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  1. The first pee pics I found online were scans from Color Climax in the 90's. Still got them! Actually, I had to get them again since I unfortunately lost and deleted my collection several times prior to 2008. I also remember my friends and I buying porn magazines from the local mini mart when I was around 13. The guy who ran it did not care. I would always go for a Penthouse or Hustler because they were on a run where they had a peeing pic in many issues back then.
  2. I think it's found a home on many mainstream sites.
  3. I think it comes down to a money thing for the most part. Sites are much more expensive to run now, traffic is harder to get, and the online activities competing with surfers for their time and attention are more and better than ever. Plus you've got the big tubes in the mix. Censorship is less of a factor, but it still comes in to play. Back in the early days, you had a number of sites based out of Russia and some out of China. Both of those countries and others have banned the production and distribution of porn, so we are missing out on sites from those regions. On the plus side,
  4. I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I've spent over the years on collecting pee fetish porn. The setup I use to store my collection cost around $4,100. -LenovoTS440 server: $500 -Adaptec 8885e SAS adapter: $300 -8-bay Mediasonic ProBox enclosure x 2: $300 each -APC UPS: $200 -hard drives (>100 TB storage): around $2,500 I've spent a whole lot more than that on the content that it stores.
  5. Hope PeeInDetail will come back in some form or another. Fingers crossed!
  6. I am glad that you remember Athens Girls too. It was a great site with beautiful girls from Greece as well as European and American porn stars peeing. I joined it twice. The first time was around 2008. At that point, I was just starting to re-build my collection, and they were one of the first sites I wanted to check out. I saved a bunch of favorite photos and videos that I still go back to. The second time was last year. I was checking out a porn webmaster forum, and I saw a post that Sweet Entertainment Group, the company that ran Athens Girls and a bunch of other sites, was going
  7. I like to support the people who produce porn, so I pay for it. If you think about it, it's insanely cheap. For less than the price of a dinner out and drinks for two, you can get a month's membership at a site where you can see hundreds of models peeing for the camera. We are incredibly lucky to live in this day and age. Always happy to support the people who make pee content. I've joined over 300 sites, and downloaded all their pee content, so it's too many to list. I reviewed some of them at pornusers.com. Latest new pee site that came to my attention is peeindetail.com. Looks gre
  8. I have archived all of the eroshare.com videos from all users in the r/peegonewild subreddit. The r/wetfetish subreddit has also been archived. This ripper was released two days ago with the newly added capability to automatically download an eroshare.com user's entire library. Hope this helps. https://github.com/4pr0n/ripme/releases/tag/1.4.20
  9. I have every video from glimpse-it.com, down to the last one ever posted before they closed. I can't really post them, because I would not do that to the guy who owns them. We are in touch regarding some other content. Rest assured though, they are safe and backed up, and will not be lost.
  10. I think my top picks for this year would be Sinna and Faye Taylor. We all know Sinna, since she posts here. Faye is now producing content for her own site mydiaperdiary.com. She also opened up a couple clip stores after leaving Skymouse.
  11. Many favorite pee models have retired over the years. Who do you think are the top models who are actively producing content this year? I have a few to suggest, but I am curious to see what you all think, then I will share mine.
  12. ^ Looks like she took off her panties to pee, but forgot to lift the toilet lid!
  13. I talked with her, she has retired. It seems she wants to make a clean break from the past. Her last post is ironic, but there is often a bit of irony when a performer retires without warning. One day, they are engaged with their fans, then the next day, they are gone. You have to believe that when she made that last post, she was still invested in continuing. By the time she decided to retire, her perspective must have abruptly changed so much that warning fans would be counterproductive to her. Her new priority was to remove her content as quickly and thoroughly as possible. No one
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