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  1. Shockingly, the pirated porn website that deals exclusively in cryptocurrencies is not run by the most scrupulous people. I'll admit to subscribing, but I kept only purchasing six month blocks because I figured the proverbial music was eventually going to stop. Anyways, fuck them. Maybe all their customers come back because everybody's a porn addict but I hope not.
  2. Definitely accepted. She knew what she was doing. Appreciate the positive feedback. No more Rebecca stories for now although I can tell you that she was recently at an outdoor school district track and field event and she definitely wasn't waiting to use the toilets there when she needed to pee.
  3. Seems like at least half the stories on Literotica feature incest. No idea why.
  4. lol, you found my first published story and the only one I put on Literotica. The same story is also posted here under a slightly different title: Paris EDM Festival
  5. I've posted quite a few fictional stories here now and I have quite a few thoughts on this topic: "Realistic" stories don't need to be plausible but they do need to be conceivable. Most of my stories would be pretty unlikely to take place in real life but they definitely could happen. I think fictional stories work best when told from the perspective of someone who is sexually interested in what is going on and who acts as a proxy for the reader. I'm a straight male, my stories are written with a straight male audience in mind, and almost all my stories have a straight male protago
  6. After months of writer's block, half finished stories, and general frustration, I've finally got a new short story to share. It's pretty similar to stuff I've already posted here but I hope you enjoy regardless. This story contains female outdoor urination and is told from a man's point of view. ... This story takes place at the beginning of January this past year when I was teaching senior year math at a Seattle high school. After a long period of characteristically rainy and mild Pacific Northwest winter weather, King County had finally been hit by substantial snowfall and the
  7. Speaking as a North American guy, I have written a fair number of fictional stories here now and have pretty much invariably used "cunt". I don't particularly like the word and I don't use it with the intention of demeaning women but I absolutely hate most of the alternatives. "Vagina" is technically wrong, "vulva" isn't a lot better ("piss jets out from her vulva" reads weird), and I feel that "pussy" is too much of a porn word and generally sounds quite objectifying. Other than that, I dislike euphemisms in principle and most sexual ones sound silly to me. I have used "slit" on occasion but
  8. It's a fictional story lol. Do you want me to write something extra about that?
  9. I generally haven't been big into writing multi-part stories but I intend to write at least one follow-up to this one. This story features female urination. *** This story takes place a few years back when I was working as a camp leader at a small summer camp located on one of the San Juan islands in Puget Sound. I had picked up the job after coming across an employment ad posted onto a bulletin board in my university’s student union and figuring that I could handle managing some twelve-to-fourteen-year-olds for a couple of months. Being a camp leader didn’t pay a whole lot of money
  10. Hey, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to provide an English translation of a short audio clip (~2 minutes and just a few lines). Clip is Danish and features a woman urinating at a street festival. My preference would be to email the file. If anyone would be willing to do this for me, I would really appreciate it.
  11. Commenting on an older thread, but whatever. One of my favourite videos ever has this scene where some college-aged Spanish girl is caught peeing inside what looks like the lobby of an apartment building. You can't really see all that much but I'm sure from the way the girl is squatting that she's managing to get piss not only all over the lobby floor but also onto the walls and such. Anyways, I really love how the girl obviously considers her own privacy to be more important than going pretty much anywhere else and avoiding causing a substantial mess. Like you mentioned, the selfishness is a
  12. Short story that I wrote in about two hours. *** This story takes place while I was on a business trip to Los Angeles for a mid-size American bank just a few weeks back. My colleague Hailey and I were attending a human resources conference in the city and had just gone over to pick up a car from one of the rental places just outside of LAX airport. Hailey doesn’t drive and had asked me if I would be willing to ferry her out to the hotel in Riverside that we were supposed to stay at. Said something about avoiding the hassle of getting a hundred-dollar-plus cab fare comped by our compa
  13. This story was originally set in a Christmas tree lot and I changed it around to take place in a Halloween pumpkin patch after I had a hard time getting that idea to work the way I wanted it to. Anyways, enjoy and please check out my profile for more stories. *** This story takes place a few years back during my time as a teacher at a public elementary school. The school I was working at had a longstanding tradition of taking its students out on a trip to a local pumpkin patch a couple of days before Halloween. The kids would each pick out a pumpkin and take it back to the school to
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