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  1. Love this, what sets this apart from a lot of similar stories I've read is that it would end with some form of sexual act or implied sexual tension. But the fact that this was more just a bit of fun makes it even hotter in my opinion.
  2. Here are a few I managed to snap from a night at the pub out the other night. I thought I'd share the story to provide a little context to each of the pictures. last weekend I had arranged to meet a group of friends (3 guys, 3 girls) for a few drinks at our favorite bar in the town centre where I live. This was around 8pm so it was already dark over here in the UK by the time I left. As I headed into town I crossed the bridge over the river that separates the inner and outer parts of town. There is a very upmarket bar just over that bridge which is notorious for only having one
  3. Waiting on part 2, can't wait to see what happens
  4. There were no woods to run into, just a row of hedges with no gaps. So they must have been pretty desperate to pull in where I was waiting. The first was 2 ladies who both took it in turns and used the tried and tested method of their car doors to hide them, it was an SUV though so the low squatting position they took left their bottoms exposed. The third one used the same trick but faced outwards from her car (a saloon car) and squatted in the whilst the guy she was with waited in the drivers seat so didn't see as much there, just the top of her head.
  5. In my experience I'd say yes, my car broke down on a dual carriageway in Cornwall a few years back. In the roughly 45 minutes I was waiting for the mechanic to come out, no fewer than 3 ladies pulled into the same lay-by I'd pulled up in for a quick pee
  6. Wow, small world. Would have given you credit, but it was ages ago when I found it and Literotica's search system isn't great, so I ended up copying it into a drop box ages ago for further reference. Anyways, kudos to you, good writing there.
  7. A story about 2 girls peeing at an outdoor music festival in Paris This story takes place a few months after the US Army posted me to Paris. I was working at something called the Office of Defence Cooperation, which is basically the US military's portion of the American embassy in France, and I had just started dating this American girl named Emily. A civilian at the embassy whom I'm friends with had set me up with her -- said she was like her third cousin or stepcousin or something; I can't remember exactly. First date was a movie and then dinner at some cheap-as-dirt Persian place.
  8. If everyone here would allow me to oblige I'd copy/paste one I found a while back and saved to my desktop for further reference. It's not quite in the same style as the ones posted here already but still pretty good.
  9. I haven't visited since the early part of the year, have they locked more stuff behind premium membership now?
  10. Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time making an account, naff at introductions so I'll just tell you a bit about myself. All in all my kink is pretty basic really, just desperation and peeing in naughty places. Looking forward to interacting more with the community and chatting with like-minded people
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