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    I'm 36. I have had a pee fetish for a long time. I have never explored it except to watch porn. Would love to meet a woman who would be open to exploring

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  1. Ok interesting. I like giving both to women actually. Not to many women like facials. What do you enjoy about having a guy cum in your mouth?
  2. I would love to watch you
  3. Ladies, I have a video of me peeing in the woods if you want to see it.
  4. You can watch me anytime you want to. I have some videos of me if you want to see them. Unfortunately none with any women watching me
  5. I love pissing outside especially when a woman is watching me
  6. wow. You are fantastic. Ever pissed through your zipper?
  7. Omg that will be great. Women peeing standing up is the hottest thing ever

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