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    Im a truck driver from england who has a naughty piss fetish.

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    Golden showers/watching girls wet knickers
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    Drank girls piss while i licked her pussy, it was so hot!

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  1. very hot πŸ”₯ i like to imagine their was a lot of steam coming from your hot piss in the cold 😊
  2. loved the story, so hot πŸ”₯ it would be so good to hear off you in the future saying "guess what guys? so me and my boyfriend now indulge in full pee play, wet sex etc, we talked about it, i opened up to him and he welcomed it, now we BOTH love it" that would be awesome. 😊
  3. hot! hot! hot! πŸ”₯
  4. nice one pal, that's the kind of girl i need!
  5. nice, keep em coming if you two are enjoying making them πŸ˜€
  6. good work mate πŸ‘ did she enjoy??
  7. so nice i love the tight jeans soaked with piss look on a woman, i dont know why but i always imagine it must feel amazing to wet yourself in such tight jeans 😊
  8. haha i seen the exchange in your introduction that's why i said it lol.... yeh well its well worth signing up i have had a few private messages with ppl and its always better to have the option, you can say what you like to ppl in private as long as you not being a dick with them, they can only say not interested or interested if you want to arrange a meet with someone, i would suggest chatting with them publicly first tho and building up a kind of online friendship bfore asking to meet as that's just unlikely to happen if you havnt really spoke much, like i said good luck.
  9. i would say this site has the potential for meets definitely but its more a community type of thing where ppl chat and comment on eachothers pee related content, you never know what could happen if you got chatting to someone close "cough" ukpeegirl86 "cough" πŸ˜‚ but yeah have a look and see what you think pal
  10. i know what ya mean its quite frustrating, you don't have to pay to join tho, once you have an account you can browse all the events and groups, its definitely a good place to find watersports related groups and events, theirs a few thousand uk based watersports lovers on it who chat in groups and organise meet ups, if that's what your looking for i would say check it out, btw peefans will always be my favourite tho because where all 100% on the same page hear, fetlife.com is a mixture of every fetish you can think of and watersports is just one section. good luck πŸ‘Œ
  11. a good place to look mav would be fetlife.com , theirs a section called events where you can look up all uk events for fetish party's etc, you might have to wade through some other fetishes bfore you find a watersports based event but its definitely worth a look, i have had a quick look and most have been cancelled due to covid but I'm sure they will be back on in the new year πŸ‘
  12. welcome mate have a great time on the site πŸ‘, you know what i think it would be quite enjoyable to meet and watch.
  13. excellent pics mate, she's definitely a keeper, what a lucky man πŸ‘

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