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    Iam a 27 year old man from Denmark.
    Love watching people piss. Love piss playing. Love been watch!
    I have been aware of my fetish for about 12 years.
    I would like to chat with people. Feel free to text me!

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    Naughty peeing, goldenshower, long distance, power pissing, pissplay
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    Text me if you wanna know 😉

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  1. Was at a pizzaria waiting for my food to be done and i can take it home. While i was waiting i went to there costumer toilet. And decided to piss in there toiket trash can.
  2. Hey from europe! Live in denmark!
  3. Was at a bodega drinking. And i think i miss the urinal.
  4. Pissed in the shower. Just coming home from gym, where i showered.
  5. Okay. The next pictures. Are about 3 years old. I was coming home from work, had to piss hard. I saw my neighbor wasnt home, and know there garage door always is open. So go in ther garage, and take a huge piss on there basement stairs in the garage.
  6. Thank you, great with some positivt comment about my cock. Love it.
  7. Thank you. I will post some more pics where i hose stuff down!
  8. Hello, have been posting some pics before. And was thinking, make this thread, to post my pics in. I will start with some pics, that are a week old. i was on vacation i greek, on a 5 star hotel. And to days in a row i was sitting at the bar, drinking. And been using the toilet in the bar. So both night when i was drunk. I pissed in the handwash. You can se that day 2, was a little more exciting, hehe.
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