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  1. Rich7

    Favourite Pee Model?

    Mikki from HD Wetting for me, now retired
  2. Rich7

    Cup piss

    Oh yes fill. Drink some of it rub some of it on my chest and lower !
  3. Rich7

    Cup piss

    Held for two hours when already in need so phone charged up. Filled one small tumbler which felt so warm and snug, then peed up into another so pee flowed down onto my cock and balls
  4. Rich7

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    Love you too and men here should meet your needs with pics etc x
  5. Rich7

    Cup piss

    So many great pictures feel so hot and wet now
  6. Rich7

    Naughty masterbation

    For Tom and all and in need
  7. Adventurous enough for me to enjoy x
  8. Your pictures are such a turn on x