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    Have enjoyed peeing and pee play for as long as I can remember

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    Freedom to pee anywhere
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    Watching a girl wet herself in my car

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  1. Hello. Welcome!
  2. Hello. Welcome BeckyE
  3. Hello! Welcome❤
  4. Pet training absorbent pads or a plastic sheet under your sheets works very well
  5. Often while driving. I fill a large McDonald's cup
  6. Always loved the idea of just being able to pee anywhere.
  7. I feel one of the most difficult things about talking so someone about this, is that I can never seem to express the magnitude of how much I enjoy pee. I find that time and time again people act like they are open minded about sexual fetishes, but when it becomes more than a "sex thing" they become turned off. Pee play for me isn't just something I use to get off. For me, it's a lifestyle choice. It's Something that I enjoy all the time and in so many ways. It's difficult to find people to understand this. What makes it even more difficult is that people will play a little then quit
  8. I think for me it's so much more about the feeling of not running to a bathroom and just letting go. Or that fact that it's natural and such a relief. Also yhe sexual attraction of watching a woman pee. Not sure I would loose interest if it was considered normal.
  9. As I'm relaxing on the couch one afternoon the door busts open and my girl runs to the top of the stairs. As she gets to the top she stops with a sigh and puts her head down." I didn't think I was going to make it" she said as her pants became wet and a puddle grew on the floor. "Ahh, that's OK honey" I said. "I'll clean it up for you, welcome home"
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