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  1. I think start off subtle and pee down your legs while ye is watching the movie. Pee on his face when he does not notice!
  2. I quite enjoy curling up in bed and peeing on my feet. I guess it is one of life's little luxuries.
  3. Cool. You will be able to write some code now to estimate how much water the plants are using if you can work out the mean flow rate.
  4. Peeing in front of friends is nice. I love doing it even if they never notice me doing it.
  5. There are a few things to try:- Go to bed tired. It is hard to not sleep when you are tired! Try wetting just a little when you go to bed. You can gradually increase the amount you wet as you get used to it. Wet an unprotected bed. It is easier to sleep in a damp bed than in a puddle.
  6. I guess mine are the following:- Wetting fully clothed and then just carrying on as if nothing had happened while still soaking wet. Wetting nonchalantly with no regard to where the pee ends up. Peeing on a girl's legs while she completely ignores it. Peeing in someone else's bed. Peeing down legs in stockings and open heels. I don't necessarily think of all of them as being naughty, but I know that some people do!
  7. I have yet to pee in the seat while flying. I look forward to enjoying an eleven hour flight one day in a deliciously wet seat.
  8. Excellent that you found the courage to try it. Now that you realise what fun it is you will be trying it again soon. You will find that a lot of industrial carpet does not show the wetness which makes it nice and easy to get away with, you will find this in public areas such as in the pub for example, pub carpet is a lovely place to hide pee!
  9. Morning pee should make the stain nice and yellow...
  10. I guess that government offices are the one that is still a bit tricky to get away with. You are in there for a long time, they are crowded but not crowded enough, the flooring and seating are not suited to getting away with a big pee. I accompanied a friend to the job centre once, and got away with a little pee just wetting my skirt a little on the seat, but it would have been nice to be able to do a full pee in there. Bus, train, and especially the cinema are not so hard to get away with.
  11. It was quite a while ago now, but I was out with my friend and walking through a park, and since she knows that I wet myself when we stopped walking to look at some plants I just peed full blast and soaked the front of my skirt. It was nice to just do that and know that I did not need to be discreet. My pee ran off the hem of my skirt and ran on to my feet, and quite a lot ran down my legs too. I asked her. " Do you need to pee too?" She declined unfortunately...
  12. It is a bit tough, but with four hands between them I am sure that they will be able to get everything out...
  13. well Michaelp, the way I do it is to wear fishnet stockings and open heels, and then with my legs tight together just let my pee run down my legs. The fishnet stockings make like a wick and if I pee gently my pee flows down my legs and is completely invisible to anyone who might see. As long as I am standing on carpet or grass there is not even a puddle to see. Fishnet stockings can be soaking wet and not show any wetness at all, open shoes mean that all my pee runs out of my shoes and I don't have to squish around in them after I have done a wee.
  14. Hi Chris I think that you need to work up to getting her used to wearing wet clothing. When she gets used to being wet with pee she will find that peeing down her legs is rather fun, and you will not have to form a triangle as you can pee down her legs too! Get her to wear open heels and fishnet stockings under a short skirt and you will no longer need to find a bush!
  15. Chris, you have missed a very important option - stand and let your pee run down your legs under your skirt! That, and sit and pee through my skirt in to the seat are the ones I find easiest to get away with, and both are rather pleasant to do.
  16. Yes, you definitely need a nice thick rug to soak up that excess pee.
  17. Paulypeeps


    I have just made another poll, it is about convenience wetting so might be fun for some:- https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/640529
  18. It is not that much different to some USA toilet cubicals where there is a 2" gap between the cubical panels anyway so anyone can see what you are doing whether they want to see or not! The gaps round this one are quite conservative to some I have visited.
  19. The laziest place that I enjoy - I think would have to be sitting in the pub.
  20. Not converse trainers, but this is how you should pee in public, just stand, pee, then walk away - no messing about! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d1feb7c42d99
  21. Not if you don't mind wetting your clothes a little.
  22. I guess it is the exposure that would be the biggest problem, not the peeing. Standing with pee running down my legs, or sitting and soaking the seat no one really gets to see anything.
  23. It is good that you are not too worried about the bed being wet when you get in, I am not too keen on that which I guess is why I prefer my pee to soak in to an unprotected mattress and go away so the bed has time to dry during the day. I hope the pangs of regret in the night don't get the better of you. I am sure you will soon be used to it.
  24. Wetting is very popular and actively encouraged, especially in public!
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