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    From a young age I have loved to see females peeing, especially outdoors. I have ventured into making pee videos myself to please other females and really turns me on.

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  1. I enjoy pissing up the side of my car while females are walking towards me. I do this quite regularly naughty but exciting when the watch you pissing a stream with a shocked face or a smile. The reactions I get are mixed some comment you really had to go. Some say it’s ok when you gotta go you gotta go. Some say that’s discussing in anger lol
  2. So we went to the beach today western In the uk today. It was 2hr drive down there. I had tea and water so I was bursting for the toilet. Little did my partner no tho. When we arrived In the car park I got out the car and started peeing behind my car. She go out and noticed what I was doing and started watching me commenting omg look how much your going. She said hurry up people are coming. I said I can’t help it babe I’m bursting as she stood there watching me. It’s was amazing to have some one watch me
  3. So basically I’ve just come back from a 6hr journey. I get in the house and my partners mom is here and she asks me wer do you piss as I know you have to use the toilet a lot. I said I just stop an she replied any where i said yes. Do you think she could have a pee fetish ? I’m very curious.
  4. So as a male for many years I wake up with morning glory. This then means is hard to piss in the toilet so where els am I supposed to piss if I can’t get it all in the toilet. Me and my partner argue all the time about it because I will go piss in the shower room as it’s tiled and can’t get messy or damaged as the floor would missing the toilet. I will make a video to show how it looks missing the toilet so you can understand the difficulty situation.
  5. So for a long time I’ve wanted to let my partner know that I’m into peeing but I just don’t know how to. So any suggestions would be much appreciated
  6. So I’ll share a lil desperation with you ladies who like to catch a man piss. So yesterday I was so desperate I just stopped the car with a woman heading towards me i unzipped my jeans opens it wide so my whole area was exposed including my balls an edged out the car an started pissing she was watching me as she walked down the street in shock lol I looked at her and said I’m sorry darling I really gotta piss. She then smiled and said it’s ok no problem. She walked off looking back a few times. I wish I knew what was going through her hair as she looked back a few time.
  7. Let me come and watch you next time I live in the uk 😬
  8. So yesterday I was driving to go collect my daughters mom from her friends before collecting my daughter as we are separated. On the way the journey is about 2 and a half hours. I had drank tea and water in the process an was becoming desperate i thought Ill wait until I get the her friends and use her toilet but She met me down the road from the friends. We headed back on the high way an she was like what’s up with you I said I gotta pee had she said go in a cup. But I didn’t have one. I found a place pulled up opens her side of the door she reply’s don’t pee on me an I went with a strong str
  9. So we had an argument and she has now gone to work. As a male I always wake up hard because I need to pee so here we go hope you enjoy ladies x
  10. Offering to let a female pee on my cock if your infested.
  11. I wish I was n that bed 😬 by the way your beautiful x
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