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  1. depends what mood i'm in if i'm in a rush i'll pull my foreskin back but sometimes I'll just leave it forward.
  2. Sh1991

    new here

    naughty peeing is also my favourite.
  3. I agree ive always dreamt of the same but never got lucky 😢
  4. Hi im glad you liked my pics, there will be more coming soon

  5. this is hot love your tight foreskin 😉
  6. That was hot id love to see you squat pee indoors on a floor or carpet.
  7. I would like to see them 👍
  8. those pics and vids are hot keep up the good work. id love to see you lazy piss from your sofa to the floor.
  9. I think the ultimate quarantine challenge is if you live with someone else to pee with them on the floor 😉
  10. or even more daring do it in front of someone else in a room 😝
  11. or if your feeling really daring someone elses room 😁
  12. personally I like to see carpet or sofa or wall
  13. yeah or feel free to post them here if you want to. either way is fine.
  14. Love a guy that will do a full yellow piss in one spot on a carpet instead of little squirts. It's more manly 😉

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