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    Closed Shops and Alleys

    “See, I wish we could go out like this more! I’ve missed this,“ Izzy said, smiling as she took Clary’s hand. It was late, they had spent a few hours getting food and drinking, finally enjoying a date for the first time in what felt like forever. “I know, I’ve missed this too. Missed getting to spend time with you,“ Clary said honestly, resting her head on Izzy’s shoulder for a moment before they kept walking. They were quite a bit away from their apartment, just enjoying the night air and the fact that there wasn’t as many people around as usual. It was nice. That was, until Clary felt a nagging on her bladder. She should’ve known this would happen, after several glasses of water at dinner before a few alcoholic drinks at the clubs and more water she knew she should’ve went to the bathroom before they started walking. But really, it had been the last thing on her mind. It started to catch up on her all at once, alcohol always made her have to pee more than usual. But she had to hold it, they’d be home eventually. And she hated public restrooms. “It’s a nice night, right?“ Izzy asked, looking around. “I could walk around like this for hours,“ she said, smiling. “Me too,“ Clary said, swallowing thickly. She should just tell Izzy she has to go, hopefully they could find a shop to go in to, but she still felt nervous about talking about these kinds of things with Izzy. Even though she had seen Izzy go a few times, she had no issues with coming into the bathroom while Clary was taking a shower or doing her makeup and using the toilet, even if it made Clary a little embarrassed to see. Though part of her didn’t mind, it was kind of cute. Watching her. Then there was the time Clary peed in the bath with Izzy in there. She had been so embarrassed about losing control, but part of her felt a tingle whenever she thought about it. She had gotten away with it, Izzy never brought it up so she was sure she didn’t know. And that made her want to do it again, in a way. Get so desperate and then get away with peeing where she shouldn’t, just like she had that day. “God, I have to piss,“ Izzy said after a little while, catching Clary a little off guard. “I drank way too much,“ she chuckled. “Let’s find somewhere,“ she said, tugging on Clary’s arm. Clary should’ve known Izzy would be the one to speak up first, Izzy had no shame about this kind of thing. And it made Clary feel a little hot, knowing that Izzy was in the same boat as her. Izzy stopped and pressed her legs together tightly, groaning a little. “I really have to pee,“ she said, obviously a little desperate. Clary couldn’t help but wonder how long Izzy had been holding back, but thinking back to the night Izzy hadn’t used the bathroom once. So she had to be as full as Clary if not more. They wandered around for a few minutes, checking every shop they could. They were all closed. “Fuck it,” Izzy said, turning into an alley. Clary cocked an eyebrow, looking around. “What are you doing?” she asked, confused. “I’m going to pee?“ she said like it was obvious. “But we’re-“ Clary started, her eyes growing wide. Izzy leaned back against the brick wall and started to push up her short dress, hopping a little in place just to keep it all together for a little longer. “I know, but I really have to go,“ she said, squatting down and pushing down her panties in one fluid motion. The second she was down Izzy was pissing, hard, against the ground. She groaned, pushing her dress up more around her waist and completely exposing herself as she continued to go. “Fuck that feels amazing,” she said, finally looking over at Clary who was frozen like a deer in headlights. “Oh don’t look so surprised, you’ve seen me pee before,“ she pointed out, still going. “Yeah but... never like this! Always in the toilet!“ she pointed out, her own desperation growing more watching Izzy get her relief. “Well I couldn’t make it to a toilet, so this is the next best thing,“ she pointed out. “What about you? Do you need to go?“ Izzy asked, her hard stream showing no signs of letting up. “You look like you’re about to burst.“ “I’m fine,“ Clary lied, though she crossed her legs slightly to get a little pressure. She really had to go, and it just kept getting worse and worse. Watching the stream shoot out hard and fast from Izzy was making her own body want to do it too, her bladder nagging and the piss starting to make its way down her urethra. “I can’t believe you can pee in an alley like this.“ “What? Just like you can’t believe you could pee in the tub with me in it?“ she asked, her stream finally weakening. “You know about that?“ Clary asked, flushing red. She groaned when she felt herself leak a little bit, reaching between her legs and pressing up against her crotch. “I’m sorry.“ “Don’t be, I don’t care. But babe, you’re either going to have to go now or you’re going to wet yourself,“ Izzy pointed out, shaking off a little before standing back up and fixing her clothes. “Just go. Plus this is one of the best ways to get over your bladdershyness!“ she chuckled, walking over to her. “No one will see,“ she promised. Clary shook her head but felt her hand get a little wet from where she leaked again and she sighed, walking over to where Izzy just went. She left a huge puddle, Clary was impressed, and she decided it wouldn’t hurt to add to it. “Don’t think less of me for this,” she said, looking over at Izzy. “Come on, I just did the same thing. Just go.“ Clary sighed and bounced for a moment, just trying to make sure she wouldn’t leak again before she was ready. She pushed down her jeans and her panties, leaning back against the wall and squatting. It took a moment, not being as open about these kinds of things as Izzy is made it harder for her to start going. She closed her eyes and after a moment, she heard a soft pitter patter on the ground. She looked down and watched as her stream started to grow stronger, quickly turning into one just as hard and fast as Izzy’s was. She heard the splash of the water from where her stream was adding to Izzy’s and she sighed, finally getting some relief. Part of her loved this, peeing in public. It was so freeing, just going wherever she could. She watched her piss as she went, almost fascinated with it going somewhere other than their bathroom at home. “See, you’re a natural,” Izzy chuckled, watching Clary as she went. Clary peed for almost double the time Izzy did, more full than she was. When she finally finished she stayed there for a few more moments, wanting to make sure she was really done. She pulled up her pants and moved away, her legs a little weak from finally being empty. She looked over at where they went and saw that they all but flooded that area, feeling a little proud. “I kind of want to do something like that again,” she admitted, biting her lip. “Oh honey, there’s so much to show you.”
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    Warm Baths

    since y'all seemed to like my other most recent story i thought i'd get this one from my ao3 and post it as well ! i hope you enjoy “Come on, take a bath with me,” Izzy pouted, looking over at Clary. “It’ll be fun. And romantic,“ she pointed out with a smile. “Fine,“ Clary signed, following her into the bathroom. Honestly, she knew she should go to the toilet before they got in, but Izzy instantly took off her top the second they were in the bathroom and started the water, so she felt like she couldn’t bring it up. And she was a bit bladdershy, so she couldn’t be as bold about it as Izzy has been in the past, where she’s busted into the bathroom more than once while Clary was showering and announced that she was going to pee before going. Instead she just tried to focus on her girlfriend’s half naked form as she filled the tub, her large breasts hanging heavily as she bent over. Clary bit her lip, a tingle going through her that wasn’t just because of the nagging in her bladder. She pressed her thighs together slightly, the rush of the water making her all that more desperate for the toilet that was just sitting there, begging to be used. “Perfect!“ Izzy said after a moment, turning off the water and kicking off her shorts. She stood before her, completely naked. “Come on, you can’t get in the bath dressed,“ she chuckled, walking over to Clary and pulling up on her top. She helped Clary get completely naked as well and playfully tweaked one of her nipples, smiling at the moan she got in return. “Get in first, I want to sit between your legs,“ she told her. Clary thought for a moment, not sure how good of an idea that was. If Izzy was in front of her, that would force her legs open. And she was getting more and more desperate as the time went on. “Okay,” she decided, stepping into the water. She shivered, soaking in the hot water was making things so much worse. She thought about the liquid inside of her, hot and waiting to be released. Izzy climbed in after her and settled between Clary’s legs, rubbing his legs slowly where they came around her. Clary tried to focus on her touching her skin and not how her legs were forced open, how she couldn’t push them together to keep everything in. They laid in the bath for a while, trying to relax the best she could given her current issues. Her bladder was heavier than before and she felt the urine inside of her start to make its way down her urethra. She let out a shaky breath, slowly touching her breasts to try to distract herself. It helped a little, her nipples grew hard and she started to get wet and she forgot for a little bit that she had to pee. That was until the water grew colder. It seemed like all at once the water in the tub started getting chilly, and that just shocked her system back into overdrive. She was from a three to an eight almost instantly, at the very least, and there was nothing she wanted to do more than to just jump out and run to the toilet. But she couldn’t. She was still too nervous to go in front of Izzy, she didn’t want her to know how desperate she was. She bit her lip, looking down at her girlfriend’s dark hair and just trying to think about anything else but what was going on. And then she leaked. It wasn’t much, just a teasing little spurt, but she felt it. She felt the water grow warmer for half a second, and she started to panic. She clinched up, praying Izzy didn’t feel it against her back. Though she knew that might be useless, seeing as how her vagina was pretty much pressed against the bare skin of Izzy’s back. She let out another shaky breath, her legs wrapping around Izzy more and just trying to get more pressure against herself with Izzy’s body. She nudged her up just a little bit, reaching down to fondle Izzy’s breasts just to keep her mind off of everything. And even if not, at least to distract Izzy from that leak. That leak, and the next one that followed not that much longer after. Clary tried her hardest to stop it, but it lasted for almost a whole second before she could get it under control and she knew this was the beginning of the end. ‘Fuck fuck fuck,’ she thought to herself, knowing she’d have to do something soon. But she was too far gone now, if she tried to get out the second she stood up she’d start peeing. So she took a deep breath and she tightened her legs around Izzy more, still playing with her breasts to keep her distracted. She started kissing at Izzy’s shoulder as she started to properly let go, peeing slowly against her girlfriend’s lower back. She tried to hold back the best she could so she wouldn’t feel it too much, but it didn’t take too long before it was a proper stream, shooting hard and fast against Izzy’s skin. All Clary could think was please let me be doing enough to distract her, though she knew that was useless. She was pissing hard and fast against her, and even if she couldn’t feel that she would be able to feel how the water was rapidly warming back up to a surprisingly comfortable temperature. Clary stopped kissing her skin enough to look down and she gasped quietly, noticing that the water was even growing a pale yellow from her release. There was no way Izzy didn’t know about what was happening. But it felt too good to finally let it all out, to finally get the relief she had craved. Her own nipples were rock hard and she was almost turned on with how good she felt. After what seemed like forever, she finally felt her stream slow before stopping. She sighed, resting her face against Izzy’s shoulder now they she felt so relaxed and comfortable. Izzy never said a word the whole time, and Clary was actually pretty sure she might’ve gotten away with it. After a little while later, Izzy finally pulled the plug on the tub and let the water start to drain, Clary was still feeling lazy after she finally got to relax, so she watched as Izzy stood up and watched the still faintly yellow water drain away. Izzy got out and started to dry off before going over to the toilet and sitting down, a loud intense stream hitting the water right away. Clary blushed, looking away though she could still see her out of the corner of her eye. “I don’t know how can do that in front of people, I could never,” she said, thinking to what she just did. And for a second, she was almost sure she saw a smirk on Izzy’s face. “Maybe one day you will.“
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    Back Alley Bathroom

    thank you so much ! i hope to write more soon and i'm glad you liked it
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    Back Alley Bathroom

    I've never really posted anything here before that I've written, so here we go! I hope you enjoy. “Here’s your drinks,“ she said, giving the two men a wide smile as she handed over the glasses. “Thanks doll,“ one of them said back and she rolled her eyes, turning back to start cleaning some mugs. Maia was four hours in on a shift at the bar, and honestly had to pee for the past two. After a long day of classes, she had had barely any time to change her clothes let alone use the bathroom before she started her shift. Plus she hadn’t really had to go before she started, so what harm could it do? Apparently, a lot. After a couple hours she started to feel a little pressure but there was nothing she could do then, they were busy and it wasn’t so bad. So she could wait. Right? Two more hours went by and that’s where she found herself now, still behind the bar and still having to pee. It was a Friday night and they were always gaining consumers, she wasn’t getting a moment to think let alone go relieve herself. “It’s fine,” she thought to herself. “Soon things will die down and I’ll get a chance to sneak off to the bathroom.” At least, that’s what she hoped. She kept having to pour drinks, kept having to watch liquid steadily stream from the bottle or the tap into the glass. And it was killing her. It didn’t help that every now and again she’d take a shot just to get the edge off, the alcohol quickly going to her bladder and making it heavier than it had been. Pressing her legs together slightly, she just tried to focus on getting through the night. But it was getting harder and harder. Being at a bar meant plenty of drunk people. Drunk people meant people full of liquid and lowered inhibitions, so every now and again she’d hear someone complain about how bad they needed to take a piss. “Dude, I’ve really got to go,” she heard a dark haired man say, looking over at his friend while he drunkenly grabbed at himself through his jeans. ”Fucking beer went right through me. But I don’t want to go all the way to the bathroom.” “Dude, just use your mug. Bartender won’t notice, she’s not even looking over here,“ the other man told him, and Maia almost wanted to go over there and slap them both for even considering it. But honestly, it made her think about how good it would feel to just push her panties to the side, hold a beer mug under her skirt, and let go. That way her boss couldn’t get mad at her for leaving the bar and she’d finally get the relieve she desperately needed. Before she could think any more, she heard the man groan lowly. Directly after that, she could hear the hiss of his piss leaving his cock, the sound of it hitting the inside of the glass mug and filling it up. Looking out of the corner of her eye she could see him holding the mug down between his legs and she knew exactly what he was doing. And she was jealous. Then, she felt herself almost leak. The pee that had been sitting in her abdomin had started to push down her urethra at the sound of him getting his relief and she had to press her legs together just to keep it all inside. And she hated it. She had to go so badly she couldn’t believe it. She had never had to piss so badly in her life. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, but it was getting harder and harder. The man sighed when he finally finished, zipping up his pants triumphantly. God she had to go. She finally felt like she was under control and she got back to work, pouring some more drinks and moving around the bar the best she could. Until, that is, she felt a leak escape into her panties. It wasn’t a lot, but just enough that she could feel the material get wetter and she all but twisted her legs to keep the rest of it inside. She couldn’t pee herself, she wouldn’t hear the end of it if she did. She bounced in place just to try to keep it in, but she stopped when she noticed a couple guys staring at her breasts as she did. She stood there and felt herself leak again and again, her underwear giving up the third time and she felt a little bead of piss slide down her bare leg. She couldn’t take it anymore. She thought about doing what the man did, going in the mug, but she realized it might be too obvious. Someone could see. Maia looked around before she noticed the back door to the alley, and she decided at the very least some fresh air might help. She ducked off outside and she got hit by the chilly air and she realized that just made it worse. She bounced in place for a moment before saying “fuck it”. Moving next to the dumpster, directly across from the door, she pushed up her skirt and exposed her now soaked panties to the outside air. With one motion she pushed them down and squatted, bracing herself against the wall. After a long few seconds of nothing but still air and quiet, it was broken by the pitter patter of her piss starting to finally come out. It was weak at first, her muscles used to trying to hold it in. But after a few moments of a weak dribble the flood gates finally opened and she pissed hard, properly, against the ground right outside the bar. It took a little bit before she finally started to feel the relief and when she did she moaned, honestly more lewdly than she had ever moaned during sex. And this might even be better than sex. She was finally pissing after hours of holding it in, finally relieving herself. It surprised her how long she was peeing as hard as she was, just a constant hiss and splash of it hitting the ground and adding to the puddle she was creating. After a couple minutes it finally weakened again before it finally stopped. She shook off a little and threw away the wet panties in the dumpster, heading back inside. She took one look back and was surprised at the large puddle she left, but she felt too good to feel ashamed. Hell, she kind of wanted to try it again sometime. Peeing in public like that.