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  1. Not her womb exploding 😩 Only if we could hold back our "crimson shame" also. Imagine the amount of money we would have saved in tampons. F for female indeed.. sigh
  2. Nope Ehhh not exactly. We are wiping the pee hole and the insides of the lips and not really the clit. So atleast for me, it feels like nothing
  3. I have a dress thats similar to this (mine is gold and sparkly) and it just looks like it is staying on by the magic. But no. If you look at her stomach and her left thigh, then youll see random horizontal shadows or ripples of some sort. Thats the shadow being cast by the skin toned sheer fabric in those areas. The only place which doesnt have this fabric except the black material is on her upper chest. This is going me some nasty flashbacks 😭😂
  4. Probably when I was a small child haha. But after I moved to a different country, the first place I peed in public was outside of a club, near the steps of a private house. I had to pee so damn much that the puddle overflowed onto the road lol
  5. Damn 2 mins?!! I can only imagine how good you felt once you were done haha
  6. I shall get one of these then. Sometimes certain places doesnt have bins and I hate littering also
  7. Lucky you then haha I will odd asf until I actually give it a wipe 🤦🏻‍♀️
  8. Air dry can be an option only if wearing skirts or dresses tho. What about in winter?
  9. How annoyed do you get if you happen to have no wipes on you? [Fyi, I get mega annoyed]
  10. Yes ! Many girls stare at men peeing ofc. But men stare more, which isnt inherently bad if they are being respectful and staring sneakily. :") But some women get spooked by this specially when they are being stared at openly. So evenwhen they are used to peeing outdoors, they prefer finding a safe spot rather than peeing out in the open like their boyfriends
  11. It isnt uncommon where I live either, but even then comparatively I see the woman getting more attention when she is peeing I had someone blatantly stare at my pussy when I was peeing beside my male friend :") Or when us girls pee outside clubs, we always catch some group of men somewhere staring directly at us but not at our guy friends when its their turn 💀 And this is in a country where women peeing in public is normal
  12. This usually happens because men peeing in public is more normalised than a woman doing the same. Usually if a man pees in public, he isnt really going to draw in much of an attention. But most often that not if a woman does it, then she might end up with an audience. Not everyone is fine w this
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