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    I’m married with a fetish for all things piss related and unfortunately my husband isn’t interested (and doesn’t know the full extent ;) ) I love risky public pissing/wetting (planned or unplanned), piss vandalism, and pretty much everything else related to piss!

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  1. Hi! Long time lurker of this site, finally decided to make an account! I love everything piss related either watching or doing! My favorite things to watch are men/women pissing in very naughty public places (a rack of clothes in a store, strangers belongings, produce etc), desperate piss accidents/wettings in public and private, and general pissing everywhere but the toilet. My favorite things to do are- hold my piss in staying constantly desperate and leaking in my pants but never emptying my bladder, pissing all over public restrooms and hotel rooms, and masturbate/edge for hou
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