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  1. thank you so much for sharing your naughty relieves with us really love that kind of stuff!!
  2. you're the best, thank you so much for sharing with us
  3. my favorite is http://peeing-outdoors.com/. in my opinion the site if you like girls peeing outside.
  4. i'd really like to read more about these "things"
  5. if you ever were registered at WDG or mydrunkenstar you can still enter the site. i was only registered at mydrunkenstar.com once. this account still works. inside mydrunkenstar you can swap over to WDG an watch the current contenct (you can watch trailers and pics for free). you can also buy single sessions for $ 15 each. but when you are mostly interested in the outdoor pee scenes like me, (there are only 1 to max. 3 each session as much as you can see at least in the preview) the price is a bit to high in my opinion. even as the drunkness and the effects of alcohol itself doesn't really give me anything. i simply like when they lose all inhibitions due to the drunkness when needing a urgent pee i wish they would offer a pee-only-compilation...
  6. peeing at churches or cemeteries is definitely a kind of very naughty peeing, with a bit of guilty conscience in the background if someone is interested, there is some stuff about it under the following link. http://motherless.com/g/girls_pee_at_graveyard
  7. i can only join expererg's opinion! reading your answer's let my heart beat faster! can't wati to see you in action (gues i'm not the only one)
  8. hi spywareonya, i've been reading your posts for a while and i'm becoming a big fan more and more, as i'm also a great fan auf naughty pees (especially outdoors) regarding to your great offer i'd like to post some suggestions where you could realize your naughty pee: -on someones front door mat - into someones postbox - at a playground (down the slide, or all over any playground facility) - down a bridge on passing cars/ train - into a helmet someone left at a motorcycle - into someones pool or pond - into a public fountain - at a bus shelter (on the bench or on the wall) - into a telephone box (maybe climb up and pee all over the telephone) - on a car (on the tire or into the frontgrill) - on a public (picnic)table/ bench in a park - on a newspaper stack placed somewhere outside a shop i hope there is something for you thx in advance for pleasing our fantasies!
  9. bpb

    Happy Birthday
  10. Hi, anybody knows the site "enterbelladonna.com"? some time ago i found a coupple of good pics from this site (you can download them under the following link) http://www.share-online.biz/dl/VTWKAC7OZ9 some of the pics you can find under the category "stream" or "pee" on the site. http://www.enterbelladonna.com/guests/NSpage.php?node=Search&Tag=Stream&offset=&p=1 i wonder if there exist even vids to these screenshots, or are this only pics for download? anybody here got experience with that site? thx for response!
  11. forgot to Name the password. schould be "pstories"
  12. sorry for writing back late, saw your message just now :frown: think it must be the following file... http://www.share-online.biz/dl/Y9NBI56O704
  13. no problem, here's another story by leaky_one (by the way, i thought leaky_one is a guy :redface:, i can remember that in an other forum there were discussion about his/ her gender were most users had the opinion he was male. so thx for education :wink:) for everyone whos interested, i can post the following link from literotica, where several stories from leaky_one are posted (also some fantasy-/ science fiction stories for those who like this kind of stuff) http://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=677855&page=submissions PISS CITY Chapter 1 The monorail wound its way through the neon lit city like a coiled serpent. Down in district 13 a lone carriage was making its way along the track. Inside its well lit interior were four occupants. The three college girls who sat on the back seat were well and truly intoxicated. An open bag beside them lay half filled with empty beer cans. They were giggling and laughing amongst themselves ignoring the sole remaining passenger who sat a safe distance away at the front of the carriage. “I need a piss,” suddenly whispered the first girl conspiratorially to the others. Her long red hair fell down her creamy back which was exposed by her low cut top which just hid her small but perfectly formed breasts from sight. “Me too,” said the second. She was a long legged blond with large silicon enhanced breasts which sat proudly underneath her half buttoned blouse. “And me,” continued the third girl. She was a short Latino with lightly browned skin and a body just built for sin. Her firm cleavage was on display, semi-hardened nipples poking out through the fabric of her white top. “Lets piss here,” suggested the red head. “What about her?” enquired the Latino college girl, nodding in the direction of the woman sitting at the front. “She’ll not notice,” said the blond, already lifting her wide bum cheeks off her seat. Questing fingers vanished up her skirt to emerge only seconds later with a slim white thong sliding down her legs. This only served to trigger another burst of giggling from the other girls who quickly mirrored her actions. Within mere moments all three college girls were naked underneath their short skirts. The blond girl, who was obviously the leader of their trio, went first. Spreading her legs wide apart and sitting back on her seat, her delicious pussy slid into view. She was hairless; her pussy slit a deep groove in perfectly waxed skin, her little clit poking proudly out at the top. The Latino girl gasped in delight as immediately the blond started to piss. A strong squirting stream of clear coloured pee shot from the her vagina and flew through the air towards the back of the opposing seat. The strength of her piss was so great that her urine stream had only begun to form an arch in the air downwards, before it impacted messily over the plastic wall of the chair back. Hot, wet piss streamed down the back of the chair as the blond girl continued her pee shower. Beside her the other two girls were getting ready to follow her lead. The pretty Latino had her own legs spread, her flesh touching the blond girl’s outspread legs. This girl had shaved but had left a short fuzzy triangle of jet black hairs around her pussy slit. Suddenly from the slit in pussy started to squirt a similar torrent of piss. Her pee stream was slightly more yellow in colour than the blonds’ urine spray. It was also fatter and lacked the strength to reach the distance to the opposite chair wall. Instead, her hot pee arched downwards and began to patter noisily over the metal floor. By now the red head had joined in. Her legs were spread, her full unshaved mass of bright red pubic hairs hiding her pussy lips from sight. This didn’t however pose any obstacle to the jetting stream of piss which had now burst forth from her pee hole. She had deliberately leant back further in her chair aiming her pussy towards the ceiling. This meant that her fully golden piss shower was now squirting almost vertically upwards like in an impromptu water feature. Her pee stream rose upwards before forming a short flowing arch of urine and then crashing back down to land in a second piss puddle all over the metal floor of the carriage.
  14. ok, no problem. the following is one of my favourite. i found it on literotica. the autor is called leaky_one - he has several more very nice stories, but unfortunately he doesn't seem to be active any more :-( all the stories i could find from him, i saved in my collection. i'll try to find some more to post in next time. Five Drunken College Girls In A Seaside Town (- based on true events!) Sandy had almost been caught trying to have a pee on the back seat of the bus. She had suspended her auburn haired muff posed over the metal floor and had just about been ready to start letting her golden squirt come flowing out. Suddenly the bus had come to an abrupt stop. She had only just managed to get her panties and pants back up her legs before an angry bus driver appeared to throw the drunken girls off the bus. Now they were wandering down the street looking for a place to relieve their bursting bladders. A fit of giggling from the back of the group indicated that Sofie had found a suitable place and the rest of them quickly decided to join her. The pretty teenager with her straight long blond hair had slid her short skirt and tiger stripped thong down to her knees. Her bare white bum cheeks were already hovering inches away from the grassy blades that made up the front lawn to the OAP housing complex. Between Sofie's legs a thick stream of clear urine was now flowing downward to cover the earth with a shower of her hot piss. Sandy who was obviously still bursting from her aborted attempt to pee on the bus wasted no time and in full view of everyone yanked down her white pants and cotton panties to expose her blond muff nestled between her legs. Parking her nude bum down over the grass beside the still pissing form of Sophie, she too started to take a piss. Between her slender legs suddenly started to spray a thick flowing shower of golden coloured piss. The three remaining girls decided that they were too desperate to care about being seen and were in the throws of removing their lower garments in preparation to pee when suddenly a loud elderly male voice rang out from the nearby housing complex. "Get off our lawn you young devils. Don't you know that people are watching?" Abigail, Jodie and Mary did a quick take about immediately jamming their clothing back on. The two girls pissing over the lawn took a quick look over their shoulders towards the sound of the voice but made no attempt to cease the pee streams flowing from their uncovered pussies. "Get off I said and get lost!" the voice came again. Abigail stuck a solitary finger up in the direction of the overhead balconies. "Fuck you!" she shouted and the other girls all laughed. By now Sophie had finished her leak. Shaking up and down to dislodge the small droplets of piss clinging to her hairy muff she stood up and turned around in the direction of the voice. "Here you go mister. Why don't you have a good look at my pussy?" Another burst of laugher came from the group. The golden stream flowing from Sandy's pussy lips had ebbed to a small trickle. With one last little squirt she finished her toilet and whilst Sophie continued to flash her pussy off to the irate pensioner, she grabbed her panties and trousers and yanked them on. "Come on Sophie," she urged, grabbing her friend's arm. All she could see from this angle was Sophie's peach like bum cheeks. "Ok, Ok! I'm coming," Sophie mumbled grabbing at her pants. With one last defiant gesture with her finger again at the upstairs balcony, she quickly ran to join her friends who by now were fleeing up the street. As the group rounded the wall at the corner they stopped their flight. "I still need to go," stated Abigail clutching her legs together. "And me," seconded Mary doing a hop from foot to foot. "We need somewhere to piss and soon," joined in Jodie, the pretty brunette. Her face was flushed from both drink and from the short run up the street. "I've an idea," said Abigail. Being the eldest girl by a good six months it was often the case that the other girls followed her lead and today was no exception. The group set off with Abigail at the head. They were all surprised however when Abigail lead them up the new street and took the first turning directly towards the flats belonging to the Pensioners. "Abigail, where are you going?" asked Jodie furiously. "I'm going to wet my panties if I don't pee soon." "Follow me and keep your voices down," Abigail instructed and set off again down the path that led to a wide entranceway and a sealed white door. The four remaining girls followed with Jodie and Mary clutching at their groins to try and quell the urge to immediately start pissing. At the door Abigail pushed the intercom button. A loud buzz and then an inquisitive voice "Who is it?" "Oh hello," said Abigail in a fake posh voice. "I have a delivery of flowers for flat 12. Can you open the door please?" "Certainly love," came the reply. A soft click and the door moved slightly inwards. Giving it a hard push Abigail swung it the rest of the way. "Follow me," she instructed and the group followed her into a long narrow corridor. Behind them the door swung shut. On the left a flight of stairs ascended to the next level and on the right was a rack of mail boxes. "OK. Who wants a pee now?" Abigail asked waving her aims around to indicate that anywhere was game. Pushing past her tall friend Jodie ran to the enclosure under the stairs and wasted no time by instantly pulling down her track suit pants and small white thong to reveal her shaved pussy. A sharp hissing sound announced the arrival of her piss as it squirted out of her pussy in a wide flowing arch descending downwards to cover the hallway floor with a growing puddle of pee. A second hissing sound arose from the direction of the stairs and the girls who had been watching Jodie pee over the floor turned to find that Mary had ascended several steps before lowering her own pants. The naughty teen was now enjoying a thick squirting piss shower of her own. The hallway was filled with the sound of the two girls emptying their bladders. Fortunately there was no indication that anybody was about to come and discover them in their act of vandalising the hallway with their pussy sprays. The lower stairs were now dripping with Mary's spent piss; the stream of pee issuing of her exposed pussy already beginning to die down. Under the stairs, Jodie's pussy was still pissing strongly, the flow of pee leaving her fleshy lower lips, a thick squirting stream. The puddle around her feet was already quite a size and was still growing as more and more hot pee shot from out of her pussy. "What about you Abigail?" asked Sophie. "Surely you need to piss as well?" "Yes I do," she giggled back "I want to wait until these two have finished peeing first." This didn't take long and as soon as Jodie had dressed herself and moved away from her pee puddle on the floor, the girls were ascending the stairs skirting past the large stain made by Mary's pee. "Where are we going?" whispered Sandy pushing a strand of long blond hair away from her face. "You'll see," whispered Abigail back as they passed door after door on the hallway. Suddenly she stopped outside one of the doors. "This should be the one," she said hitching her skirt up from around her waist. Once around her stomach she reached back and pulled back the thong from around her pussy lips. With careful aim she moved her crotch up to the wooden door panel and whilst her group of friends watched on, she started to squirt out a strong stream of flowing pee. Instantly her hot piss began to wash over the wood forming a flowing yellow stream down the wood where it dripped off the sill and onto the floor. Suddenly Jodie started to giggle "I know whose door this is," she said out loud. "Sush!" replied Abigail still focused on squirting her piss over the door. "Who?" inquired Sandy. "That bloke who was watching you pee earlier. It's his door she is pissing over." "Quite!" hissed Abigail over the soft pattering sound her pee was making as it crossed the distance between her black haired pussy and the white wooden door. Her urine stream was beginning to die now. On the floor lay a large cooling puddle of piss where her pee shower had run off the end of the door. Quickly Abigail pushed her thong back over her pussy lips and moved her skirt back into place. "Get ready to run," she said in aloud voice and then banged loudly on the piss stained door. "Now!" she instructed and they all set off at a run for the stairs. Sandy reached the top steps last and was just in time to hear the door opening. She didn't dare turn round as she knew the occupant would now be taking in the first sight of the large urine stain covering his doorway. Later that day the girls visited the local cinema. They had been drinking again having polished off an entire litre bottle of Cider between them. During the film the girls would simply pull down their lower garments and take turns to piss over the floor. Some of them like the shy Jodie would actually squat down from her chair, her pussy hanging inches off the floor before starting to pee. Others, like Sandy and Abigail would simply sit at the edge of their chairs with their pussies spraying their piss out in long flowing showers. Mary was the worst. After removing her pants she placed her feet up on the back of the opposing chair before sending a large torrent of piss up into the air. Her hot pee stream then came splashing down over the back of the chair leaving a large cooling piss stream as testament to her toilet. On the way out Sophie needed one last pee which she did in the foyer, crouching down by the side of a tall plant. The others screened her from view as a thick golden piss stream flowed out of her pussy and pattered down over the carpet. The next stop was the local supermarket. Upon entering the Ladies toilet they all quickly removed their lower garments and as one they squatted down in a circle over the floor before starting to piss. It was a strange sensation to most of them to be able to see everyone else pissing at the same time. The floor quickly became flooded with the five flowing piss streams washing down all over it. After finished their collective pee they fled the store. By 6pm they needed a meal so they headed to a local Indian restaurant. After paying their bill they filed on mass to the Ladies toilet situated at the back of the building. Ignoring the cubicles the girls set about finding a suitable place to take a piss. Sophie and Sandy hoisted themselves up on to the two sinks and immediately started to pee into the white bowls. Jodie opted simply to pee over the floor whilst Mary adopted a standing pose up to one wall before proceeding to spray it with the hot jet of piss flowing out of her pussy. Abigail meanwhile had stuck her uncovered muff up to the edge of the paper bin and was enjoying a slash into its metal confines. The patter of her piss splattering over the contents rose louder than the hissing of the other girl's toilets and this resulted in her getting a few envious looks. The rest of the night was spent in a drunken stupor roaming the quite streets of the seaside town. Nothing was safe from their pussies when ever they needed to go. Cars, litter bins, even the local bowling green received a shower from the girl's pussies. The only time they stopped was when a local police car started to follow them until they finally gave it the slip by going down to the beach for a while. It was here that Sandy found a sand castle to piss all over; the golden stream flowing from her pussy slowly destroying the battlement walls.
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