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    Have enjoyed peeing and pee play for as long as I can remember

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    Freedom to pee anywhere
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    Watching a girl wet herself in my car

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  1. One of the hottest things I ever experienced was an ex doing that for me. We had two designated towels and weathertek floor mats. So amazing!
  2. For me it would be the front entry. I would want to flood the place everyone walks in through. Second choice is the kitchen table where everyone sits and visits
  3. I often pee on pet training pads in my kitchen or living room for an entire day. Then share pics and videos with friends
  4. Yes, absolutely. I have a few friends that I share pics and videos with.
  5. Pet training absorbent pads or a plastic sheet under your sheets works very well
  6. Often while driving. I fill a large McDonald's cup
  7. Always loved the idea of just being able to pee anywhere.
  8. I feel one of the most difficult things about talking so someone about this, is that I can never seem to express the magnitude of how much I enjoy pee. I find that time and time again people act like they are open minded about sexual fetishes, but when it becomes more than a "sex thing" they become turned off. Pee play for me isn't just something I use to get off. For me, it's a lifestyle choice. It's Something that I enjoy all the time and in so many ways. It's difficult to find people to understand this. What makes it even more difficult is that people will play a little then quit
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