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  1. I'm (mostly) straight but I agree with the others who said you have an awesome dick...I love foreskins :)
  2. Do you encourage your kids to pee outside? It's a lot of fun for kids, my parents didn't like it but I would secretly do it every now and then. When i have kids, I'll encourage them to water the garden every day.
  3. Peeing in the toilet is so boring. I've actually considered trying to pee in the shower while I'm sitting on the toilet, since it's only about 4-5 feet away, I could probably just point my dick and get most of it into the shower, but then, as my stream was dying out, I'd make the floor all messy and I don't want to clean it.
  4. Does your husband also use the bath as a urinal? If you have to pee and do the other thing at the same time, does the pee then go into the toilet?
  5. Just in the toilet, like anyone else. I've accidentally walked into the ladies room some times.
  6. If I was ever in your house and I pissed on your wall, what would you think?
  7. Well, I'm male, and if I ever had kids, I would encourage them to pee outside, regardless of if they were male or female.
  8. https://cafemom.com/news/mom-thinks-her-son-should-be-able-to-pee-outside-but-her-partner-disagrees
  9. This is a hot story, but going to eat in a restaurant is far riskier than using a public bathroom. You just wanted an excuse to piss on the floor, which, like I said earlier, is hot, so I'm not complaining lol
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