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    Bisexual male
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    In the transportation industry
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    West burbs of Chicago
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    Bisexual bottom male in an open relationship. Wife knows I have a pee kink but only participates when she's been drinking. So I'm looking for a pee friend to share experiences with.

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    Love the taboo aspect of going places you shouldn't. Peeing on oneself in bed or sitting in a chair. Love holding back and watching it fly as far as I can when I let go. Love the warm feeling when I leak. Love the taste of a fresh warm glass of pee.
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    Wife was drunk in bed after a night of pub crawling. We sleep naked, she rolls over and says I have to pee. I said ok go, I'll clean you up afterwards. She moans no at first. A few mins go by and she says ok I got to go cleaned up and raises her leg. I position my mouth over her pussy and a small trickle comes out. I'm thinking really that's it?? That apparently was her breaking the seal. The flood gates open! Power stream of pee shoots in my mouth, I'm gulping down her yellow nectar as fast as I can. My face is drenched, the sheets are soaked than shevstarts playing with herself! I come up for air and she says hold me up. I come up around her, she leans against my chest while shes working her clit feverishly. She let's out another small stream of pee. She sighs and says mmm that was fun and falls asleep in my arms.

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  1. Yeah saw that after the post and said the same!
  2. Like how you think! I use weather tech car Matt's to collect my pee. I'll be driving down the road and pull my cock out and just pee. Can hear the pee sloshing around as I drive. Than when I get to where I am going I just drain the floor mat on the ground and spray it with pet urine spray.
  3. Laundry time! Had to add some of my own "water" to the load.
  4. @harry_jones_1975Love how you captured the pee arching in the first set. And who doesn't love a good self pee. Very hot seeing you sitting there with no pants on.
  5. Forgot I had these pics from a video I did. I had to pee really bad while at work, been holding for a few hours. Pulled over propped up the phone in the car door and let her rip
  6. Oh yes definitely want to read the update
  7. I'm a fan of peeing on myself in the bath as well. Than bathing in it.
  8. Good luck! Her pissing from the back seat up to the front sounds extremely arousing. Her pee splashing on everything. Suggest to her that she aims for the back of your head too. Dribble all down your back and soak the seat.
  9. Working a PR event at work today. Before I left the house I peed and mid stream I yanked my underwear (knickers for the UK fans) back up and soaked the front. Iam wearing black pants so the inevitable wet spot that I'm sure will seap through won't be visible as I stand there handing out stuff.
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