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  1. I'd love to see a vid 🔥💟🔥👌
  2. Hot video I'd love to go for a walk with you👌
  3. Exactly there's a definite female domination on here in that respect and to me it's time to even the score 😂
  4. Hi this is a bit of a request thread because there isn't really a thread in the men peeing section where there are vids of men naughty peeing like in the female pee section. So I was hoping to start a thread where you share your naughtiest piss vids. The girls seem to put us to shame in their daring pisses in naughty places. Come on guys surely we have the advantage. 😜😂
  5. This is hot I love to see a guy squat pee 👌
  6. I like to see men naughty pissing anywhere indoors but especially carpets and walls.
  7. Your vids are hot I'd love to see you pee on a carpet of up your wall 👏💟😊
  8. love it id love to see you pee up the wall 😉
  9. HOT!!! i'd love to see you pee on the sofa or up the wall next 😍
  10. depends what mood i'm in if i'm in a rush i'll pull my foreskin back but sometimes I'll just leave it forward.
  11. naughty peeing is also my favourite.
  12. I agree ive always dreamt of the same but never got lucky 😢
  13. this is hot love your tight foreskin 😉
  14. That was hot id love to see you squat pee indoors on a floor or carpet.
  15. those pics and vids are hot keep up the good work. id love to see you lazy piss from your sofa to the floor.
  16. I think the ultimate quarantine challenge is if you live with someone else to pee with them on the floor 😉
  17. or even more daring do it in front of someone else in a room 😝
  18. or if your feeling really daring someone elses room 😁
  19. personally I like to see carpet or sofa or wall
  20. yeah or feel free to post them here if you want to. either way is fine.
  21. Love a guy that will do a full yellow piss in one spot on a carpet instead of little squirts. It's more manly 😉
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