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  1. I went to see a movie today, and while I was hoping to see someone pissing in the theaters, there wasn't any. Do you guys have any stories about it?
  2. Just a question. does it bother you that you now have piss on your leg and are laying in a puddle of it?
  3. Wow! That's great! Nice! What were the reactions that you got? Please tell me more. Wow. That's interesting. I'm sure you have more stories, and I would love to hear them!
  4. Wow! Did he just not care what other people thought? What exactly was going through your mind when you saw it? Really? I've never really been to one, so I don't see it. Tell me more please 🙂
  5. Anyone have any good stories or pictures about pissing in the locker rooms or showers?
  6. If I piss on a tree, I just pull it out and piss wherever it was aimed.
  7. I really hope you decide to continue writing this 🙂
  8. What exactly do you mean by "pissed up some trees"? Like did you pull it out and aim it up or what?
  9. How many of you guys have ever pissed in a movie theater? Please share your stories, I want to hear them
  10. Would love to hear some of those stories 🙂
  11. Sadly, I'm not sharing pictures. 😞
  12. First time posting here, but I was desperate to take a piss a few minutes ago, and I had a McDonald's cup sitting here empty. I pulled my pants down, and pissed in the cup. Almost filled it all the way up. Went and dumped it out not much later. Do you guys do this? Let me know.
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