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    Married female, looking to please my husband. You will not find or get pictures or videos of me, so don't even ask. I am only on here to assist my husband's needs.

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    Peeing in a bottle in my husband's big truck while on the road.

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  1. Yeah I had only peed outside as an adult when I had drank a lot and wasn’t in a place where a bathroom was near. He is a truck driver so I had peed in various places while on trips with him when I desperately had to go. He has since told me how hot he found those encounters and had just kept it to himself. He was very pleased with that surprise and I am diving in head first to experience it with him.
  2. He is a lucky guy for sure. However, I am just as lucky though.
  3. I have noticed that it feels amazing with a full bladder. I am just learning and enjoying as I go with him. I know he would do the same with an interest of mine, so I give him the pleasure he wants.
  4. @Alfresco he had mentioned a time or two about me peeing outside when we had been out drinking, but I didn’t think about it. Now that I know, I know why he just casually mentioned it. I feel bad that I didn’t indulge sooner because it made him feel like something was wrong with him. I never want him to feel that way. We all have something that we like that others consider weird, so I wouldn’t make anyone feel that way intentionally. He is more along the lines of catching and seeing women peeing outside where they wouldn’t normally pee. Doesn’t necessarily have to see the act as you said. Since I have been open and enjoying it with him, he enjoys hearing about the times I have peed outside in my days before him and those conversations always end delightfully! 🔥 I have even stopped on the way home from work and FaceTimed him so he could watch. I am fully open to it with him.
  5. The reason he kept it to himself was because his first wife responded horribly. She told him he was weird and gross and when they divorced she held it over his head and said she was going to tell everyone so they would shame him. He didn’t know how I would respond. Once we talked about it and I told him I was open to everything, he has opened up tremendously. It has been great. I hope more husbands see this and decide to talk to their wives about it. I also hope more wives are open and decide to join.
  6. Once he opened up to me and we talked about it, he realized that I am here for him no matter what. Pillow talk about it was hot and that was when he fully realized that I was open to his kink. I am a very jealous person, which he knows, but for some reason it absolutely turns me on to think about him watching another female. Physical touching someone else is another story and not allowed and he agrees to that. He is opening up more and more and I fully see us venturing more into this kink together.
  7. Thank you so much! I have absolutely no intentions to gather evidence and fail our marriage. Quite the opposite in fact. I truly never knew he had this interest, but since I do, I intend to allow him to have an outlet. I can see that this forum is very respectful and I appreciate that.
  8. He has said that he doesn't fully understand it. I was hoping that some other people would be able to better tell me than he would. He assumed that I would shame him or look down on him as others have in the past, so I think that makes it harder for him to further explain. Which I totally understand. I just want to be able to understand so I can, for lack of better terms, do more to help him and be his source of entertainment.
  9. Hey everyone! I am new here and I am the wife of a pee fan on this forum. I have been in the dark about my husband's desire to see females peeing in the places that you would not expect and places that are unnatural to see females peeing. I stumbled across some chats he had from members and forced him to open up to me but he is unable to fully open up. So now that I know about this, I want to understand my husband's fascination more. What are some things that I need to know or can anyone explain it better to me?

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