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  1. Been needing to pee a while, quiet afternoon. So drinking red wine and holding, then will see how the wine and pee come out colour wise
  2. Peeing now, wish you were here ! Peeing onto a glass
  3. Going to pee really soon , or just burst
  4. Been holding for 3 hours and needing to pee pretty bad
  5. Please feel free to follow me, I had not realised facility was switched off !

  6. Rich7

    Malena Morgan

    Malena is a stunning lady from Forida. She loves women and in particular one woman, and her films on line with the love of her life are red raw sexy. She also loves pee play, and she sometimes includes it in her films. Could only find one picture of her peeing though, hope that OK
  7. So much fun, and do much fun to do !

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