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    From a young age I have loved to see females peeing, especially outdoors. I have ventured into making pee videos myself to please other females and really turns me on.

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  1. So yesterday I was driving to go collect my daughters mom from her friends before collecting my daughter as we are separated. On the way the journey is about 2 and a half hours. I had drank tea and water in the process an was becoming desperate i thought Ill wait until I get the her friends and use her toilet but She met me down the road from the friends. We headed back on the high way an she was like what’s up with you I said I gotta pee had she said go in a cup. But I didn’t have one. I found a place pulled up opens her side of the door she reply’s don’t pee on me an I went with a strong stream and noise was crazy. She was watching me saying I can’t believe your still peeing. I finally finished and started shaking my Willie to dry it off but the splash landed on her hand she was like omg u peed on me. I said oops I’m sorry I was drying it off as she wiped it on her leg. I started to get hard but had to hide it.
  2. So we had an argument and she has now gone to work. As a male I always wake up hard because I need to pee so here we go hope you enjoy ladies x
  3. Offering to let a female pee on my cock if your infested.
  4. I wish I was n that bed 😬 by the way your beautiful x
  5. You would love me then coz I’m always peeing in public because I drive every day. Can I ask if you seen me peeing would you stand and watch or walk past ?
  6. I so wish I could find some one whom enjoys peeing so I could sex them after they pee..
  7. A question if you don’t mind me asking? Do you play with your self after you have a naughty pee ?
  8. Stout would have loved me 2day then because I was so desperate to pee I hopped out my car started peeing up the wheel a lady came round the corner and seen the whole thing.
  9. So a wile back me an my partners mom was out shopping. On the way home it was a 50 mile drive back to where we had to drop my partners mom off. I was holding my privates saying I need the toilet. We got back to her moms house as we got out she was getting her shopping out of the boot as I’m standing there saying can I use your toilet. She said oh yeah I you need the toilet. We headed up to the house as she is trying to find the keys to open up but at this point I said I’m going to just go in the lil tree she said no don’t but I said I’m alread going now it don’t matter. She then said no don’t do it there do it on the grass clearly so she could see me so I did moved over to the grass she kept saying have you finished as I’m spraying for ages. And when I was done she just said bye. I wonder if she went in and played with her self after watching me. Lol
  10. Well I did apologise. She just said it’s fine. But I do get what your saying I have peed b4 in front of people some watch some cross away. I’m a regular outdoor pisser because of my job I’m always on the road so not always a toilet to use
  11. So today I was at work driving the truck doing some delivery’s.. with this COVID bring around toilets are limited so i couldn’t use a restroom. I found a quite street no building no people so I pulled over whipped It out and pissed up the wheel of the truck. I was going for about 40seconds if not more when all of a sudden this black lady was heading towards I really thought I’d be done by the time she realised what I was doing. But she actually walked up quicker to see me she commented you couldn’t hold it no more as I’m just there squirting up the wheel she watching it like she enjoyed it smiling. Kinda nice to let a female watch you 1st time for me. Just thought I’d share.
  12. I was wondering why when a female pees in public they face away from the wall so it can all be seen. As for an man he pees against an object facing away from people. Just a question 😬

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