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  1. The person above me doesn't know that vegemite is far superior to marmite....
  2. Knowing someone you love has cheated on you is devastating - I got through something similar only with the support of some really good, life-long friends. I'm glad you made it through, and I'm sure you are a stronger and better person for it. Welcome back.
  3. Maclir

    Men's butt

    Damn it's hard to take a photo...
  4. Welcome to this community, great to have you with us.
  5. Very good - I was trying to be a smartarse... but grade 8 is very impressive. I started playing piano when I was maybe 8, I got up to 2nd grade at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.. But never really continued with the formal training. In my late teens, I did play in a rock / blues group with some school friends (Santana covers, Stones, Doors, etc), hoping to pick up the groupies... no such luck. I haven't played in 10 or 12 years
  6. So you are a talented pianist, too?
  7. Maclir

    Men's butt

    I would post a pic of my butt, however I would need a wide angle lens on my camera to fit it all in. Plus, taking it myself.... unless anyone want to volunteer th o photograph my arse....
  8. Not true, I, for one, love reading your stories. I try to imagine myself on that beach, watching.... Thank you for you efforts
  9. Sounds like my google search history....
  10. Bad grammar is one of my pet peeves. Nothing makes me drop a story quicker than a lack of (proper) punctuation, the misuse of words, or a solid slab of text without paragraph breaks. When I was at school, my writing style and grammar was atrocious. If I can learn, then ANYONE can. Read it back, people, get someone to edit it for you - very few people can proofread their own writing.
  11. I can speak from experience, writing erotica that comes across as realistic and believable is difficult, pleasing a wide variety of people is next to impossible, and if your subject is peeing (in any form), it's bloody hard. There are only so many possible scenarios, and trying to come up with something new, but still believable is a real challenge. I'm not saying that I have mastered it - but I did write one scene that I had a reader tell me "when I read scene [xxx], I had an orgasm, without even having to touch myself". That was a one-only. Keep looking - a good site is 'storiesonlin
  12. All of them are great in my opinion
  13. I've been trimming my pubes with the same type of razor I use on my face. My whole body is rather hairy. Not Chewbacca hairy though
  14. An interesting story about the time my first wife decided to shave her pubes... she asked me to assist, which was a lot of fun, the it was time to rest out the result. But because of the shape of her labia, as I was about to enter her, it look like I was about to fuck a prepubescent girl, there was just a slit. Almost put me off....
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