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  1. katary


    thx admin, i think it works 🙂 https://www.erome.com/a/p27U1dAb
  2. katary


    this story reminds me on the follwing clip i found some time ago. it's not a bug but a spider....
  3. katary


    anyone tried out ashley lane? she seems to have some nice clips on her profile (found them on an other forum) if anybody can tell me a free hoster (without registration) i can upload the clips of the pics below
  4. katary


    meanwhile i tried a subscription on adrianna chechik and kathrina jade, but it wasn't really worth it. on kathrina jade's profile there wasn't any pee stuff at all. adriana chechik had a few ones, but there are a lot more files of her to find for free than inside her profile. it really sucks that you can't see any previews or further information about what's inside the profiles until you have paid for it 😞
  5. katary


    thx for this important note!! i'm still thinking about to give it a try. actuall i've got 4 models in my focus which caught my attention: Adriana Chechik Katrina Jade Aaliyah Hadid Nastynat
  6. katary


    nakedbakers work now 😉 i'm still logged in, but the second link brings me still an error message. but i think the first important step is done now. thx again for your support!!
  7. katary


    thanks alot for your response!! the first link wroks, but i can't see much. seems i have to complete my payment-information fist. second link doesn't work for me. Maybe also because of the missing payment-info... but thanks again for sharing your experience and links! 🙂
  8. katary


    hi, anybody got expereince with onlyfans.com?! there seem to be a lot fo good clips. for example: https://sharesome.com/peeaction/post/731862cb-6e47-44cd-bd84-32d04bd554d2/ her name's nastynat. never seen her anywhere else before… and clips like that really awake my interest. if i get it Right, you have to pay for every model you like to join. i've still created an account, but nothing seems to work there… i can't search/ find anything 😞 maybe im doing something wrong? but regardless i would be really interested how much pee related stuff is to find there. thx in advance for any responses!
  9. i created a poll too years ago. it's naughty peeing in General, but some questions are even comon for houseparties https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/589773 following the results: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=77850258086264413066 by the way, if anyone can tell me how to sort this file…. PS: are there any other poll-sites with pee-content?
  10. thank you so much for sharing your naughty relieves with us really love that kind of stuff!!
  11. you're the best, thank you so much for sharing with us
  12. my favorite is http://peeing-outdoors.com/. in my opinion the site if you like girls peeing outside.
  13. i'd really like to read more about these "things"
  14. if you ever were registered at WDG or mydrunkenstar you can still enter the site. i was only registered at mydrunkenstar.com once. this account still works. inside mydrunkenstar you can swap over to WDG an watch the current contenct (you can watch trailers and pics for free). you can also buy single sessions for $ 15 each. but when you are mostly interested in the outdoor pee scenes like me, (there are only 1 to max. 3 each session as much as you can see at least in the preview) the price is a bit to high in my opinion. even as the drunkness and the effects of alcohol itself doesn't really give me anything. i simply like when they lose all inhibitions due to the drunkness when needing a urgent pee i wish they would offer a pee-only-compilation...

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