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  1. I realize this is a very old topic, and that there was probably some elaboration in other threads, but I might have missed it. Would someone mind linking it, if so? Wetman's story here is one of my favorites.
  2. I've emailed the guy before. He goes by Martin, and he states that he has no voice in the decision-making. Even so, I'll bet if people kept talking to him, he'd mention it to those in charge. [email protected]
  3. *Two years later* Had a question for ya, vpw. You told a story of how your aunt had peed, then called you in to fetch a wash bucket for her (and proceeded to show her private parts to you). But then after you got the mug, she peed a second time. Was she partway done and holding it, or was that at a later time? I feel like I missed a step.
  4. I'm looking back at these and going through favorites. Credit where credit's due: excellent descriptiveness. I appreciate you sharing, and if you haven't already brought up the "other occasions," please do share if you're still up for it.
  5. Oh, so that's what it looks like. Neat, thanks. Anyway, I guess I'm a little surprised that this kind of tech exists, and yet isn't deployed more often. Is it super expensive, or are they not counting on people having VR goggles at home or something?
  6. A little. It sounds like my hamster ball analogy was off, though.
  7. The potential of technology never ceases to amaze me. There was a concept in the older Star Trek series of "holo suites," in which you could walk through and interact with virtual reality programs. We're already getting there with video games, but it really hit me when I saw this store on Clips4sale. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/109616/vr-porn-perv/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/ClipDate-desc/Limit0/search/PEE These folks thought to use a VR 360 camera to crystallize a few minutes in time. With the right equipment (VR headset?), you can put yourself into that camera and take full control of where you want to look (I think; I'm not positive). I know that you still can't move independently, and though you could look anywhere you wanted, there'd be no real reason to look elsewhere than the giantess peeing on you, right? Even so, think of what you could do with something like this. It's like if you were a genetically enhanced hamster-in-a-ball with human intelligence . . . and a pee fetish. If you could be carried anywhere, shown any peeing scene, what would it be? See, that's the kind of question these VR producers can, and probably are, asking themselves. Now, again, I might be speculating entirely too much, here. What I'd like to do with this thread is get some clarity on what all these VR cameras do, what they theoretically could do, and how they might be used to get us pee fans feeling more "in the moment" than with a camera that only faces us one way.
  8. I'm still mourning over Peeindetail. It was this year that they went. I don't suppose there's anyone here who would stand with me and beg them to revive that project, is there?
  9. I didn't put much thought into this, but PeeInDetail.com was a young website that (shouldn't have) failed after a year. A consistent favorite of mine from there was a woman named Valerie Jánska. The picture below should demonstrate why. This site had a rear view camera, and Valerie peed hard enough to potentially crack the lens. And look at her face- that's raw relief in its purest form. I think she's still on LoveWetting, but PeeInDetail's where I remember her most fondly.
  10. lugia


    Just saw this a week later. At best, they may turn what's there into pay per view, but they're pretty much done. It really bums me out, because PeeInDetail was my favorite pee project of any ever conceived on the Internet. If you ever see any other producer use their method, LPee, please let me know. That's something I will put my money behind to support.
  11. lugia


    Is PissRip a commercial to help pay for the board, or an associate of Peefans? Either way, I expected someone to bring it up by now. Maybe they did, and I'm just late to the news. Anyway, I both like and dislike it. On the one hand, it gives me access to pee videos that I thought had been lost, and/or just never got to see before now. On the other hand, it allows pretty much anybody to watch pee videos for free rather than pay the content providers, basically destroying their incentive to capitalize and continue. This is partly what killed PeeInDetail, no doubt, and it makes me angry. Also, if you click the screen, every few seconds a new pop-up window emerges, and I find them annoying and potentially dangerous. Is PissRip supposed to be a hush-hush sort of thing, which everyone knows about but nobody talks about? It seems like a place that, if the pee content producers ever located the uploaders, would sue the hell out of them or hire people to make them disappear. What's the deal?
  12. Wish I was the photographer.
  13. Fair enough; I've taken your commentary into consideration. Right now, it's all I have to go off, so if nobody else replies, I'll have to assume it's a mutual feeling among the general community. I know other people are reading this.
  14. I keep having to sit through commercials of it, and they won't shut up about it in the non-video ads. I'm sure you know the one. Are they really that big of a screaming deal? I'd pay far more attention if there was peeing involved, but let me ask this: does anyone know where to find game footage beyond just commercials? I don't care to play, I'm just morbidly curious to see what all the fuss is about.
  15. We have a "Pee Websites" forum. We have an "Interviews" forum. We have at least five other forums discussing what we like, and what we want. Should we be actively inviting content producers to this community for discussions and direct feedback? Sometimes I feel like a scavenger crow, searching and gathering what filmmakers and photographers have already produced that coincidentally happens to be what I like. It could be so much easier, I think, with more open lines of communication. Nearly all the producers on Clips4Sale, for instance, provide emails that we can contact them with, and EroProfile allows for open communication with those who share free content as a hobby. I wonder: if they knew we existed, would it make a positive impact? Is there a reason Dixie Comet was the last semi-celebrity we saw here in nearly a year? Is it the nature of pee video producers to keep to themselves? Do we mainly keep to ourselves because major content providers would get upset at some of the links we've been reposting? I'm just curious about why we haven't thus far bridged the gap. On a related note, Peeindetail recently went out of business because not enough people were supporting their content. I vouched for them back in January, but imagine if one of their guys had set up a thread in the Interview forum. The folks who'd contributed (at this point) 34,840 views to Will64's "Woman's bare bottoms" thread would've probably been ecstatic to see the unprecedented amount of rear view footage. The entire crowd of the "Fictional Pee Stories" forum would've cheered at the prospect of pee clips with visual storytelling art. Anyone at all who appreciates close-ups would be over the moon at the use of the under-cam. In short: they would have made themselves known, and we could've made our desires known to them. We lost out on something truly unique and special, and even now, I wonder if they would reboot if they saw that this community supported them. But we'd have to, y'know, reach out. And I'm testing the waters to see how we all feel about that.

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