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    I love watching a woman pee and listening to her stream splashing in the toilet bowl. Of course, there's nothing sexier than feeling her hot stream on my cock...
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    I had a woman straddling my waist in bed and she slowly peed over my cock

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  1. Maclir


    Damn, girl... I could look at your uppies all day.. thanks for putting a smile on a old guy's face!
  2. And who won the cricket? Was it the T20 final between Australia and New Zealand, if so, an extra bonus with Australia winning...
  3. The secret is early detection- my PSA test showed a significant increase from two years earlier, so my doc had me take another one, 6 months later - that was at a level of 4.3 - just over the 'warning' level of 4.0. So, to all other guys here - have your PSA levels checked annually - it's just a simple blood test.
  4. Well, being a male of 'a certain age', I suffer from an enlarged prostate, and consequentially I have have to pee maybe 6 or 7 times a day, and I know that once I feel the need, it's not wise to ignore it. About 12 months ago, I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer, and I opted for radiation treatment - 10 weeks of 5-10 minutes having my prostate nuked... One side effect was 'urinary irritation', as the oncologist put it. Irritation = having to pee every 45 minutes, and it burning like hell while I did so. Urologist recommended I take cranberry pills - they stopped the burning, b
  5. Male, shaven. I give it a touch up with the razor every few days
  6. thank you for sharing - I hope to see many more of your puddles in the future.
  7. Fantastic photos - you are incredibly sexy
  8. Welcome to the site - the people here are very friendly, very supportive, I'm sure you'll get plenty of praise, particularly if you post some peeing pictures and videos.
  9. welcome to the site; there are a great bunch of friendly, supportive people here. I would love to see your videos...
  10. Welcome - it's a fantastic group, supportive, caring, and a whole lot of fun. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  11. Like most Sunday mornings, the model railroad club I belong to has a running session, any member can turn up with their trains, and run them on the club's layout. We have a 15 foot by 50 foot unit in a storage center, there are no 'facilities' in the unit itself. When I'm there at night for work sessions, it's easy to find a dark corner of the whole complex, maybe behind a dumpster, and pee there. But during the day time, not quite so easy. But the facility office was open, so I thought that when I've finished, I'll stop there. But I must have lingered too long talking to some of the othe
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