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    Love to sit back and watch men pissing on the side of the road and outside in public in alleys and in public it really turns me on has since I was little. I could look at pictures videos and read stories of guys needing to stop and pee

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    watching men pee roadside and outside
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    holding my boyfriend as he watered a bush

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  1. I wish just fantasizeing to your gif would love to see the whole situation the look of relief come more my over you the looking over your shoulder as you pull to the shoulder to make sure the coast is clear of police you exhaling feel the pressure being relished out your handsome cock as I hold it for you along with seeing the puddle you left
  2. Would love to hold it for you can see you squirming as you are driving and the look of relief on your face as you finally let it go very nice
  3. Ok guys time to take it outside pull it out draw pictures watch the steam rise from your puddles of piss you make have some beers and go in your backyard and let it lose
  4. There was this time I was on my way from Vegas to los angles with my parents was driving my moms van there was a bad accident up ahead and were stuck at a standstill for 3 hours and this group of guys went into the center devider on the freeway and just whipped it out and got to watch the show if I was by myself would took pictures or asked if I could assist them
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