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  1. Well DevonUK you certainly did "What it said on the can" 😄another great video
  2. Wow DevonUK thanks so much thats fantastic! Very thoughtful of you😀
  3. Wow DevonUK another great wet video thanks so much🙂
  4. Another great video from another great member🙂thanks so much
  5. I have watched this video several times now and enjoy it it as much as the first time😆
  6. Wow Fantastic video Devon UK! 🙂
  7. Well thanks i certainly enjoyed it
  8. Hi there Pontepee. Its great to have a fellow uk member. I am sure you will have lots of fun here.
  9. Yes that link worked. Thanks. I see it was not just the weather that was wet😄
  10. Thanks for your kind words. I do like to pee outside as nature intended 😄
  11. Needed to pee so used mother nature 😀
  12. Thanks very kind of you .Hopefully my manhood wont be so shy later 😄
  13. Thoght the flowers looked thirsty! As you can see my manhood a little camera shy😄
  14. For some reason I cant view your second video which is a shame as your first one is very nice😄thanks for posting
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