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  1. Goodness this is a great story. I can shut my eyes and imagine it as if I was there. As my wife is the same, I fully understand the longing for them to do it and then the magic when it does happen. I've already written about my own similar experience as yours here, the difference being my wife was caught mid flow but was so desperate she did not care and carried on pissing. It's promising for you @Alfresco because your wife merely commenting positively on the experience suggests some newfound comfort. That was what my wife did after her desperation episode and she is alot more happy
  2. I was about 17 at the time, a group of mates and I had gone to visit a friend who moved to Germany with family. We had been a few summers already so his friends in his year started to know who we were by this point. One of whom was a fiery redhead E. The drinking laws in Germany or rather the attitude to underage drinking were alot more relaxed than what we know in England and we went to a bar for the night. A small one in Leipzig called Konntemanns consisting of a few baths with comfy sofas a chairs. A number of B52s later, conversation was flowing and the subject of snogging reached the
  3. She is getting more willing to oblige these days. A few days after I asked her if I could record one. She obliged but only if it was audio. We watched the sunset on the beach, threw some stones and as it got dark, she ducked into the dunes, assumed a deep squat and went for a wee. I held my phone mere inches away. Really intense hissy stream blasting the sand. We are going on a 7 day road trip in a few months to some very remote areas. She has said that now she is more practiced at it, she will readily stop for a wee on the road. Lucky for me she was not put off when she got caught last
  4. The wife and I are on holiday in Devon at the moment. Yesterday we went on a bike ride to Crow point up the Tarka Trail. We took a little picnic with us. Crow point edges the estuary mouth of the Taw and Torridge rivers and has lots of sand dunes. As we wheel the bikes up the dunes, she says "it's your lucky day, I will need a wee before we head back" jackpot! We have the picnic, asks me to scout around. She is such a rookie because she misunderstands my suggestion and starts to pull her leggings down in the middle of a kind of path. We we surrounded by higher dunes but any one
  5. How do you think you would have felt about that if he had? At the time and afterwards. I very innocently walked in on a friend of mine on the toilet.. and she just started having a wee anyway. I stepped out and we talked with the door ajar mainly her exclaiming how much she needed a wee and how long she was weeing for. She did not mind as I could not see anything but I could hear everything. When you stumble upon an opportunity to hear a lady having wee, it is very rare to have an image memory of them actally sat there to enjoy as well. My god it was great.
  6. This is lovely. And thank you for sharing, especially Mrs Kupar for allowing it to be shared. What does she make of the responses to the stories she you have shared about her? My wife has recently recorded herself on audio having a wee for me. Hissing away for 20 seconds. I look at this topic and imagine that picture alongside the audio I have is what it was really like for you. We are away on holiday at the moment and I am putting in the grounwork for her to record audio of a wee outside. She won't let me have photos. Well done Mrs K!
  7. This was a genuine accident. Last year in between lockdowns, some friends and i met up for a little house party. It was held at one of the houses of the group and there was a lot of drinking, eating and party games. We were outside most of the afternoon and I had a quite urgent need to pee. I hurried inside and pretty much burst the door to the toilet and found out there and then thar the lock was not working. Low and behold, the host, only 10 years older than me and quite the mile was sat on the toilet opposite the door. She sat upright in alarm as I stopped dead realising my m
  8. Basically yes. The need for discreetness was gone she just wanted to wee. She was already pulling her trousers down as I was suggesting going deeper in. For her to carry on having a wee in full view of a passing car was a testament to how desperate she was. I thought that was the end of it because of the car but she remained in the same position and the 'ccchhhhhhh' carried on!
  9. Since my last post where the wife had her first public wee in Wales, I had another unexpected experience. It's fair to say now that now she has had a wee in public, she is a little more resigned to doing so it seems as during a walk today, she mentioned having to go for a wee... but sadly didnt as it was not urgent enough.. However on the drive up to Scotland for our proper honeymoon was where this event happened. We have lots of hiking planned for this trip and given she comments now about not being so uptight about it, I'm expecting a sighting or two. Our drive up was m
  10. I know you have posted alot and you are a very active and committed member of the forum. Have you posted about your first experience? Naive of me but I should have realised I'm not the only one who has such circumstances of a shy partner. Just Reassuring to know you and Kupar also have had similar experiences. Feel free to PM me if preferred.
  11. Yes I agree I dont expect it to be regular at all. It would have taken tremendous courage for her to do that and I do not want to pressure her. At the end of the day, this situation was very organic in that she decided herself that she was going to do it. In the past she has complained of needing to go but declined if I encouraged her and when in bed she has whispered a fictional story of her doing it in public to help me along but making actual arrangements to make her story come true was always objected. I did ask her if it was planned and she explained it was not but when it came to th
  12. Hi everyone I experienced the greatest thing for me this weekend. True story My wife and I got married last week and for a minimoon, we went to mid Wales to a little shack. It was quite remote. Now if I havent said it before,my wife is very shy and when I have asked her to pee in public, she always declines. Essentially the fear of getting caught is a major wall for her to get over. Weve been away before in remote(ish) locations and despite complaints of needing a wee, she would never do it. The stipulation being she would have to be about to wet herself and be secure in the th
  13. I could not agree more with this topic. The major issue ive got is that sadly, my wife is not into it. She does permit though so if i get her in the right mood, she let's me listen, watch, touch and if I am lucky she will pee on me when we shower. The latter is quite rare because she finds peeing in the shower disgusting. The top thing on the bucket list is to get her to go for a wee outside but she cant bring herself to do it through fear of being caught. Shes that paranoid about it that even when we were on holiday in Iceland, watching for Northern lights in the back end of nowh
  14. Hi everyone. Havent posted in a while as the experiences are few and far between. That being said... With this one, let me start by saying this was a member of staff. I was waiting in the reception area of the college as I had a meeting with one of the senior leadership staff. There was a bench opposite the reception so I seated myself there to wait. It was not very busy as classes were still on but people came and went. A rather nicely dressed lady in the mid thirties range went to the reception and had a few words. It was difficult not to admire her slim figure with a nice sh
  15. She is my fiance so yes. Many times. She is a wonderful pisser. Stream like a laser with a very loud hiss. My friend has listened to her having a wee through a closed door since. I cant really do anything about it because two out of the 3 loos in our house can be heard from nearly every room when she goes for a wee. She leaves little to the imagination.
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