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  1. For me it's the naughtiness factor of a girl peeing somewhere she shouldn't I also enjoy when its combaine with desperation and the risk of being humiliated that a girl is forced to pee somewhere she normally wouldnt
  2. The pics of you using the urinal are amazing
  3. Eliminature do you think you could one of you just standing to pee in a toliet sometime?
  4. A couple years ago on st Patrick's day I was our at the bar, had been pre drinking so had already drank alot. We were waiting in line to get in when all those drinks started to weigh on my bladder I was bursting, and I could feel the piss creeping up to the tip of my cock, so I left my friends in line and went in search of an alley Luck was not with me, the best I could find was an alcove in a store front I stepped and pulled out my cock. One of the best pisses of my life. It sprayed hard against the brick wall and ran down and out to the sidewalk.
  5. One time I was driving home from a camping trip. I'd had a fair bit of fluid and it had been a few hours since my last stop. My bladder was really full. I planned to stop at a rest stop but the exit wasnt clearly marked so I missed the entrance I was starting to get desperate, it was hurting and it was raining which didnt help I found a side road and pulled off, there was no one around. I got out of the car, walked over to near a street sign post. I whipped it out and started pissing. Felt so good. Here's a still from the video I made
  6. Hey, not sure how to contact you, I'm sorry if I said something in my last message that upset you I was really enjoying talking to you
  7. Hey 

    How are you?

    Love your posts and would really love to chat with you sometime

  8. Really great story Will there be a follow up?

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