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  1. Yes ! I do it almost every morning after my morning run in some desolate spot in the park
  2. Except for the car example, I haven't done any of your other examples. But I do pee nonchalantly under the tables of outdoorsy cafes or picnic tables every now then evenif I have company. Or, if I'm out with friends, then all I (them as well) need to do is give a headsup and then find a spot and pee.
  3. This I understand because I do this at times. I was on about peeing in corridors actually
  4. Ikr ?! It almost feels like I grew 2 more pairs of ears and all of sudden I can even hear the ants walk
  5. I dont understand, how do people pee in hotel lobbies without getting caught on camera?! Arent there cameras everywhere nowadays?
  6. 😂😂😂 This I relate to alot unfortunately. Its like you're trying to pee faster so that people dont catch you, but then that very act leads to almost getting caught/seen. 😭
  7. I have been really busy these past few months studying day and night and burrowing myself in books. I am not joking when I say that because of this I am a not so proud member of the raccoon eyes family now. So my friend took it upon herself to drag me out of the house and make an attempt to bring me back to civilisation. Anyway today she surprised me with an impromptu picnic. She probably brought all types of crisps available on planet earth and drinks, mainly fruity drinks and iced peach tea. We went to a nearby park, sat at one of the picnic tables near the trees and gossiped away
  8. This !! This imo is the most easiest thing to do but yet feels so good ! I like doing this as well
  9. To be extra safe go for shops with no security outside of their fitting rooms and not that many employees managing the floor. Also don't do this during their busy hours
  10. Yeah ! Like if there is a wall behind me then itll hit the base of the wall and not my shoes
  11. By physical attraction, do you mean just you being physically attracted to them? Or others finding her appealing as well? For some it really does matter how others see their partners as well. Take a piece of paper and try to answer the questions I've asked in my post and see which ones you had a strong yes or no answer to, then those are important to you and the order of those are irrelevant. Then see which ones made you go like "Ehh itll be nice if she is this and this but I guess I can ignore that if she isnt", then those are the ones that are kinda less important to you, and you w
  12. I am not into watching but my favourite position to pee in is either to stand or do a semi hight squat with my knees very close to each other and bend forward ever so slightly so that my pee flows away from me. Idk if this makes sense.
  13. Coming from a 20 something year old woman, that list of importance depends on what you feel you search for the most in a person and which you absolutely cant live without. -> Can you ignore someone's looks if you vibe with them? As in do you care if they are conventionally pretty if you feel like they trully understand you? Does it matter to you if others dont find your gf to be that pretty? Can you love someone if you feel that they are everything you've been searching for .. but... your brain didn't go "DAMNNNN SHE HOT/CUTE/PRETTY" the first time you met her? Dont feel bad if y
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