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    Getting more creative with my fetish every day. I love to pee outside whenever possible, and I love reading about other people's stories. Sometimes I like to Pee on myself in the shower and go pee in a cup and then drink it/dump it on my body. Trying to find more ways to pee.

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    peeing in public
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    One time when I was younger, my cousins and my parents took me to a convention. When we were heading to our car to go home. I announced that I really had to go to the bathroom. After searching for a bathroom and no luck, we went to a deserted corner of the parking lot where I was instructed to pee on the wall infront of me. For some reason, I loved peeing infront of them. And it made me have a thing for peeing in public. :)

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  1. Contains: Desperation and Peeing Outside A few months ago, I was in the middle of moving from California to Missouri. We ended up going by car so we spent an entire week on the road driving from state to state to get to Missouri. I was with my mom and my 2 dogs, and we would frequently take stops to use the bathroom, eat, and walk around. However when we were leaving New Mexico and entering Texas, my mom had her someone call her and we missed the last stop. Thanks to a large Iced Tea I had at McDonalds, I needed to pee, but I didn't want to interrupt her and my need wasn't hu
  2. Nerdy_Faery has always been my favorite 🙂 Here's her pornhub channel she's amazing. https://www.pornhub.com/model/nerdy_faery
  3. When I was like 5 or 6, I was heading home from a Thomas the Train Convention with my family. We were in a parking garage when I really needed to go pee. So when I told my parents, they told me to follow them. We walked around for a minute until we found a deserted area when my dad instructed me to pee on the wall in front of me. While at the time I was extremely shy since literally 8 other people were looking at me, I still went ahead and did it.
  4. As I was walking earlier today, I had to go pee. And since I already masturbated and wet myself earlier, I decided to take it easy and just pee in the toilet at the park. At least... that's what I wanted to do. As I go up to the bathroom, I notice that the door to the women's room is locked. So I just shrug and go inside the men's since there was no one in there. And sure enough, the only stall is closed which left me with two options. The first being that I had to go pee outside or something (which wasn't really an option since there were people standing by the only secluded places
  5. When I was about to Masturbate earlier today, I suddenly got the urge to pee. So I decided to play a little game. Wheel of Pee. Basically I put a bunch of potential places for me to pee on a random wheel generator that I found online. For this, I listed the following options: A fast food cup that I had from lunch so I could drink out of it while masturbating, the sink in my bathroom, a wall in my room, the trash can in my bedroom, directly onto the floor from my bed, or just straight up pee myself. I put all of the options in, and sure enough, it ended up landing on myself. Wasn't the one I wa
  6. I just got back from my walk and I just wanna sleep. But of course, I had to pee. However, I didn't feel like getting up to go to the bathroom and I didn't have any cups to pee in. So I decided to let loose on my floor. I sat on the edge of my bed and took off all of my clothes. It took me a little while to get going, and that was because I was worried that I would possibly hit my chair and that I would have to clean it up. Which almost made me consider hovering over my trash can and peeing into it instead. But the urge was starting to pick up so I just tried to aim as low as possible. Ev
  7. This story includes Naughty Peeing and Masturbation My family had to go on a trip to LA, and they were gone for several hours. So I was left alone to watch over my two dogs. After they left, I realized that I could basically do whatever the frick I wanted, so I drank a ton of water. When the urge to pee finally came, I darted to my backyard and stood over a nice patch of grass covered by a huge tree. Now, I've peed in my backyard plenty of times. But sadly, most of my favorite places to go (such as the old shed we used to have) as well as most of the walls and trees ha
  8. Earlier today, I went to the local ATM to get some cash. After I was done, I began walking back home when I suddenly had the urge to pee. I made sure to drink lots of Soda and Water so that way I would be in this exact situation. So when I entered my local park, I really began getting desperate. Of course, I could have just peed in the bathroom. But I was feeling adventurous, and I wanted to go pee outside. So I began examining my surroundings. There were plenty of trees, but not enough shrubbery to protect myself. And I was wearing white so I couldn't just pee my pants. But then I saw o
  9. First post after 2 months of joining. But anyways, for some reason. I always love to go pee in plastic cups. Weather it be for a doctor's appointment, in the car on a long drive, out in public because I drank too much, or I just feel like doing it. I love doing it, cups are probably my favorite thing to go pee into. I'm sure everyone has had to pee in a cup at some point in their life, there's just no avoiding it. I've had to do it every single year for my physical in high school. Do you guys enjoy peeing in cups, or am I in the minority on this one? Let me know if you gu
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