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  1. I'm cut myself, but I would never do it to my own son (I'm still young and don't have kids yet). It should be illegal to circumcise a minor, except as a last resort to treat a life-threatening medical problem that cannot be treated in a less invasive manner (i.e. in the very rare case that an underage boy had a cancerous foreskin tumor). Things like phimosis and hypospadias are not life threatening, and thus, don't justify circumcising someone too young to consent. And religion isn't an excuse, either. Your right to swing your fist only extends as far as someone else's nose, and yo
  2. Do you piss at parties and don't give a fuck? That would be hot
  3. So if you had a son, what would you do? I am cut, but I would never do it to my own son, if I ever had one.
  4. No because I don't have a significant other or a daughter
  5. have you ever pissed on a guy like that? Would you like to?
  6. GWash17


    You've got a really nice pussy, Audrey
  7. I'd love to hear some stories about times you got stuff wet
  8. Do you have any stories about times you pissed on the floor?
  9. Any building that isn't somebody's house/dorm room/etc... Also, do you like anal sex?
  10. Have you ever peed on the floor of a public building? If so, please tell about it
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