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  1. I was actually considering writing about this a few days ago and I absolutely agree with you. Not totally sure what's going on but it's been noted that quite a few pee-related sites have closed over the past few years. I also feel that there's less activity on the remaining sites than there was maybe ten years ago. As a person who mostly enjoys reading and writing stories, the fiction section on this site has seemed noticeably less active over the past year or so than it has been previously. I think the internet overall and payment processing companies have both become more restricted ove
  2. I'm having a rather boring weekend so I managed to crank out my second story in two weeks in just a few hours (please also read High School Teacher Needs To Piss During Field Trip). This is definitely not my best writing (I feel like I say that a lot) but it's still nice to get something done. This is also yet another attractive-female-coworker-needs-to-piss story and is quite similar to this story I wrote previously. I do imagine a few readers of my stories may be starting to realize that all my stories are pretty much just variations on the exact same story, but it's what I enjoy writing and
  3. I originally posted this in Brutus's Fictional Experiences thread as for some reason I thought he was looking for people to add on to that thread (he may still be - I'm not sure). I kinda realized this should actually be posted as its own thread instead - it's definitely long enough. Contains female outdoor peeing, as is pretty much always the case with my stories. *** Several years ago, when I was still in high school, I went on a field trip to the see the old growth forest around Cypress Bowl at the base of the North Shore Mountains beyond Vancouver. My science class was doing
  4. Would like the time restriction on editing posts to be removed. I think you only get around 72hrs currently. Basically I want to go back and fix some typos in my stories.
  5. Not really planned, no. I can tell you that Madison definitely needed to go but also had a bit of a crush on her coworker and didn't really mind letting him see. Absolutely. It definitely wasn't Madison's first time squatting and taking a much-needed piss while at work, although it was the first time she (intentionally) let someone else see her doing so.
  6. I'm not quite sure if I'm right, but I really strongly feel there's less content out there than there was maybe ten years ago overall. Not totally sure what's causing it, but I think the internet has generally become more controlled and consequently it's harder to find and access content like this. That plus many of the major hosting websites cracked down on unverified videos and stuff a couple of years ago. Forums of all types are also less popular than they used to be. The pandemic may also be a factor. It's weird. People are I think pretty much into the same things they've always been
  7. Wrote this pretty quickly so not my best writing but I guess it's porn not great literature. Contains female peeing outdoors. *** This story took place at work about a week ago. I’d recently been scheduled out of the evening shifts at the port and had the fortune of being partnered up with Madison for at least a few weeks. Madison is in her late twenties, my age or maybe slightly younger, maybe a bit corporate and definitely a bit of a ladder-climber, although still quite modest and certainly not any kind of ass-kisser. She is also strikingly attractive, with reddish shoulder-length
  8. Thanks. As probably some of you have noticed, I never did write a second part of this story (although I have written several new stories since). I had some ideas at the time I was writing this story and there was definitely a plan for a follow-up, but for one reason or another I never actually did the writing. It may happen one day still. I can tell you Katherine definitely wasn't the only camp leader who had to take an emergency piss that summer.
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm not going to elaborate much on her reaction but I can tell you that she definitely wasn't able to stop pissing immediately.
  10. Two very short Christmas stories containing female outdoor urination. Story #1 - Santa's Helper Needs To Go Well over four hours pass before Sophia finally gets a break from her job at the local Christmas market. Dressed in a corny elf costume, she has been busy photographing kids meeting with Santa Claus and selling the pictures to their parents. Having also drank several cups of hot chocolate in a futile attempt to stay warm on the cool winter night, she is also utterly desperate for a piss. Not willing to wait in the long lines to use the market’s limited number of portable
  11. I was unfamiliar with this old site and enjoyed a fair bit of the content on it. For whatever reason I find it slightly amazing that people writing almost thirty years ago had some of the same exact sexual idiosyncrasies that I do today. I remember having a similar experience reading bits of My Secret Life from the much more remote 1880s. Also, some actually quite funny stories on that site. Thanks for bringing to my attention. As an aside, I can't help but note how much of the content both on that old site and on this site seems to be UK-centric. It's not a complaint but I'm surprised ho
  12. Appreciate the positive feedback as always. I often find coming up with the scenarios for these stories quite challenging which is I guess why I post them so infrequently. The writing is usually pretty easy.
  13. Not fine literature by any means but I wanted to get a story done and this is what I came up with. Like pretty much all my stories, this one contains female outdoor urination and is told from a man's point of view *** This story takes place just a couple of months ago. I was working for a large-ish American real estate company and had been sent out to a local townhouse construction project to do some appraisal work. Long story short, the goal was to figure out the approximate value of a partially constructed row of buildings so that my company could reassess insurance costs. Excrucia
  14. Shockingly, the pirated porn website that deals exclusively in cryptocurrencies is not run by the most scrupulous people. I'll admit to subscribing, but I kept only purchasing six month blocks because I figured the proverbial music was eventually going to stop. Anyways, fuck them. Maybe all their customers come back because everybody's a porn addict but I hope not.
  15. Definitely accepted. She knew what she was doing. Appreciate the positive feedback. No more Rebecca stories for now although I can tell you that she was recently at an outdoor school district track and field event and she definitely wasn't waiting to use the toilets there when she needed to pee.
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