  5. Sorry I just saw this lol There was actually little risk of being seen, between having adequate cover and the streets being deserted. But I’ve recently been finding it fun to pee outside, while when I was younger it would just make me anxious.
  6. I set my alarm for 5:40 to catch the 6:00 bus to get to work for 6:45. This used to be early enough that I had the privacy to pee in the street as I waited for the bus, but there’s been an uptick in joggers that early. This morning was my day off, though, and it so happened that my body decided to wake up before 5. Not the first time, not going to be the last, but if I had to go to work, I’d have simply closed my eyes and pondered the universe until my alarm went off, or maybe gone online so my brain started to wake up. This time, I went for a walk to clear my head. And my bladder.
  7. Aagh! Just saying that reminded me that someone DID already write a(n unofficial) rule set for sex in D&D— the Book of Erotic Fantasy. You can find it with a quick Google, though it’s for an older edition.
  8. The number of women who are responding that they’re being called out… makes you wonder if the foot fetish is actually the most common fetish, and not just the most common fetish people will admit to. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR6gWYFR/?k=1
  9. If you’re curious, M&M uses 8 stats Strength— Obvious, used to calculate melee damage Dexterity— Fine Motor Control, Hand-Eye Coordination, used to calculate hit rate of ranged attacks Agility— Speed, Gross Motor Control, used for dodging ranged and area attacks Stamina— Constitution in everything but name Fighting— Battle IQ, used both to attack in Melee and deflect incoming melee attacks Intellect— Intelligence Awareness— Wisdom in everything but name Presence— Charisma, force of personality. Note: actually being attractive is something akin to a
  10. I mean Dexterity mixes fine motor control with hand-eye coordination, AND the ability to parkour, so I think that’s beat out (that’s why I kind of prefer Mutants and Masterminds with it’s 8-Stat system. But that’s a whole other animal)
  11. Ever since I started working an earlier shift, I’ve been purposely avoiding my morning pee to see if I get lucky enough that I can let it out in the street near the bus stop. Doesn’t usually pan out the way I want though— sometimes there’s not enough coverage from view, sometimes there’s too much foot traffic, sometimes a school bus would be parked nearby, the other day there were entire news crews within lie of sight— more often than not I find myself rushing to the bathroom when I get to work, but valiant efforts were definitely made.
  12. I usually aim next to things rather than on them for splash prevention purposes. I even tend to turn to the side of walls rather than aim straight at them.
  13. B is the only orientation that makes sense from an ergonomics perspective. A is acceptable only if you have a cat. No I am not arguing this point, neither will I accept any constructive criticism.
  14. Did it this morning. I have an earlier shift at work now, so I end up going for the bust before 6 in the morning. Streets tend to be empty on weekends, so without taking my morning pee I left earlier than I had to to get to the bus stop, then let loose into the street, hidden by the closest available minivan. As an added bonus, it had rained last night and the asphalt was still wet, so any evidence was already hidden.
  15. I feel like for it to not be completely taboo, there would have to be some loosening of the existing nudity taboo as well— otherwise most people would still think to hide when they go so others don’t see whatever bits they may or may not be packing. In such case, there would still be some element of naughty to it. That being said, my interest in peeing mostly comes from my own pee shyness when I was younger— it was still a taboo in my own mind, whether I was somewhere “appropriate” or not, so I might still be the way I am, just… less so.
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