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  1. After your kind feedback I somewhat continued the story today. Its a different story, with a different main character, but connected to part 5 and 6 of this series.
  2. This story is loosely connected to Part 5 of a series of stories I have written under the title Jonathan's fortunate occasions. It is not necessary to know those stories. Contains female naughty peeing. The whole job had been a stupid idea in the first place! Fiona was angry at her mother, who had suggested she would take on a job at the fair as long as it lastet. "Just one week of work with no further obligations." mom had said. And now Fiona was sitting in the hot, wooden ticket booth of this fair for five hours already, but the line of people didn't got any shorter. Fiona
  3. Contains female desperation, public peeing and male peeing. Oh, how she hated trains. She knew something like this would happen from the moment she had booked her ticket. Claire was sitting on one of the precious seats in the awfully full train that promised to bring her to her destination in two and a half hours, alas she was sitting there for three hours already and had barely made half of the way. It was way to warm for the long, skinny jeans she was wearing and the loose, white T-shirt she had tucked inside of her trousers did already show signs of sweat under her arms. But swe
  4. This one is a little bit shorter, but I hope you all ejoy it. Let me know!
  5. This is part six of a series. The main character is a young man called Jonathan. You can read the previous parts here: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Contains female and male naughty peeing. I rang the doorbell at Cece's house. It was hot outside, the summer had begun. Cece had invited some friends over for hanging around in her garden and eating pizza, because her parents were away over the weekend. When the door didn't open after a while, I feared I had gotten the wrong date or the whole invitation had been some kind of hoax. But before I could overthink anything I heard Cece's vo
  6. This is part 5, and it is a direct continuation of part 4. You can read the previous parts here: [1] [2] [3] [4] Contains desperation, naughty female peeing as well as male peeing. The fair was big and buisy, it was full of laughing people who enjoined it as an escape from there monotonous lives. Also there was some drinking ongoing. We arrived with the bus: I (Jonathan), Anna, an attractive, black haired girl wearing a tight black skirt and a white blouse, whom I have helped peeing on two occasions, and her best friend Cece who was absolutely gorgeous. Her curly brown hair was
  7. @Lutab so let's see if you can predict this one too, because I don't even know what's going to happen yet 🤣
  8. This is part of two of the story. If you want to get to know the characters, read part one first. Contains females peeing in naughty places and Seinfeld references. My second day in college, the day after we had partied until way to late, I didn't do anything useful at all. When I woke up around noon I had missed the campus tour. But I lost little to no thought on college matters, my mind was occupied by the events of the past evening. More then once I recalled the image Aisha squatting in the alley, her gorgeous body illuminated by the gentle moonlight. In my head I could see her cr
  9. Are you a Mentalist? Because I just finished writing part two and this is exactly what is going to happen. And I swear, I had not planned it in the beginning! The whole room change was originally intended to show how fate is favoring the opposite. But I'll guess soaking the room will show some kind of fortunate fate too....
  10. This fictional story contains female desperation and peeing in public. The story has quite a long introduction before anything pee related happens. If I'm going to make this into a series it would benefit from the groundwork in this paragraphs, I think. Please comment if you would like me to continue. Have you watched Seinfeld? Well, I have, and I've learned many great things from the show. For example, that the second button makes or breaks the shirt. But let's start this story at the beginning. My name is Caitlin - but you can call my Kate, if you want to. I'm 22 years and
  11. I plan to let the next part play out on the fair. Any feedback is appreciated. What are your thoughts about the series so far? I hope it isn't to obvious English is only my second language😄
  12. This is part 4 of a series. You can find the other parts here: [1] [2] [3] Contains naughty female peeing. The main character is a boy called Jonathan who is in his last year in highschool. He is very fortunate and gets in arousing situations very often. About two weaks after the last occasion I wrote about, there was a fair in our neighboring town, and Anna had asked if I wanted to go. Her best friend, Cece, was also going. While Anna was a very attractive young woman, Cece was the hottest girl in class by far and so I had no problem with us going as a group of three.
  13. This is the third part of a series. You can find part one here and part two here. Contains female peeing as well as some male peeing. No wetting, holding or vandalism this time. In my last year of highschool our biology teacher decided it would be a fun addition to her class to make all students pair up for a photo project of the local flora. While I didn't oppose the idea in general, I thought it was a great injustice of her to pair us up in random groups of two instead of letting us choose our partners on our own. That I was mistaken, and the random pairing brought me in som
  14. This is part two of Jonathan's story. You can find part one here: https://peefans.com/topic/22368-jonathans-fortunate-occasions-1/ The last occasion I had told you about - the one were Anna and I had peed in a storage room in the school basement - was not the last pee-incident I shared with her. Afrerwards we talked from time to time, but didn't became particular close friends, maybe even because it reminded her of the embarrassing situation each time she saw me. One day during break she came up to me while I was reading in the school's library and asked me if I could help her out, the
  15. Well, the unit calculator seems to have betrayed me at that point😅
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