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  1. If I can make a suggestion, I believe it may help people donate if there's a sort of way to see how many donations are needed to cover costs for the month and how much has been donated. It's a handy little thing I see on a few other sites, and it always seems to make people understand the situation of the site.
  2. I think I may have first joined or began lurking in 2014. because I remember that layout. Not only have I forgotten my old pass, but also my old username. I'm not sure which I enjoy more. I tend to prefer sites that have a more muted, darker colour scheme. I remember feeling a bit sad when ownership of the site was transferred.
  3. ForgotPass

    Eroshare is shutting down!

    What a shame! We should back up as much as we can. Here are some clips I've already started with. https://v.eroshare.com/7gg0awd2.mp4 https://v.eroshare.com/5vv040p2.mp4
  4. ForgotPass

    Pee porn on deep web?

    It's not worth it at all. Not only is it extremely slow, but you also have the problem that with all of the legal porn you can find is already on some major porn site out in the mainstream web, and that you're usually always one step away from stumbling upon someone's illegal collection. If you wish to view .onion domains just out of sheer curiosity, don't bother. Most publicly known .onion domains have since been seized for harbouring some kind of illegal content, or been closed down out of fear of the former. It's not worth the drama. You'll find much more interesting things on the plain old normal, indexed by Google internet, with only a fraction of the risk of following a link to truly sick things.
  5. Glad everything's back to normal. Even gladder that the founder is back.
  6. ForgotPass

    How many guys here self pee?

    Did it once, but I didn't wash it off properly and I got a horrible rash on some parts of my chest and groin. Never again, thank you very much.
  7. ForgotPass

    Pee Video Drought?

    I've noticed that on websites I visit, there seems to be significantly less pee videos being posted. Most of the uploads are just reposts of ancient content. I'm wondering if anyone else is noticing this, or if I'm just starting to view things a bit too much and I'm exhausting the supply, so to speak.
  8. ForgotPass

    Skype Pee or even Omegle

    This really isn't a good way to go about things. It's not a hookup site, so most people are probably going to think "oh, jeez, not another one of those people" and ignore you.
  9. ForgotPass

    Leaky_One's stories

    I hate to bump an inactive thread, but whatever happened to Leaky_One? They were there, then they just sort of fell off of the planet.
  10. Steve gave his two-cents in a pretty constructive and even polite way. He never personally attacked the author and only said that the context of cruelty in the writing seemed disturbing to him. I honestly can't see what's wrong with this, only that he could have phrased it slightly less harshly.
  11. ForgotPass

    Golden hair wash

    I'm not sure pee is a good thing for hair. The only time I managed to get piss in my hair, I woke to a ball of knots and a slightly burning scalp.
  12. ForgotPass

    Pee Movie List

    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Wikia reserve the right to remove content it deems to be for erotic purposes? That might not be the best site to do it on, if so.
  13. Almost twenty years on, and I'm still playing Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. Other than them, I don't really have things I'd call my "favourite", since I like so many. Postal 2's probably up there, too. Not for that, just because I like the amount of freedom you get.
  14. ForgotPass

    My thoughts on pee chat with the female members

    I've always wondered how much harassment women on erotic sites get, and I never really understood how bad it can be until I went on Eroprofile and ended up accidentally signing up as a woman (in my defence, I was very tired at the time). Within two days, I had numerous people showing me their dicks, had a guy ask me if I liked "animal porns" and numerous others ask similar things, and even had someone say they wanted to "cut me up" and drink my blood. I was fucking shocked. I gathered I'd be getting some people acting a bit odd, since the internet is a mostly anonymous place, but not like that. I'm glad that kind of crap will be dealt with here. It creeped me out pretty hard, so I can only imagine how disturbing it must be for people who have videos and pictures of themselves on their accounts. I'm not sure if this is the thread to say it, but I'm hoping it'll show people how bad things can get if left unmoderated.