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    I like to hold for hours, which has led to some risky peeing situations - not that I'm complaining. I also like wetting occasionally and literally peeing in every outdoor space.

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  1. Specially while lazily sitting around ! I usually move my bikini to the side but either way I rarely go into the water just to pee
  2. I'll definitely lazy pee in my bikini bottoms more haha It surely was ! My bikini was so bright that it made the patch quite obvious but even then it was quite fun
  3. It definitely is ! Oh it was out of naughtiness haha. She is the type to pee through her panties literally anywhere just for fun
  4. Honestly, sometimes I go to the beach just to get toasty and not to swim. So it kind of feels meh to go into the sea just to pee. Besides nobody knows you at the beach so why bother 😂 Maybe it does 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. My friend and I went to the beach recently for a short trip. Both of us love peeing outdoors so we planned on peeing out in fun places as much as possible - specially at the beach. On our second day there, we went to this pretty beach and after sunbathing for about an hour, both of us had to pee. At first, I thought of squatting in between our sun beds, but she had the brilliant idea of wetting our bikinis instead. I was wearing a bright pink string bikini and wetting that meant the wet patch would be visible from a mile away. But then again the beach wasnt particularly crowded so its no
  6. When it comes to the one piece ones, I pee through it mostly. All of my one pieces are either dark or with crazy patterns so the wet spot isnt as visible unless you're looking for it.
  7. I have used a squat toilet before and I wouldn't mind using it again ! The reason I hate public toilets is because of how unsanitary it is and I don't want THAT to touch my ass. The squat toilet is cool when it comes to that
  8. Nope Ehhh not exactly. We are wiping the pee hole and the insides of the lips and not really the clit. So atleast for me, it feels like nothing
  9. I have a dress thats similar to this (mine is gold and sparkly) and it just looks like it is staying on by the magic. But no. If you look at her stomach and her left thigh, then youll see random horizontal shadows or ripples of some sort. Thats the shadow being cast by the skin toned sheer fabric in those areas. The only place which doesnt have this fabric except the black material is on her upper chest. This is going me some nasty flashbacks 😭😂
  10. Probably when I was a small child haha. But after I moved to a different country, the first place I peed in public was outside of a club, near the steps of a private house. I had to pee so damn much that the puddle overflowed onto the road lol
  11. Damn 2 mins?!! I can only imagine how good you felt once you were done haha
  12. I shall get one of these then. Sometimes certain places doesnt have bins and I hate littering also
  13. Lucky you then haha I will odd asf until I actually give it a wipe 🤦🏻‍♀️
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